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Kamala Has No Accountability

She is blowing through tax payer money.

House Democrats rejected consideration of an accountability measure for Vice President Kamala Harris and her border duties, introduced by GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA). The freshman congresswoman introduced legislation to block Harris from using further taxpayer dollars for travel until she visits the southern border to see the crisis firsthand.

“This legislation would prevent Vice President Kamala Harris from using taxpayer dollars to travel internationally before seeing the southern border crisis firsthand. Vice President Harris was named as Administration’s point person on the illegal immigration crisis at our Southern Border 80 days ago. And this crisis is worsening by the day. Yet, the Vice President has refused to go to the border herself and talk to the brave law enforcement officers, the men and women who are fighting this on the frontlines,” Hinson said on the House floor. “…even as the Administration’s point person on the illegal immigration crisis, hearing from those on the ground is too much to ask for the Vice President. She has been the ‘Border Czar’ for 80 days. She’s been to yarn shops, she’s been to bakeries. And she just flew right over the crisis at our Southern Border to meet with foreign countries with the taxpayer’s checkbook in hand.”

Democrats’ slim majority in the House allowed Hinson’s legislation to be blocked by a vote of 217-203 on Monday night.

Sources: TownHall: House Dems Reject Rep. Hinson’s Bill to Create Accountability for Kamala Harris’ Border Negligence

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. a LOW LIFE NO COUNT, is what she is. and she should never ever be in the position of VP. She is a government FAILURE of the highest degree. She needs to one of 2 things, RESIGN or get IMPEACHED. But she does not need to work one more day in the W.H.D.C. or on the other HUGE GOVERNMENT FAILURE the CCP-biden MIS-ADMINISTRATION , and IMPEACH this biden tax payer leach.

  2. Kamala Harris has never had any accountability just like the whole democrat party have never had any accountability to no one not even there voters.

  3. Kamala Harris has never had any accountability just like the whole democrat party have never had any accountability to no one not even there voters.

  4. This woman is a very lucky lowlife. Whoring her way thru Calif politics paid off. But this total racist phony should be no where near power. She is incompetent and dangerous to the national security of the USA. With her s— eating grin on display 24/7 ya gotta think maybe she’s a bit tetched in the head? Just her failure to deal with the border is all we need to see her incompetence. But she WANTS what is happening – we all know this. Pathetic that she successfully coat-tailed along with another lowlife, Quid Pro Schmo. Joe: 50 yrs of using politics to feather his nest and build a crime family. Wonderful. This total fraud sucked enough out of the public trough long ago. And we reward him with four more years at the top? What? Are we really that stupid? What terrible losers we have in the White House. The worst in my very long lifetime.

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