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Joe Missing…Kamala Takes Over?

What is going on in the White House?

The president returned Sunday evening after spending five days on Nantucket Island with his family, remaining mostly private.

He spoke briefly with reporters as he attended a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the island and also went shopping.

Biden will address the nation on his administration’s efforts to combat the Omicron variant of the coronavirus on Monday, according to the White House, as well as supply chain difficulties during the Christmas season after meeting with retail CEOs.

First Lady Jill Biden is also expected to reveal the White House decorations for the holiday season on Monday afternoon. Her theme this year is “Gifts from the Heart.”

Later in the week, Biden will travel to Rosemount, Minnesota to promote his infrastructure and social entitlement spending bill.

He will also commemorate World Aids Day, celebrate Hanukkah, and again address the ongoing battle against coronavirus before lighting the National Christmas tree on Thursday.

On Friday, Biden will react to the November jobs report.

Biden’s schedule does not include visiting Waukesha, Wisconsin after the horrific Christmas Parade attack that killed six and wounded over 60. Seven children are still hospitalized from the attack.

The president also has no plans to address rising crime and reports of the growing looting of retail stores.

Sources: Breitbart: Back to Work: Joe Biden Emerges from Five-Day Vacation to Address Omicron Variant, Supply Chains

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. They both are USELESS! WORSE than useless – they are destroying our country!! When the Republicans take over the House, they will impeach them both for TREASON!!

  2. Missing or not, physically om the scene or not, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t actually run anything anyway. He is only the front man. He is simply there to put a face on things. His puppet masters are the ones pulling the strings and running things.

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