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Kamala Laughs At The Idea Of Fixing The Border Crisis

The crisis at the border will only get worse.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) challenged Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday to a debate on border issues after she has neglected to show up at the border despite being tasked with dealing with the crisis.

“I’ve spent a lot of time, as you know, on the border of the United States, unlike Vice President Kamala Harris, who can’t find the border on a map apparently,” Roy said during a Friday interview with Newsmax. “And by the way, I’ve said to the vice president, since she refuses to go the border, I will debate her or the president anywhere, anytime they choose to on border issues.”

“They’re burying their heads in the sand,” Roy continued regarding the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis. “They’re endangering Texans, they’re endangering migrants. And to your point, I have spoken to dozens, probably over 100 migrants on the border next to the Rio Grande, and these are people who just want a better way of life. These are people who just want to come to America and do something good for their families, and I don’t blame them for that.”

“But you know who else is coming to our border? Iranians, terrorists. We just stopped 10 sex offenders on the border the other day. Dangerous fentanyl. Why? Because the whole border is being operated by dangerous cartels,” Roy claimed, adding that Democrats “pat themselves on the back for being compassionate” while cartels are making tens of millions of dollars by placing people into the sex trafficking trade.

“I understand people want to come here for a better way of life,” Roy conceded. “God bless them. Let’s stand up and have a strong economy and a strong border. And then let’s go help and make sure that the Western hemisphere is growing economically, where people don’t feel like they have to leave Venezuela or El Salvador or Mexico to come here. Let’s have a strong country and lead, rather than being weak with open borders.”


Roy, whose 21st Congressional District encompasses portions of Austin and area north of San Antonio, introduced legislation in April to classify drug cartels as Foreign Terror Organizations (FTO) under federal law. As The Daily Wire reported:

Titled the “Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act,” Roy’s bill would classify the Reynosa/Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas as terrorist organizations, according to The Daily Caller.
“I’ve spent my time talking to people who actually know what’s happening at the border and I’ve been meeting with former DPS agents, people engage[d] with and rooting out cartels and the violence, and all they are telling me is that cartels are becoming increasingly violent,” said Roy. “All of the data shows it, all of the actions show it. We have people in America being shuttled around by cartel-paid American citizens to put them in human trafficking, sex trafficking.”

Sources: DailyWire: TX Congressman Challenges Kamala Harris To Debate On Border Issues After She Fails To Address Crisis

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. There IS NO other reason for hairass and bidenski’ actions , Than those No good communist leftists are getting a cut of the profits and Joey is getting a few children as playmates ! Period,full stop.

  2. Ole cameltoe harryass laughing at America , what an outrage to all of America! If she had one ounce of seriousness in her mindless body to the good of America she would be a good person but being the democrap she is, that’ll never happen ! All we can do is VOTE them out when the time comes unless something wonderful will happen that would take all the socialist marxist communist democraps out totally to a place in Cuba. Keep praying patriots and keep your powder dry.

  3. Were these kids kidnapped from their parents or did their parents sell them? Either way they – kids and adults alike – are illegal. Many of them end up in the sex slave trade or drug dealing. Those that don’t use our tax payer dollars via public services – for free because they don’t have viable skills!

    DO NOT perpetuate the horrific evil of sex trafficing and dealing drugs by allowing them on to their “pre-arranged destination.” Take them back to where they came from. They need to learn to fix their own darn country – NOT INVADE OURS – Nor import their disfunctions, using their kids to do it.

    And if this website censors this comment again – then it tells us all we need to know about you and your values. Fix your algorythm or you and your lack of values can get on the plane with them.

  4. Biden, Pelosi, et al are COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST OUR NATION & CITIZENS every day. There are remedies. They should all be impeached and put in jail! What’s the holdup? CRIMES AGAINST THE NATION & CITIZENS!!!

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