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Just Leaked: Dems Spent Millions Trying To Rig Election

Here’s what we know!

Marc Elias has been the Democrats’ go-to election attorney, and reports indicate that Democrats paid him more than a million dollars during the failed effort to flip the election result.

According to a report by the National Journal, since 2009 — when Elias (pictured) became the head of political law at the firm Perkins Coie — the firm has billed Democrat campaigns and committees more than $170 million. The report continued to add, in March alone, the House Democrats’ campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), paid Perkins Coie more than $1.4 million. “Recount services” was the reasoning behind the payment, according to the quarterly campaign filings.

In March, Elias was the lead attorney for the partisan efforts by Democrats in their attempt to overturn Iowa’s state-certified Second Congressional District election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was trying to pad her majority by flipping the seat, which Republicans won by six votes in 2020, to Democrat Rita Hart. Hart lost the election to Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) by six votes after the election was recounted and certified. Hart tried to get the Committee on House Administration to overturn the state-certified election.

Elias, rather than contesting the election in the state court, tried to use the Democrat-run House to invoke its powers under the Federal Contested Elections Act (FCEA) to unseat Miller-Meeks and seat Hart, which would have been the first time since the 1980s that the House had used that power. The optics of this move by Democrats, who ripped Republicans who questioned the presidential election results last year, were particularly damaging to the party’s brand — and eventually, under immense pressure, Hart backed down along with House Democrats. The challenge was withdrawn, and Miller-Meeks has been able to serve since as the rightful and certified winner of the election. Elias told National Journal that he believes the optics — the politics of challenging certified election result — “evolve over time.”

“You’ve got to fight the fights you fight day by day and then figure the politics are going to evolve over time,” Elias told National Journal when asked about that inconsistency.

Elias, in the end, lost the battle. Breitbart News reported that Elias was going to struggle to convince enough Democrats to overturn the result, as more and more members of his own party were publicly opposing his effort because the Democrats have a very slim majority in the House. After weeks of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) hammering Democrats with targeted ads against, Hart withdrew her challenge at the end of March, after nine Democrats came out against the effort.

In response to the news that the DCCC wasted over a million dollars on the failed attempt to overturn a state-certified election in Iowa, Mike Berg, NRCC spokesman, said in a statement: “Nobody knows how to light money on fire like the DCCC.”

The NRCC took the lead of applying the public pressure to target vulnerable Democrats who were trying to “subvert the will of Iowa voters and overturn the certified results in Iowa’s Second Congressional District.” The NRCC made sure the Democrats were held accountable. In addition to the ads, the NRCC also conducted a poll showing 68 percent opposed Pelosi’s attempt to overturn the election.

Sources: Breitbart: Democrats Burned Through $1.4 Million in Legal Fees During Attempts to Overturn Iowa Election

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This report is a kind of a revenge against All Of Those CHEATING Autocratic, Aristocratic, Stubbornly And On Purposefully INDOCTRINATED Infiltrated And Compromised By The Communistic Chinese And Socialistic Russian Governments PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THEIR BLIND, IGNORANT AND DEAF ILLEGALLY LABELED RINO REPUB. PUPPET FOLLOWERS, Who Love Using The Whole US Constitution, Which Definitely Includes That Broken US Immigration And Naturalization Act, Like A Giant Roll Of A__ Wiping Paper = Toilet Paper And A Giant Box Of Nose Wiping Paper = Kleenex! This New Version Of The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party And Its Election Attorney Mr. Marc Elias And Their Illegal Immigrant-Alien/s And Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children Sympathizers (Have To Confiscate All Of Their Illegal Gotten Financial Gains [Foreign And Domestic] And Especially Their US Citizenship BE REVOKED/CENSURED/CANCEL CULTURED And ALL Of Those IIA’s And IIAC’s Needs To Be DEPORTED Out Of The USA’s Boundaries, And On Every Single New Version Of The Progressive Liberal Democratic Party And Illegally Labeled RINO Repub. IIA’s And IIAC’s And Their Sympathizers Deportation Form, Never To Return To The USA, End Of Story!!!


  3. Perkins Coie and their associated scum attorneys should all be charged with sedition, treason, election rigging and a host of other crimes. Lawyers are not above the law, although they seem to think that if they are paid, they can break all the laws they want with impunity.

  4. Why haven’t the high ranking Republicans and even President Trump exposed Marc Elias as the slime-ball he is. They are allowing him to operate behind the scenes. If his tactics became well enough known, perhaps Perkins Coie might lose some business or become a niche law firm with no reputation except for slimy political tactics.

  5. Quit the rhetoric…we all know who funded the fraud. George Soros…with perhaps a few collars from the Clinton ‘Foundation’, a few from Sanders and some from obamanation.

  6. To the topic WHO PAID THE FAKIEMAN? I can only say:
    Find a copy of TIME magazine of 15 Feb.21 and read pages 32 to 41:
    It reads like a recount of the German Industry Congress 1928 in Düsseldorf which secured Hitler the ‘DARK MONEY” (from Ruhr coal) for his gains, as it made his NSDAP the richest of all parties.
    Add to that the 90% control a few corporations have over press, media, film an entertainment ….
    there you are!

  7. They (the Democrats) did not just “try” to rig the election, they did rig the election although it will likely cost them far more than a few million of George Soros dollars.

  8. The Democrats did not just TRY to rig the election, THEY DID RIG THE ELECTION. They STOLE from each one of us, even the demented Biden supporters. They all, regardless of Party affiliation receive money from their Extremely Rich American & Foreign contributors that pay into the ‘pot of gold’ which keeps them in Politics & Rich. Until WE stand up & say NO MORE then we may as well just Stop the mockery of what we think is a our American Duty & right to practice, aka the election process. This has become nothing more than a cover-up for the criminal cartels that make the decisions about our Lives. What we are doing or actually NOT DOING right now is destroying the future of our children & grandchildren. What’s Next? A Socialist Society that will lead to Rule by a Tyrant. He is already waiting in the shadows to be returned, this time to a throne.

  9. OK who let bill Clinton near the border ??? You know how he is around young girls . Give biden a big hand for the corruption at the border , bet he don’t even know what he did there . Turkey neck Nancy told him everything is ok there and that he’s doing a great job at the border . The delusional democrats don’t care about the kids at the border . Their not their kids and easy pray . Right there’s your freedom for the poor under privileged kids of the deep south . The true delusional democrat way .

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