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Kamala’s New Lame Excuse Blows Up

She’s a creative one, to say the least!

Vice President Kamala Harris has charted a low-speed course to political implosion, gathering an impressive list of excuses along the way.

Sources: DailyCaller: EDITORIAL: The Many Excuses Surrounding Kamala Harris’s Slow-Motion Implosion

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. COMMIE kamala, should be in prison with all of those other cohorts . Federal government on down the intire list including RHINOS. And one that wants to ruin AMERICA SHOULD BE EXICUTED !!!

  2. Communism has marched in our Halls of Congress, care off our present leaders led by Chairman Joe!

  3. Biden and heels up harris are nothing but a disgrace to our country. His G7 Trip wore that he could not even complete the whole thing, wore him out to the point, that he has sent his WIFE, to the Olympics, to represent our country! Not even a government official!! But, his wife, Dr. flotus!!! What an embarrassment!!! The democrats sure did a number when they stole this election and gave it to this shell of a man and empty headed, worthless, trollop VP.

  4. There is NOTHING that would ever help KNEE PAD’S Harris other than put her in PRISON
    for the rest of her LIFE.

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