JUST IN: Illegal Migrants Treated Better Than US Troops

Shouldn’t he be focused on solving the COVID problem?

Psaki did not dispute reports that the Biden administration awarded a Texas-based nonprofit $86 million to provide hotel rooms for six months for approximately 1,200 families who cross the southern border.

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson questioned Psaki on why the Biden administration would provide hotel rooms, food, and shelter for migrants even as American national guard troops were forced to sleep on the floor when they protected Capitol Hill.

“That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out, that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms,” Robinson said referring to comparisons spreading on social media.

National Guard troops slept on the floor of the Capitol building for several weeks after Biden’s inauguration, although some of them had hotel rooms.

Psaki defended Biden’s actions, noting the president personally called the head of the National Guard in response to the news that troops were sleeping on the floor of parking garages in January.

“I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction he took the time,” she said before moving on to other questions.

Sources: Breitbart: Jen Psaki Struggles to Explain Why Migrants Get Hotel Rooms, National Guard Sleeps on Floor

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. They’re not even doin’ DNA tests 2 prove these criminals r families…hmmm…

    Let’s c $86 million 4 1200 criminal illegal families…that breaks dwn 2 abt $400 per day……

    Hav y’all evah stayed n a hotel that was $400 a day?!?!

    Every1’s cryin’ abt the livin’ condition of illegals, slespin’ on floors, and cramped conditions….(who cares?!) what did they xpect when they nvaded our country?!?!…the RITZ?!?!

    OH, W8!!!…hahahaha…

    That’s not gonna like draw them at all, when it’s broadcast across the PLANET that dementia joe is puttin’ illegals up n 5* hotels!!!

    Mind y’all, not even crappy motels…not even the 1 that says, We’ll leave the lights on 4 ya!!…hahahaha…


    Remember these nvaders come from dirt floor shacks with no ndoor plumbin’ or electricity…from the jungles of Central America…

    Watch all the payin’ customers leave those hotels…who wants this illegal scum next dr 2 them?!?!

    Mamacita and her bambinos nevah had it so good!!!

    Do y’all c why we h8 this dmented fool who pretends 2 b pres?!?!

  2. Would to God some reporter would drive to downtown Houston, Texas, and film the tent cities all along the freeway. There are Veterans, men and women of all color, even children. These poor souls are Americans that have a severe hunger and deprivation. Where do they go to shower? Where do they find food to eat? Where does this huge amount of people go to use the bathroom. I’ve heard the Californians are using the floors of grocery stores and Walmart, even sidewalks for a “bathroom/toilet”. I only know what I’ve heard about California. But as I drove to the VA, my heart was ripped open with sheer awe, even terror for those men, women and children living in small tents under the freeways of Houston. You won’t see this in the news media. Why?
    I have no answer as to why the media is not interested in the plight of Americans in abject poverty. These people are our own. They are not afforded a $350.00/night motel room complete with food and clothing. They are on their own.
    We can step back and murmer “that’s so sad”, but I gave one veteran a 20 dollar bill and felt as if I had given a drink of water to a drowning man. The lady inside the small convenience store said he had asked for a cup of coffee at least twice. That’s when I walked outside and grabbed his wheelchair and began pushing it. At first, he was frightened. He wanted to know where we were going. I said nothing as I pushed his wheelchair inside the little gas station. Once inside, I asked him what in the store he wanted to have. I didn’t have any cash left, just a credit card, but I was willing to buy everything in the store. He replied, “I just want a coffee”. I got him a coffee and pushed him back out of the store. I told him he could have asked for food or whatever he wanted. He said “I’ll take this twenty dollars and get me a sandwich in a bit, but right now, just coffee”. When my wife asked me why I was crying when I got back to the truck, all I could get out was, “there go I but for the grace of God”.
    WTH has happened to this country when the votes of illegals are placed above the veterans and our American families? Why are the coffers of Social Security being pilfered to feed foreigners? The taxpayers should be furious enough to do something to stop this insanity. If the present course is continued, we as America will be the poorest nation on earth. We ourselves will be seeking shelter in Mexico, or Brazil, or anyplace but here. This country will soon be owned by large banking systems, or maybe even people like George Soros. All because there is a movement in America to abolish Christianity, patriotism, police departments….you get the idea. We are headed for a major collision course. And who mlm pays? The very backbone of this once great country, the American worker will foot the bill. The people that built the freeways. The people that made some of the tallest buildings in the world. The people covered with grease and gasoline and oil from working on the oil rigs. The people that keep the automobiles and the huge semi-trucks rolling. There are dark clouds looming over this once great nation. We will ALL pay for the catastrophe that is coming. Why? Because we stood idle and watched her dry up. We did nothing but a shrug of the shoulders.

  3. The Biden administration awarded a Texas-based nonprofit $86 million to provide hotel rooms for six months for approximately 1,200 families who cross the southern border and there are thousand’s of homeless Veterans living on the streets of America plus thousands of homeless family’s in this countryand these asswipe democrats are taking care of illegal immigrants. People it’s time to take back America even if it means by force.

