January 6 Cops Booed by Pennsylvania Republicans

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Democrats in the Pennsylvania House were shocked when their Republican colleagues didn’t bow down and kiss the feet of two former US Capitol Police officers last week. Instead, many Republicans booed former U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn and former Sgt. Aquilino Gonell before walking out of the chamber in disgust. If you’re shocked that Republicans would behave this way toward two former police officers, here’s why they did it.

Dunn and Gonell are partisan hacks for the Democrat Party. They testified and lied under oath about the peaceful January 6 protests. They painted peaceful Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” in front of the fake Liz Cheney Committee.

Now that Dunn and Gonell are no longer cops, they are campaigning for Joe Biden and other Democrat candidates across the country. The Democrats continue to use Dunn and Gonell to smear peaceful Trump supporters as “insurrectionists.” They’re being paid salaries to lie about Republican voters.

In case anyone needs a reminder, the cops were not the “good guys” on January 6th. Officers pinned Trump supporter Victoria White against a wall. Then, they punched her and clubbed her in the face with their police batons at least 40 times, causing massive facial trauma. She was a tiny, little, unarmed lady.

Roseanne Boyland collapsed to the ground after being punched by several cops. An officer then beat her to death with a stick. And who could forget Ashley Babbitt, the tiny, unarmed housewife who was shot in the neck and brutally murdered by a cop waiting to ambush her?

The reason Dunn and Gonell were brought to the Pennsylvania House floor was so the Democrats could call them “heroes” for “saving democracy” on January 6th, before the two would give their usual speeches slandering Trump supporters as insurrectionists. That’s why the GOP booed them. It’s not that Republicans don’t support law and order—it’s that they don’t support partisan liars and hacks like these two guys.