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Kevin McCarthy Lists the Disastrous Policies Biden Has Implemented In Past 30 Days

There are more than you can believe!

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Friday slammed President Joe Biden’s failed leadership over the president’s first month in office. McCarthy also took aim at House Democrats’ recent $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that has a number of liberal wishlist items, like a $15-an-hour minimum wage and money for an underground rail in the Bay area.

“Nancy Pelosi just put $100 million into a tunnel that’s just outside her district that has nothing to do with coronavirus. We have almost a trillion dollars sitting there from the last bill that could go out. More than $50 billion sitting there that could go to schools, but what has [Biden] done in this short amount of time?” McCarthy asked rhetorically.

“He ended the Keystone Pipeline, putting Americans out of work. He opened the border but kept the schools closed. He put us back into the Paris Climate Accord, which [gives] China an advantage over America,” the House minority leader explained. “He gave the World Health Organization – who lied to the world about the coronavirus – $200 million from hardworking American taxpayers. And what is he doing now? Reentering talks with Iran, the world leader when it comes to terrorism.”

The reason most Americans take issue with the way Congress is going about COVID relief is because they fail to put together an actual bill that addresses the virus and concerns the American people have. Instead, there are all kinds of long-term policies and commitments tied to rendering aid to the nation.

Despite Republicans saying they refuse to back a $15-an-hour minimum wage being attached to a relief bill, House Democrats’ latest bill includes just that.

At the end of the day the Democrats are using this bill to push their policy agenda, not focused on helping the American people. If getting aid out was their primary focus, they would work with Republicans on a clean bill that focuses only on virus-related issues, like direct cash payments, PPP funding, food and housing needs.

Sources: TownHall: WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Lists the Disastrous Policies Biden Has Implemented His First Month In Office

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. What is wrong with this bunch of Progressive Democrats? . They will destroy this country if the Republicans in office don’t wake up and go against these ungodly policies that ole demented Joe is passing. Get us out of these Communist run accords or what ever they are called.. Biden is undoing all the good that Trump did. This is America and in America the people are suppose to come first . Putting Biden and Pelosi in office at the same time is a disaster fixing to happen. God id watching and He depends on honest and faithful people to follow Him in decision making. These Washington nuts are following a destructive path that will destroy America. Satan must be patting himself on the back because he has taken over theses people minds. I worry about the younger generation that is being so brain washed by these Liberal minded idiots sitting behind desk making all the wrong decision for all of us. Oh how we need the rightful elected president to be in that oval office.. What can we do American’s? We must come together and pray that God will intercept and change these people minds or get them out of office and put the right full elected president back in there.. God bless Donald Trump.. We need him and Jesus now more than ever.

  2. It’s a sad day when the American People Allow this kind of behavior from Government Officials.

  3. These democrats hated Trump so bad they sacrifice the citizens of America. The democrats should be held responsible for anything these illegals cause. Rapes, murders, cost on taxpayers.

    The democrats are trash and out to destroy America. Let Biden, Hunter, his whole darn crooked family pay for them along with Nancy, her nephew, Maxine, Nader. Makes me ashamed of what runs our country. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump. Biden/Harris are losers..

  4. Yes, even if it means War. they can’t take on 200 million people all at once’s. fight for our rights !! And fight for our COUNTRY ******* May god bless ……

  5. GOD will not allow me to put here what I think of the Democrats anf how they are destroying our Great America.
    Trump did such a marvelous job in his 4 years….and shame on any Republican who jumped over
    to the cheating, stealing Democratic party….they must have been offered some BIG MONEY…hope they roast in hell.
    EVER ….

  6. Obama is still running the show. He said from the beginning of the time he came on the scene before his presidency that he wanted to change America. He didn’t get the job did while in office because to many Republicans were also in high office, Now he has his puppet in the oval office trying to obey his master. May God intercede on true hard working Americans behalf and stop this evil. . Washington has turned into hell on earth being run by mostly demonic people. These Democratic Socialist Progressives have sold their souls to Satan and he is guiding them. We seem to be helpless as they change all the good that Trump began to bad. Most of them, especially Pelosi wants power over the people. . China will own America and the world soon because they own Biden… I pray God pulls His people out of here before this happens. Bad times are coming folks.. Bad times.. Only God can save America.. Her sins are catching up with her. I pray for America’s sins to be forgiven and we will bcome a Christian Nation again, run by Gods people as our forefathers wished for us. . Please join me!!

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