  4. If you want to kill a snake, chop it’s head off, if not it will in turn bite you. The demon craps are showing the fruit of the seed they sow. A bunch of tares, with thistles. One day the judas group will see, & hear that voice say (. Depart from me workers of iniquity. So be it,

  5. Why doesn’t Joe run for the president of Mexico? He has more empathy and respect for the illegals than he does for his own country men. Being as he is taking his marching orders from Obama and people like him, it’s understandable. The Obama administration hated Americans who valued freedom.

  6. More proof that the Democrats do NOT car about the troops, only themselves and what might give them an edge to maintain POWER!

    Useless , Worthless, Horrible people!!!

  7. Face it folks, our Country is in upside down inside out land. The liberals are more worried about a cartoon skunk than genocide in China. They all think that black rifles just jump out of gun safes and wreak carnage, they’d like to make us White People illegal. Dumbass people worry about what people THEY DONT EVEN KNOW think of them, it’s ok for White People to be killed but no one else. I could go on and on but I’m about ready to toss my phone out the window and drive my BIG GIANT LIFTED DIESEL TRUCK over it but I need it for news since you can’t watch TV “news” without throwing up a little bit in your mouth listening to their liberal slant on the day’s happenings. Oh Lord, here I go again!

  8. Everybody knew what Biden was going to do before the election. He told them. They voted for him anyway. Now they are acting so surprised at what he is doing. There are some who are still proud he is president. Anything to get rid of Trump. It doesn’t matter that he is killing this country and several countries are threatening us because they know Biden hasn’t a clue what to do about it. They think the US is a joke since Biden was elected. They think Biden as president of the US is also a joke. It is hard for them to believe we have a president that doesn’t know where he is, what he is doing, Who he is or who anyone else is. “Uh, what’s his name, you know man, my boss”. I think his name is Obama, Joe. You might want to write that down somewhere. How could someone that ignorant get elected President. The Democrats worked on that for the 4 years that Trump was president and have four more years to figure out how to steal the 2024 election too. What is sad is the Republicans who we elected and are paying enormous salaries to represent us are sitting on their rears doing nothing to stop it. We need to clean house in both parties.

  9. Just what I would respect from a FASCIST party. The World comes FIRST. BILLIONS for the WORLD not one CENT for AMERICANS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I just hope the millions of Americans that voted this Pres? in are thrilled with the way he is treating the Mexicans with our money, while he looks the other way with the people of his own country.

  11. I really truly would like to know who voted for this moron….they just a few brain cells ,this is so pathetic…So angry what they are doing to the AMERICAN People and our country.”…..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. It’s pathetic how anti-American this new administration is.
    Thanks to all the idiot liberals that voted him in.

  13. It is totally sad that our National Guard ( American citizens) had to sleep in the Capitol cement parking
    lot floors while these bottom feeders that broke into our country are going to be house in hotels. What the hell is wrong with the senile old pervert and the communist prostitute in the Whitehouse? We have gutter trash in both of them! Mayorkas stated these illegal aliens are loving parents, stop lying you pos! They aren’t loving parents, if they were they wouldn’t have sold their kids to coyotes for money! They would have kept their children with them! They are just here to get the life on our welfare system. We need President Trump who put America 1st, not the gutter trash that puts America last! And these bottom feeders come Covid and other diseases, thanks dumb and dumber!


  15. She can’t Explain because there’s no Explanation, It only Confirms what We Already Knew Biden is more concerned and cares more for a Bunch of Illegals than He does for True Americans. That 86 Million Dollars He’s Wasting on the Illegals that could have been Spent on Homeless Americans, Hungry American Children, Caring for Our Injured Veterans, Or a Hundred other things to Help Americans get back on their Feet. But Does Biden Care about that, Hell No, He’s more Concerned with the care and Comfort of a Bunch of Illegals that He has allowed to Invade Our Country. Just figure it 86 million for 6 months for 1,200 Families, That’s like 350-400 dollars a Day per Family, Must be nice to Illegally Invade the Country and Slide into a Nice Cushy HOTEL, Free Meals, Free Clothes, FREE EVERYTHING. Not bad for a bunch of people that have Contributed Nothing to Our Economy and the vast Majority of them will NEVER Contribute, It’ll be Section 8 Housing, Welfare Checks and Food Stamps for Most of them and they Knew that Coming in, That’s why they came here. Lets face it, how many Women have you seen with no Husband, 3-4 small Kids in Tow and several Months Pregnant with another Child She want’s to be Born in the USA, She will never Work, had no Intention of Working. And that’s just One of Thousands with the same exact Story. How many Criminals in the Bunch? Sex Offenders?, Drug Dealers?, Gang Members?, It’s Way to High a Price to Pay for a Vote, Not to mention a Complete Disgrace to Our Country and Her Citizens.

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