Joe’s Creepy Comment Is Sickening

Here’s what he said.

Joe and Jill Biden went to Virginia on Friday to promote COVID-19 vaccinations and to thank members of the military for their service as the Memorial Day weekend began. They started the trip to Virginia by visiting a rock climbing gym in northern Virginia. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who accompanied the First Couple, lifted indoor mask mandates for fully vaccinated people on May 15. He lifted coronavirus-related restrictions on capacity and social distancing in the state on Friday. Biden took the opportunity to thank everyone who has received a COVID-19 vaccination and encourage those who have not to do so, too.

“All over the country we’ve gone from pain and stagnation of a long dark winter to an economy on the move,” Biden said. He added, “Americans of every party, race, creed have come together and rolled up their sleeves — literally — and done their part.”

Say, where are the questions from the press about Biden’s appearance with Northam? I’m old enough to remember when Joe Biden demanded that Northam resign over the emergence of his fondness for appearing in blackface. I guess it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a presidential campaign going on. Candidate Joe Biden was only too happy to jump on the bandwagon with other Democrat candidates to demand Northam resign and allow the Lt. Gov. to take over. It turned out that Justin Fairfax was also compromised (his baggage being accusations from women he allegedly treated badly) so the story eventually just died and Northam remains in office.

Biden, by the way, was reported to have been “enthralled” by the rock climbers. This is the kind of fluffy, slobbering coverage Joe Biden gets from the press instead of asking awkward questions of him.

Biden appeared enthralled by the Sportrock climbers, who seemed unfazed as the president watched them climb. Asked by a reporter if he’d like to give it a go, Biden responded that he would “like to” but suggested he start with one of the easier walls.
“I’m not gonna try the angle wall. I’d try that wall,” Biden said with a grin, pointing to a flatter climbing wall.

The Bidens traveled next to Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia to pay tribute to the military as the Memorial Day weekend began. The president quickly reminded the audience of his habit of making inappropriate remarks and gestures to females, including young girls. Biden was introduced by a woman who brought her children up to stand on stage. One of the children was an elementary school-aged girl. Uh oh.

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man,” Biden said. “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”
The girl in question, who appeared to be elementary school age, had joined her parents and two older brothers on the podium while her mother introduced the president at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia.

Creepy old Joe can’t help himself, apparently. Everyone should know by now to keep the girls out of his line of vision, and certainly away from his reach. It’s bad enough he sniffs the hair of grown women and occasionally mauls them but speaking about young girls as though they are of legal age is just pervy. She looked like a well-behaved child, not a 19-year-old young woman.

The reaction on Twitter after that clip was posted was exactly as you would expect. One Republican consultant stated the obvious and then added the Lincoln Project grifters to the mix.

Tom Bevan, Co-Founder & President of RealClearPolitics, spoke for everyone with his reaction.

Biden’s supporters were brushing aside the criticisms by saying that Joe’s just socially awkward. Other less forgiving people pointed out the hypocrisy – we all know what would have happened if Trump made such inappropriate banter with a young female child. It would be the headline story on CNN and MSNBC all weekend. The Daily Mail has a long list of Joe Biden’s ‘creepy moments”, in case your memory needs to be refreshed.

I’ll end with Vice-President Kamala’s awkward moment as she delivered the commencement address to the Naval Academy. Biden should have done that commencement. Kamala, in true tone-deaf fashion, was too busy trying to be her woke self and the audience was less than enthusiastic.

Her cackle and cadence are cringeworthy.

Sources: HotAir: Creepy Joe’s comments about young school girl raise eyebrows

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Laughing girl VP got <1% vote in Primary.
    Now, we know why.
    And creepy Joe like little girl’s crossed legs.
    He’s made that very clear for many years.

  2. Any parent that would take a child to a Joe Bidophile event. Or to meet Joe Bidophile. Should be investigated, and have their children taken away. Bidophile has shown time, and time again he is a threat to little girl’s. These adults are totally absent minded imbeciles. You can’t call them ignorant because they have to know. Politician’s are all possible predators. They get away with it because bottom feeders adults longing for power, and they will sacrifice their children, and families to obtain it. We need to bring back public hanging for these rotten adults.

  3. The anything for a dollar Democrats just cover for creepy Joe. If they where true Americas they would get him and Harris out of our White House. Pelosi needs to go to. I’m tired of them embarrassing our country in front of the world. My people came here on the Mayflower we have fought and died in every war starting with the Revolutionary. We are Americas and for the first time I am ashamed of our government, they have forgotten what Patriotism is and what America stands for and why we came here Freedom from tyrants, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion. We can not let this false presidency take that from us. This is communism and creepy joe and his followers will go down in history as “communist” I don’t want to be remembered as one who let this happen do you?

  4. If we could disconnect all TV News all across America to have every American just watch the Internet News Channels then the American Citizens would be forced to watch the real News and the truth. Then whenever these evil Politicians do something all Americans will know about it with zero lies.

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