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Joe Makes Major Reversal Announcement

He gives credit to where credit is due.

The US border has deteriorated from an improving situation under Donald Trump to an absolute out-of-control disaster under Joe Biden. We’ve seen record-breaking numbers of apprehensions (which means total crossings are record-breaking as well) under the current president, as the White House has discouraged enforcement and focused on made-up controversies instead of protecting the country.

Yet, even as the administration remains so maliciously inept, things are set to change. Biden is now set to bend the knee to Trump, reinstating the highly successful “Remain in Mexico” policy which saw the border stabilized under the last president.

President Biden will start turning asylum seekers back to Mexico as soon as next week under a reinstated Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” program — but will offer them the option to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Axios has learned.

There are some catches, though. For one, this wouldn’t be happening without a court order that the administration vehemently fought. Yet, I suspect this is one “loss” the White House welcomes. They can pretend they don’t actually want to reinstate the policy while reaping the benefits of it. Expect a lot of playing both sides, with Biden claiming, on the one hand, that his hands are tied while at the same time taking credit for the border situation when it improves.

But there’s also the issue of Mexico. Trump had garnered the original “Remain in Mexico” deal by fomenting good relations. Those have largely been destroyed by Biden’s actions and Kamala Harris’ ridiculous blame-shifting. Contrary to what some may believe, Mexico’s leadership does not like their country being an illegal immigrant super-highway from Central America. They see Biden’s policies as incentivizing migrants to make the journey…because Biden’s policies incentivize migrants to make the journey.

So the question becomes whether the Mexicans even want to help us out at this point. I have my doubts, and if they don’t, that would represent the perfect excuse for Biden to throw his hands up and tell the court “welp, I tried.”

Biden could also face major pushback within his own party as many Democrats see the policy as a humanitarian concern. The idea seems to be that it’s dangerous for asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until it can be adjudicated that their claims have merit. But is it safer to stuff them in cages and then release them into high-crime areas of the United States with nothing but the clothes on their back and possibly a meal ticket? Again, I find the protestations of the left completely unconvincing.

The fact is that the asylum system is broken, and not in the way liberals proclaim. It’s broken because it provides an incentive for economic migrants to fraudulently claim they are under threat while gaining entry into the United States interior. That then perpetuates the cycle as more and more people see it as a loophole to exploit.

The current administration is just fine with that status quo, though. They don’t care that it enriches the drug cartels and leads to murders, sex trafficking, and other horrific acts. Everything is politics for Biden and his cohorts. The real lives being affected be damned.

Sources: RedState: Joe Biden Bends the Knee to Donald Trump at the Border

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The biden administration is just a gigantic “Black Hole” in this World that snatches defeat from the Jaws of Victory anytime they put in effect some “Genius Idea of a Policy”: to Build Back Better (meaning Reverse anything Trump Achieved) which has now bit them in the behind because the Court told them to reinstate the Trump Keep them In Mexico Policy because when Trump got Mexico to agree to the Policy he also gave Mexico a reason to cooperate with the USA in curbing Illegal Immigration. Now, the effectuate the Court Order now, biden is going to have to reverse the incredibly short sighted thing he did, for now he’s placed hundreds of millions of dollars into Cartel hands, and the Government of Mexico is going to have to fight with a much improved Weaponized Cartel opposition to effectuate the Reversal of the Present monumental biden screw up.

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