Kamala Made The Worst Comment About Afghan Situation

She is going to regret speaking now.

While the president’s dereliction of duty has been front and center the last two weeks of chaos, specifically regarding Afghanistan where thousands of Americans still remain trapped under the threat of the Taliban and ISIS-K, the vice president has also been conspicuously quiet. In fact, aside from standing silently next to Biden during his disastrous remarks late last week, Kamala Harris had been completely MIA.

Friday evening, she inexcusably left the country for Vietnam without a mention of the dangerous situation in Afghanistan, as if it were normal to leave the country on an unrelated trip as one’s administration is facing its worst crisis yet. It had the distinct feeling of Harris attempting to get out of Dodge, and she capped it off with a tone-deaf picture of her gently waving to a likely non-existent crowd (see Kamala Harris Releases Perhaps the Most Tone-Deaf Picture of Her Tenure).

But after landing, Harris finally addressed the situation, and in doing so, she reminded everyone why she dropped out of the 2020 presidential race before the first vote was cast.

Do you want to know why no one likes Kamala Harris? This is why no one likes Kamala Harris.

The lack of authenticity on display here is off the charts. Remember, she hadn’t said a word about Afghanistan until this moment, which sits almost two weeks after the collapse started and Americans became trapped. Yet, now, she wants to play as if she’s presidential, with the “I’m in charge” hand gyrations and an insistence that what’s unfolding is her top priority.

But is it true that it’s her top priority? Of course, it’s not true. If something is a top priority, you don’t ignore it to go to Singapore — while not even bothering to release a statement on Americans being beaten in the streets by the Taliban.

Harris’ unfavorable numbers are underwater and have been since basically the moment she took office. Even as Joe Biden enjoyed a honeymoon period that is just now ending, Harris has been renowned for her ability to make everyone dislike her.

No, that’s not because she’s a woman. Rather, it’s because she’s a fake and cold person whose ambition outshines every other aspect of her being. After bragging in April that she was the “last person in the room” on the Afghanistan pullout decision, she went completely dark, only to finally give a 30-second faux show of care over the sound of jet engines in Southeast Asia. No one is buying her act.

This administration is in the midst of a full-blown implosion. Harris isn’t helping by being late to the party and acting as she’s been working the war-room when she clearly hasn’t. People are tired of the facade.

UPDATE: I originally thought Harris had at least not done her patented cackle, which typically happens at the most inappropriate moments. But I was wrong. Here’s another video showing she did laugh. She actually freaking laughed.

Sources: RedState: Kamala Harris Finally Speaks on Afghanistan but She Really Shouldn’t Have

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Harris did tell people to do their Christmas Shopping now because it would be cheaper!
    She’s right on top of everything!

  2. This whole situation is disgraceful. Obviously everyone in the country is aware of Biden and Harris incompetent actions. While democrats do absolutely nothing. Government Republicans had better impeach now if they want to save face at all. I think its time to start bringing charges against these incompetent fools NOW. Treason works,Dereliction of duty works, shit I would even accept Being a Democrat in 2020/2021. What the hell are prosecuters doing anyway…oh thats right…they have released almost all rioters…without charges of course…what maybe trespassing. While Trump supporters have been held without bail…haven’t been charged and even tortured. Russia and China are giving 2 thumbs up and ready to pounce. Bring back Trump and put a stop to all of this shit. He will put the brakes on this Taliban crap and get our justice system on track. The UNITED STATES did not become a super power by listening to Nancy Pelosi!

  3. Highest priority, the buzz word of the day while the buffoon sleep in his basement bed in the white house and Hehehe! DOCTOR JILL luxuriates in the splendors of being first BROAD.

  4. I wonder who Kamala Harris is f**king in her residence in Washington D.C. I know she is f**king the American people with open borders and leaving Americans to fend for themselves in Afghanistan. If you live in Californication you are not held responsible for what is happening there and in the nation’s capitol.

  5. Why should anyone expect any different behavior from her??! I understand she was a total disaster while in office in Ca. so why change now?? She’s another incompetent, just like the whole criminal, useless Democratic Party!

  6. Slo Joe picked a giggling fool as a running mate, . . One who Almost achieved 1% in the primaries, so that he might seem brighter than her. Almost worked.

  7. Harris is NOT ELIGIBLE to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution, as. both parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth as they were in the US on a student’s visa and to date her father has never chosen to be a US Citizen.

  8. Her claim to fame is being Willy Brown’s bratwurst bun!! When she is holding a microphone and speaking into it it appears she wants to wrap her lips around it and swallow it.

  9. The laughing hyena who screwed her way to the top among other things. She is a waste of the air she breathes.

  10. I agree that Biden is not competent to be president. However, what does that leave us? Are we just going to change the devil for the witch/

  11. They both are sorry as shit, Joe is a Dickhead & Harris
    Is a Prositute and how they both ended up as President and V.President and who all that voted for them are
    Crazy as they are!! They Need To Be Removed From
    Office and a lot more needs to be removed too like Pelosi.

  12. When are they going to dump this worthless twit. When Biden goes down she will be his replacement, We will be screwed even worse than we are now.

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