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Hunter Biden Officially Under Federal Investigation

He could not run forever, and now his time is running out.

President-elect Joe Biden’s son revealed Wednesday that he’s under federal investigation for possible tax fraud, with a report saying the Justice Department is examining his overseas business dealings.

The probe also reportedly involves a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, the existence of which was first reported by The Post, and which contains communciations and documents detailing some of his business dealings in China and Ukraine.

Hunter Biden, 50, disclosed the probe in a statement released by his father’s presidential transition office.

“I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs,” Hunter Biden said in the statement.

“I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors.”

A statement attributed to “the Biden-Harris Transition” said, “President-elect Biden is deeply proud of his son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger.”

The probe began in 2018, sources told Fox News and CNN.

Investigators are looking into whether Hunter and his business associates violated various tax and money laundering laws, CNN said.

The probe is focused on Hunter’s business dealings in China and other countries and invovles transactions with people who posed counterintelligence concerns, CNN said.

The investigation was put on hold during the run-up to the November election due to Justice Department guidelines that prohibit activity that could influence a political race, CNN said.

But it’s since resumed and is entering a new phase, with the FBI and IRS issuing subpoenas and seeking interviews, CNN said.

Fox News reported that the probe includes examining the Hunter Biden laptop exposed by The Post, citing two sources familiar with the investigation.

The probe is before a grand jury, and involves so-called “Suspicious Activity Reports” from banks flagging transfers of funds from China and other nations, Fox News also said.

In September, Republican senators released a report on Hunter’s business affairs that said he “and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe.”

Some of those ties “raise criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” the report said.

Wednesday’s surprise disclosure of the federal probe came exactly one year after FBI agents seized a laptop from a Delaware computer shop whose owner claims it was left there by Hunter and never retrieved.

In October, The Post exclusively revealed that a copy of the computer’s hard drive contained a 2015 email that showed Hunter introduced his father, then vice president, to a top executive at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where he was a board member earning a reported $83,000 a month.

Less than a year later, the elder Biden pressured officials in Ukraine into firing a top prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

Joe Biden has said he used a $1 billion US loan guarantee as leverage to get Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin canned because of corruption concerns shared by the European Union.

Other emails showed Hunter pursued lucrative business deals involving China’s largest private energy company, including one that he described as “interesting for me and my family.”

A related email from 2017, after Joe Biden left the White House, detailed a “provisional agreement” to divide ownership in a new company that included a 10 percent share “held by H for the big guy?”

A participant in that deal, Tony Bobulinski, later confirmed that “H” stood for Hunter and his dad was “the big guy.”

During the second and final presidential debate in October, Joe Biden declared: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

In addition to the emails and related business documents, the laptop contained numerous sexually explicit images, including a 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter — who’s acknowledged repeated struggles with drug and alcohol addictions — smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman.

NY Post Hunter Biden under federal investigation for possible tax fraud

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    • You are right EUGEN, but it is the propaganda machine in our main stream media that is driving this bus. “We The People” need to take this lying machine out by whatever means at our disposal before it is too late.

    • Your so right, we don’t need Biden running our Country. No Democrats or Liberals. We will be ran by China if Biden gets in. We need Trump to stay.

    • The United States is in danger of evil and sinister men, most of whom are immersed in politics and government, including city, county, state and federal at all levels.
      There are sheep among us, and far too many fools. We are experiencing a Pandemic, the origin is China. We are finding top levels of government have members of our Senate and House who have personal employees, friends and lovers, who are spys from that place in Asia named China. We are experiencing huge copyright thefts, . . . most from China factories. We have pharmaceutical shortages and have relied upon our supply far to much from . . . CHINA. We are facing a growing military threat from rapidly expanding naval forces from, guess where. If you guess China, you are correct.
      Do you like this ? I don’t ! Is Joe Biden going to stop this ? FACE IT – NO WAY IN HELL. Is Joe Biden and family going to get rich off of Chinese bribery and secret deals ? Already doing that, aren’t they !

      You think Joe Biden will actually be in charge ? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL.
      Kamala ? NOPE
      China ? Partly.
      Soros, a group of no-goods, socialists, communists and Marxists ? Partly.
      Criminals ? You can bet your sweet ass on that.

      Did you vote for this ?
      Why ?

      Do you people believe your ballots were counted accurately ?
      If you do, you are all INSANE !

    • Greta, I do agree with what you said. Hunter needs to go to jail and take his father, uncle and the rest of his family with him. They all need to be put behind bars in orange jumpsuits!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t wait to see that happen. It should have happened a long, long, long time ago!!!

    • I’m sorry Greta, that will never happen. First he is a demoRAT, second his father is also a crook and third but not lastly it would put shame on the biden family and congress will not let it happen right along with FAKE news.

  2. not to mention that the BIDENS gave CHINA the GREENLIGHT to release COVID on the WORLD as the last attempt to destroy President Trumps re election. After they tried Russia, then Impeachment, what else was left in their bag of tricks…………….COVID!! And BIDEN/HARRIS, man of the year in TIME magazine, you can’t make this garbage up more than that!!! I am so proud that my state of ARKANSAS is 1 of 17 states going to the Supreme Court to get this election sham stopped ! WE ARE COMING FOR “ALL” THE DEMWITTS, Slicone Valley, Hollywood, Soros and the rest of THEM!

  3. Jo Biden will see to it that his son Hunter will not spend one minute behind bars … that is the typical way that the Criminal Socialistic Democrats prevent punishment of their GUILTY Comrades !

