Jim Jordan Has Big Plans

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has a message for Republicans — one that ought to be heeded by all elected officials — to follow through on what they said they were going to do. In calling on his fellow elected officials to do so, the congressman highlighted that in our nation’s history, only about 12,000 people have had the privilege of being elected to an office like his. With that in mind, members of Congress ought to act on it when they have the chance. “Just do it, it’s a rare opportunity, it’s a great country,” Jordan emphasized.
That message is communicated in Jordan’s forthcoming book, “Do What You Said You Would Do: Fighting for Freedom in the Swamp,” which will be released on Tuesday, November 23, just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.The congressman sat down for an exclusive interview with Townhall to discuss his book’s message and preview some other key takeaways from its pages.
As a matter of historical trends and because of President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, the GOP is in a good position to take back the House in 2022. Jordan is optimistic for the midterms, yet knows work still needs to be done.
He does think Republicans will win control because of the environment, and said “I just feel confident we can.” He made clear, though, “I’m not overconfident, we still have to work hard, but I think we’re going to win.”
Jordan remained practical as he also cautioned “it’s going to be tough to make law,” with Biden still in office and likely to veto GOP legislation. “What we can do, though,” Jordan offered, “is show the contrast” on issues such as energy dependence, the border, and inflation. “What we’ll show is, if you elect us, here’s how we’ll fix those things, and you help frame up [the] 2024 presidential race,” which Jordan believes will be a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
What Jordan considers even more important, though, is oversight, especially when it comes to scandals swirling around the Biden administration. A Republican majority, he said, can “begin to hold people accountable” to “get the truth out there, at least for the country to see.”
The congressman currently serves on the House Oversight Committee and is also currently the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee.
As for what’s next for Rep. Jordan if and when the Republicans take back the House, he revealed to Townhall he does not want a leadership position. Rather, he would like to become the chair of the Judiciary Committee, which he said “historically has stood up for the Constitution, defended your fundamental liberties.” He worries this “isn’t happening right now,” as “Democrats are cheering on the woke mob out there who wants to attack your free speech rights,” considering it “the scariest thing they’ve done.”
In his book and in the interview, Jordan stressed that freedom of speech is the most important of Americans’ rights. He also said that this is what’s most at stake. He does believe “Americans are waking up to that and there is a sort of revival and a reawakening happening to push back and make sure we get to exercise our freedoms and liberties.”
Jordan’s book and interview with Townhall did also shed more light on the lessons the congressman learned from former President Trump.The congressman spoke of how the House Freedom Caucus “followed the mood for a country and how we needed a big change, we needed to do what we said we were going to do,” which he thinks “followed the same pattern and path that led to the country wanting to elect a president who said he would do what he was elected to do, which of course was President Trump, who accomplished more, did more of what he told the voters he was going to do than any president in our lifetime.”
Jordan also agreed with the sentiment that Trump came as a result of the Republican Party in the past not doing what it was elected to do.
While Jordan does believe Trump will run again, he is uncertain when that will be. “We need him, I’ve already said I’m for him, I want him to run, I want him to win.” Jordan also said he believes and hopes Trump will announce “sometime soon.”
Jordan spoke very fondly of the former president, in the book and during the interview. “I wish every American could meet him, because you can’t help but like him,” he said, emphasizing Trump is “a good man who loves this great country and he knows how to lead.”
In addition to honing in on such a message, as well as giving readers a glimpse of Jordan’s friendship with former President Donald Trump and Mark Meadows, the book addressed other areas of Jordan’s time in office. This stretches from when Jordan and other members of the House Freedom Caucus challenged Republican Speakers of the House John Boehner and Paul Ryan, as well as the endless pushback President Trump received from Democrats before and during his time in office.
Readers of Rep. Jordan’s book will gain insight into how he handled accusations he turned a blind eye to allegations of abuse when he was a wrestling coach at The Ohio State University (OSU), his first interactions with President Trump, how he got that cut above his eye, and the Democrats’ first impeachment of President Trump.
A particularly interesting takeaway from the interview is that — unlike a lot of politicians — Jordan confirmed that he did, in fact, write this book himself. He even took to jotting down drafts on yellow legal pads, he revealed.Sources: TownHall: Jim Jordan Talks 2024, His Relationship with Trump, and Holding Biden Accountable