Kamala Harris Has Some New Favorite Admirers, And It’s Bad For America

Her influence in the Socialist party is growing.

“She has really demonstrated her facility of understanding our issues but also the intersection of sexual and reproductive healthcare with issues of race, with issues of the economy, with issues of democracy and our American values,” Johnson said in the interview published Monday.

“I’m completely over the moon and so excited to support her leadership and support their vision for how we transform healthcare, as well as sexual reproductive healthcare,” she added.

National pro-life leaders declared former President Donald Trump to be the most pro-life president in history, and Joe Biden and Harris to be the “most pro-abortion presidential ticket in history.”

Harris especially has held close ties to Planned Parenthood throughout her political career.

It was Harris who, as California attorney general, directed her office to lead the raid on Center for Medical Progress (CMP) project lead David Daleiden after CMP released undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue sales practices.

It was Harris’s office that collaborated with Planned Parenthood to produce legislation that would criminalize the CMP undercover journalists for publishing and distributing recordings of private communications with abortion providers in California.

Planned Parenthood’s Johnson said she expects the Biden administration to be “pushing bold agenda items in the name of building back better,” using Biden’s campaign slogan.

For example, Johnson not only wants Congress to reverse Trump’s Title X rule that blocks family planning funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers who refer girls and women for abortions. She said she also will be asking Congress to increase funding for Title X and ensure “it’s inclusive of everyone, of all races and genders.”

According to Business Insider, Planned Parenthood assisted the Biden administration with its planned White House Gender Policy Council as well as its executive orders on racial equity.

Now, the abortion vendor is “advising on executive orders, policies, and on vocally supporting nominees and appointments.”

Johnson said she believes the Biden-Harris administration will follow through with its election pledges to defend abortion, but acknowledged that, with Trump having appointed over 200 federal judges, many of whom support the pro-life view, she may not be realizing her dreams any time soon.

“It’s going to take years to repair that damage — generations really — and achieve real transformational change,” she said.

Sources: Breitbart: Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘Completely Over the Moon’ with Kamala Harris as VP

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. “heel’s-up”-Harris is Satan’s concubine. This ho is evil incarnate. So are the rest of the DemoRats & Leftists. If one can’t recognize evil when they see it, they’re partners with it.

  2. Can anyone say “O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-P-S . . . GUESS i SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTED THAT OTHER GUY (that was really doing the job and getting things accomplished!)

    I hope all the DEMO-RATS are satisfied ! ! ! ! !

    • Oh, they most certainly are! I was almost aborted because of an auto accident. I am 72 years old now. Not a thing happened to me. The doctors recommending the abortion were WRONG! So much for the new God:Science.

  3. She does not even belong in VP or Prez because she was born a British Subject in Jamaica to parents who weren’t US Citizens either! What Obummer got away with is bad enough but Horizontal Harris as VP is horrible!

  4. How about Jen Psaki….
    She can’t get through even one sentence without Uh…uh…uh…listen to her.
    And all the questions are decided ahead of time. So different from Trump’s press secretaries!

  5. The insults of these people are typical of the brainwashed Trump people, many of whom are evil like their master.

  6. Kamala, as her dad says, should never be in the position she is in. She is evil, is always peddling herself to get ahead in spite of whether it hurts the people.

  7. FTrump is a lady part.

  8. I’m not that concerned about Biden, Harris , or for that matter any democrat as I’m predicting that the results of their election will be determined to be null and void. Donald J Trump will be rewarded his rightful position of President of the United Stats of America at some point within the next year.

  9. Voting fraud will be detected within the next year and Donald J. Trump will be reward his rightful place as President of the United States of America.

  10. Someone please explain how we got such a weak Republican party? Is it the result of letting all the fake republicans run as republicans?


  12. What has happened to America? We that love her and want to live in Freedom and Worship God must speak up and get these radical leftist out of Washington. This Chinese puppet and his agenda will bring America to her knees and all of us with him. This dementia possessed dude is an illegal president sitting in Donald Trumps office making decisions recommended by all these Socialist, Progressive, Communist while deleting everything Trump did that was for the good of our country and us. All those voting machines had Chinese parts in them that changed our Trump votes to Biden. This is a sad situation and seems like “We The People” have no say in our government anymore. We must do back to paper voting and get rid of these ungodly people that want to see America go to hell. Is to late? Oh Dear God I hope not. There’s a bunch of sick-o’s out there rooting for this demented wicked bunch that crookedly got into our government to destroy the American way of life that so many men and women have fought and died for.. We will eventually be taken over by China because Biden is a Chinese puppet. All of his and his families wealth has come from China. China will eventually take over America, but I am hoping that will be after God has taken His people to Heaven.. It’s going to happen.. Eventually China and Russia will own the world with their super power. The leaders of China do not believe in God and think they are the god of this universe. In the Holy Bible they are called The Dragon and Russia is called the Bear. We are heading into the darkest days America has ever seen, or man has dreamed. We must pray that God will rapture His church before all this tribulation occurs.
    I’m sure some out there will laugh and mock my comment, but we that believe in a Holy God that created this universe will be the ones that will be saved when this happens.
    I’m on my way to Heaven and the journey gets sweeter everyday.
    May God bless America and Israel…
    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but He made a way for believers by sending His only begotten Son to die on that Cross while taking all our sins there, but we have to ask His forgiveness and really mean it.. So simple and such a loving God… God Bless America and Israel and all you believers that read this comment.

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