      • Greta, I do agree with what you said. Hunter needs to go to jail and take his father, uncle and the rest of his family with him. They all need to be put behind bars in orange jumpsuits!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t wait to see that happen. It should have happened a long, long, long time ago!!! I just cannot imagine allowing someone like Joe Biden to be in the White House as President. Imagine having a crook for a President and trying to lead our country in the right direction. I just cannot!! I thought the American people were smarter than they are and know better than to vote for a crook, lier, etc. I hope they have now come to their senses and see the corruption the Biden family has caused. Having open borders, 11 million illegal immigrants, court packing, no fracking, etc. is all crazy. I can’t imagine Americans want a socialist country. Absolutely insane!!

  4. We LAW-ABIDING citizens can at least hope and pray that TRUE JUSTICE will finally be accomplished with this “family” of criminals!
    Joe Biden is a crooked opportunist. I always thought the most insulting thing one can call a person was a ‘”politician”. How things change…….

  5. The Hunt Master facing jail time?????
    That’s a joke!!!!
    The Hunter Master could be a mass murderer and NOT face jail time!!!
    C’mon folks, this is America…. one of the most corrupt self-righteous countries in the world….
    We just “think” we’re not corrupt.
    (Hey China…. don’t worry, you still have us beat as far as being corrupt.)

  6. this is all the more reason that Joe Biden should be removed from the election, period. if he feels so deeply proud of his loser pedophile son, what is he willing to do/give to keep this moron out of jail, and still getting his bribes out of Asia? the fact that he lied to the American people about this kid, and then cheated like all hell to win, should make even the stupidest demon rat regret voting for this guy. let us hope and pray that the suit from the states can overturn the fraud we have just witnessed. one can only hope!!!!!

  7. Slow Joe’s probably correct when he stated that he’s never received money from any foreign nation. Why should he take the chance when he gets dirty money from Hunter who gets it from China, Ukraine, and Russia. The whole family including Jill stinks of corruption.

  8. Seeing is beliving , so far many story’s about biden and son were reported but not one word about any arrest . If their so dirty as it was said then how is he aloud to run for president and why isn’t his son behind bars already for all the crap on the said computer . I know he’s a delusional democrat and their above the law but still , waiting to see real justice in our country . Cause so far there isn’t any . Come back when there is real justice being served . 4 years for hillary and Obama for their corruption and nothing . Then you got the biden crime family making millons off of the corruption of the VP title . And still nothing . Only go’s to show how deep the corruption runs in the government when crime family’s like the Clintons , obamas and bidens can run wild in our government . Not to forget the small frys like turkey neck Nancy and mad dog face maxs corruption to add to the mix . It’s still all about the corruption and how far they can go befor taken down for their crimes against our country and the people . Time will tell

  9. By this Justice Dept. They will wait till Biden gets in and will cover this up with all there other crimes. We have a two Justices system.

  10. Is there anything honest about the Biden’s. They both should be behind bars when that happens is the moment we will see Justice fir the American people and our country

  11. 90% of democrats should be in jail. but thats to good for traitors, if joe gets his son off, he should never be our president.we need to clean out all the ones that align with communism, just like swalwell, nothing but a traitor to our country. pelosi you are against your own country, but then you did not get put in to office by the people. you just got ushered in ,thanks to your fathers position. well you need to get ushered out asap. we do not need traitors in office. lets clean out the swamp and all the money hungry china traitors . lets keep our great president trump…

  12. They should all go to jail and Trump should remain America President!!!!! We dont need a dishonest and President who is known as a LAIR!!!!!!!

  13. One thing the article neglects to mention is that Hunter is considered a “target” by the attorney general, who has this in front of a grand jury. By designating him as a “target” they feel like they have sufficient evidence to prove he was guilty of the crimes. Hopefully this will not turn out to be one of those Bill Barr or John Durham “bombshells” that never materialized.

  14. Nothing is going to happen. Right now the Liberal media, the Democratic party, and Joe Biden are working to cover all up. Democrat’s do that. And Brain washed Americans voted for Joe Biden even though he’s in this up to his eye balls. And the new cover-up is no one informed the public voter. We are a pathetic country.

  15. Eugen you are so right on.. what this country needs is a residential vote redo in the swing states with absolute security and verification of votes cast. Without a redo, this election will be in quesition forever and we will never trust the demoncraps again, any of them!!!

  16. You guy said it all right, to bad nobody listen before the election. Joe a crook too and should resign before we throw him out

  17. I wonder if he will be in the same wing as the Trump Crime Family? Wouldn’t it be funny if he and Eric were cell mates?

  18. Why do so many of you blame we Americans for voting for Biden. Certainly you are not dumb enough to think he got 80 million votes are you????? When he couldn’t even get more that 12 people when he was offering a rally!!!! Those votes came from fraudulent voting machines and dishonest Democrats stuffing the ballot boxes!!!

  19. Every time I see those words “president elect Joe biden” it makes me sick to my stomach. I really think. that the problem stems from his hair implant. Maybe the needles went too deep and possibly punctured his brain!

  20. I fail to believe that any form of justice will be served by the investigation of Hunter Biden. The DOJ/FBI have been giving this guy cover for over a year now. If they’re the same group that’s supposedly going to prosecute Hunter (and the rest of the family that engaged in the crimes) well the Bidens, can be as unconcerned as Hillary was when the FBI Director, Mr. Comey, proclaimed “no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute her” (not a quote, only a paraphrase). Yeah, put your feet back on the table Hunter, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Oh yeah, tell the Big Guy, “no sweat, you’ve got it covered”.

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