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Is This Not Racist, Dems?

What a ridiculous way to target black people.

File this under ‘you cannot make this up.’ Our friends at RedState wrote this up first, but I agree with them. This seems like a parody account—and the more you peruse the account—but the ethos of it is very much in line with the white liberal elite especially those on college campuses. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. As COVID vaccination rates are lag, Mary K. Anstruther, who says she’s a professor, knows how to do outreach to the black community, which historically has been hesitant to vaccines. Just team up with fast-food chains. I’m not kidding.

“To help the BIPOC community in getting vaccines I suggest that local communities team up with fast-food chains (McDonalds, Bojangles, Popeyes, KFC, ChurchsChicken, churches & trusted black-owned business to set up pop-up clinics. Meet folks where they are & make it easy.”

Yes, she wrote that; whoever runs this account wrote that—knowing full well what the fallout would be. Frankly, I think the remaining tweets were deleted out of fear of getting suspended from Twitter for violating community standards, not because everyone rightfully dragged this person.

It’s racist. Then again, that’s how most white liberals are at heart—unintentionally racist and incapable of shutting the hell up about race matter for which they are insanely detached. Even Rev. Al Sharpton has called these folks “latte-sipping liberals” for their advocacy of insane agenda items like defunding the police. Liberal data scientist David Shor has written extensively about how white liberals are almost always gauging at 11 on race matters when actual nonwhite voters are not as ideological in the post-2020 era. It could cost Democrats a lot of votes in future elections. Peddling defunding the police already has.

I’m going to say that this account is not real, though you know there are white liberals who actually think they’re helping with suggestions like this. It’s the content that perfectly nestles itself in with white progressives who have been filling the ranks of the Democratic Party base. White liberals, the self-appointed enforcers of anti-racism and protectors of nonwhites in America. There’s nothing paternalistic about, right—but that’s the Left; you can do whatever you want and get away with it.

Last note: This person cannot be real. It’s more entertainment value honestly.

Sources: TownHall: Parody But You Know There are White Libs Who Think This Is How to Reach Black Americans on the COVID Vaccine

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Europe:1.5 MILLION bad reactions to the “””injections”””!
    I am always reminded that china had created injections that would take care of the people of color!
    Marxism is a very RACIST religion! Yes the IRS considers it a religion, just as Atheism is another! Tax deductions prove the points!
    So, now, because the black population is hesitant to accept the “””injections”””, quite naturally, for they are hurting more than they are helping, ( you still can contract the disease after the injections, Bill Maher, ie), the government is hoping to instill MORE FEAR in the people, by LYING all the time!
    Will the injections kill millions? Like Gates wants? Will the blacks be more receptive to the deadly aspects of the injections? Just as Woodrow Wilson wanted, with Margaret Sanger’s clinics in all the black neighborhoods?
    The world needs to WAKE UP TO THE ABOMINATION the DEMON RATS are spreading!

  2. LOL, I am really in the dark about what Blacks think of Demo’s. God help us, I am white and have no bias towards Blacks, asian, or any other race. I hate no one, I hope to see a unified America, folks please pull together on the important issues, we can work on the rest as we go along, please think of the outcome of being divided, together we all prosper, divided we all fall. Please people, lets work this out before it is too late. God Bless everyone.

  3. So I read this whole article about restaurants & race. & Then the article is claimed to be fake. What a waste of my time. It in itself is racist..just sayin..& I’m ‘white’..

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