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How to Force An Election Do-Over in Georgia

A surefire way to force an election do-over in Georgia and confirm the election was run with integrity.

Georgia plans a runoff vote for both senators in early January. Why not expand it a bit to test the reliability of the November election? In other words, add a presidential line to the ballot to see if the Biden win can be replicated. With tightened procedures*, this will serve two purposes: enhance turnout to hopefully assure retention of the Senate, and provide an independent check of the November results.

It appears that while the presidential vote was close, that’s not enough to force a runoff. A win in Georgia requires a majority of the votes cast. But is this immutable? Can there be an exception? Would the current controversy allow a redo — perhaps as a pro-active remedy for the ongoing lawsuits?

Undoubtedly, the Democrats would cry foul. Unfair. Too costly. The voters have already spoken, etc. But given the low-hanging cloud of fraud, might the Legislature embrace such a simple way to clarify the situation? And as political cover, it could be pursued as a non-binding “sentiment” indicator. The final decision would, as always, still be up to the Legislature (but with the implication that an “odd” contrary decision would be at the legislators’ peril).

What about certification? By then, the vote will probably have been certified. But what does the law say about rescinding certification? This could go to the Supreme Court. Alternatively, a presidential “sentiment” vote on the ballot would provide the Georgia Legislature the excuse it needs to defer certification. Legislators could argue that they will decide on certification after the new vote. This would still allow time for a subsequent U.S. House vote if Georgia continued to refuse certification.

Another hue and cry will concern the WuFlu. But this should be of little concern if one “follows the science.” First, vaccines should be modestly available. And the FDA might be enticed to make a special exemption for Georgia citizens to receive theirs early — perhaps even at the voting stations.

Second, at least some evidence indicates that voting station infection susceptibility is negligible. A recent comparison of the rate of infections associated with the election timeline showed that the post-election increase (second week in Nov.) was actually higher in a lockdown state (N.J.: 50% jump with ~0% in-person votes) than in an ‘open’ state (Fla.: 31% with 88% in-person votes). In addition, a map of the locations of high infection rates across the country shows relatively low rates in the circumferential states (such as Ga.) vs the interior states (Iowa, Kan., N.D., N.M., Okla., S.D., Wyo., etc). This appears to be correlated with the former having been hit the earliest, and now being somewhat on the wane in comparison.

In conclusion, given the slim margin between the candidates, it’s likely that most fair-minded Georgia voters would welcome another chance to clear up this mess. So why not?

No cost. Easy to implement. Improved reliability & clarity. What’s not to like?

* Some recommendations :

– Permanently separate mail-in ballots from in-person ballots.

– Assure strict observance of all verification and reliability rules.

– Assign equal numbers of party observers to each major and/or contested precinct.

– Assign state police to assure that rules are observed.

– Video-record the entire operation through final counting, at least in the more contested areas.

– Immediately perform a manual count under the same meticulous conditions. Perhaps allow the machines to provide a rapid (but unofficial) initial count but only after all the votes are in. Under these conditions the machines will likely operate correctly. For those who decry a manual vote, ask why it could be done in Florida but not in chadless Georgia.

Sources: American Thinker: How to accomplish an election do-over in Georgia

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Need a do-over of the whole stinkin mess! Only this time one person, one vote, IN PERSON! Then get machines and people you can trust to do it honestly!!!

    • So True! This whole “vote by mail only” was a set-up from the start! That’s part of the reason the President didn’t support funding the U.S. Postal Svc the 25 billion it needed to operate. There is already so much fraud going on, we surely don’t need this in an election. Get working machines back up, get trustworthy volunteers back in and let our country vote in the way it has done for decades. Why fix something that works! We need to re-do this entire election! Hands Off sticky liberal fingers!

  2. Absolutely the only way one vote and voter ID checked before vote can be done. The Demorats are lying cheating and trying to steal this election because they hate President Trump. They know if he gets 4 more years a bunch of the demorat trash and some republicans will be in jail for being traitors to the American people.

  3. “Good noW!”®,B”H.
    Yes, re-do the Presidential election in Georgia, without mail-ins, except for official absentees officially permitted and traceable.
    The other States can only be called in Trump’s favour as the recounts are meaningless and cheating disqualifies the cheating candidate!

  4. Total ReDo!! On whole election! One In Person vote with legal identification! Discount all mail – in. We were one family that received an application for my Mom who has been deceased for 10 years!

  5. We should redo the entire 11/3 election – only in-person voting with proper ID and genuine, lawful absentee ballots.

  6. I agree we need a complete redo and no mail in ballets! This election was corrupt by the Democrats! Everyone voting should be in person and showing their ID! The Democrats had this all planned that why they let Biden stay in the basement all that time!

  7. If the dems. did not cheat and say that the election was won by biden without cheating, then it should not be a problem in doing the whole thing over to prove to the american people that they not cheat the first time and they will have no problem winning in a second election. If they refuse to doing it over, then they know that they cheated the first time, and will lose the second election when the whole is watching and they would not be able to cheat, A fifth grader can figure this out.The plan to cheat was draw up with china ang a few other countries right after they failed to impeach Trump. They cheated before in other elections and they will keep on cheating until the american people unite and stop them.

  8. I have NEVER BEEN MORE CONVINCED OF A DEEP STATE as I have been since this 2020 election. I cannot believe that this could happen in our country. NOT.EVER. And yet, here it is. I’d love to take this opportunity to talk about a certain past president (WHO WILL NOT GO AWAY), but this probably is not the place. I’m sorry to say that I even voted for that weasel.
    We need to fight this with everything we’ve got — OR WE HAVE NOTHING. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. No mail-in ballots EVER again. If you can’t get your butt to a voting booth, then you cannot vote. You must have an I.D. Simple. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  9. What happened to Mr. Trump’s ballots that were not counted in Georgia? Wake up America. Now we are all going to be told how to live our lives.

  10. I agree that the election should be a complete DO OVER. It is obvious that the Democrats rigged it
    They knew they couldnt’t win fair and square thats why they cheated. I think that every person connected to the cheating and rigging from the Obbamas Clintons, Pelousi right on down. to Biden and his crownies should be prosecuted and not draw one thin dime. Maybe Nancy will learn how to say yes please I need a sandwich, I need my hair done. She does not deserve to sit in the office. And Obbama and Clinton OMG… what a pair.

  11. this is a hoot! the whole article seems to be based on the assumption that those in charge
    WANT an honest election.
    NO amount of attorneys is going to save Trump. When N Korea decided S Korea should be communism did we line up at the border and “peacefully protest”?
    When N Viet Nam thought S Viet Nam should be communist did we stand at the border “peacefully protesting”?
    HELL NO! we took up arms and said “not on our watch”! will we do any less for our own country?
    The Attorneys will fail us, the courts will fail us, the F b I will betray us!
    If we are to save America it will be in the streets and it needs to be biblical !!!

  12. If Georgia dont do a total redo of election why vote at all!! Why bother they dont count! The entire election needs redone! Without ballot or dominion machines!!

  13. WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES DEMAND A DO OVER. This election was rigged and the proof/evidence has been playing all over the country. Hundreds of patriots are coming out and telling their stories. What Happened to ‘# I BELIEVE!!!!”

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