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Joe Gets Smashed At Border

He always tries to take the easy path.

“There was an opportunity to speak to the president and so I took it,” Malliotakis said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption. “It was important thing I had to tell him, that he has to go to the border.”

“[Biden] has to see what I saw when I was there a couple of weeks ago,” she continued. “He needs to speak with Customs and Border Patrol agents, and he needs to support them. He said that they were working on something, and then he really didn’t tell me what they were.”


“[Biden] said that he wanted to to talk to me and at some other point [and told me] to give him my phone number,” Malliotakis recalled. “I gave him my card. So we’ll see if we can have an opportunity to expand on that conversation.”

The status quo of border insecurity is a “humanitarian,” “public health,” and “national security” crisis, the New York representative determined. She said, “The cartels have taken over our border, and the CBP is being overrun. They need the support of the president, and he needs to actually go there and see what’s going on so he could take action to fix it.”

Marlow noted that Biden did not acknowledge the flow of migration across the southern border during his presidential address.

Malliotakis described the theatrical and performative dimensions of rules imposed on lawmakers attending Wednesday’s presidential address in relation to the coronavirus. She said the mostly empty chamber of the House of Representatives, with attending lawmakers wearing masks and distancing themselves from one another while seated, “was really nonsensical.”

“It was odd,” she stated. “It was really nonsensical when you think that we’re in that chamber every day [with] many more people, and we’re freely speaking to each other, sitting next to each other. It didn’t make any sense that we had to sit separately.”

She remarked, “I think it was more to fit a particular narrative than actually have anything to do with the coronavirus. … Most of the members were either vaccinated or had the virus and have the antibodies and were wearing masks.”

According to Malliotakis’s office, the New York congresswoman spoke to Biden and “urged him to go to the border and support our [Customs and Border Protection] agents.”

Weeks ago, Malliotakis said criminal cartels are “making half a billion dollars a month” via human trafficking due to Joe Biden’s directives towards the U.S.-Mexico border and immigration. Neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have visited the southern border during the administration’s tenure.

She explained how transnational criminal cartels occupy Border Patrol agents with migrants in order to facilitate the smuggling of drugs, firearms, and criminals across the southern border.

“CBP agents told us, ‘Look this is a diversion. [The] 175,000 individuals that are coming over with the support of the cartels and smugglers [are a] diversion.” So CBP is busy dealing with applications for asylum — which, by the way, less than 10 percent are legitimate claims — they’re overseeing the facilities, they are babysitting children, they’re preoccupied.”

She added, “While that’s happening. the cartels are running guns, drugs, they’re committing sex trafficking over the open and porous parts of our border.”

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Sources: Breitbart: Exclusive — Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: I Told Joe Biden ‘He Has to Go to the Border’ and ‘Gave Him My Card’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. biden does not care about humanitarianism he wants VOTERS so lie cheat steal what ever it takes to get as many new voters into red states as possible before 2022. Socialism is the goal and it’s time the repubs recognized this and start pushing out rinos and get patriots into positions in the government. America needs to win this war on her soil. America against ILLEGALS and that includes the fraudulent #46 and socialist administration. Keep your POWDER DRY America. MAGA WWG1WGA still means PATRIOTISM.

  2. It is time for Americans to get up and get rid of Biden ,Harris Pelosi and any other demorats that need to get gone . Time for Big Boy & Big Girl Pants and put a stop to this radical Social, Communist ,Crap. Come on all you republicans & democrats that don’t want America to be ruined be their shit time to impeach the ones we can and get the wall finished and send all the Illegals back to their country of Origin. That is where we start then God will Be right beside us helping and getting rid of the Evil ones too . All the Evil ones time is over!!!!!

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