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Lauren Boebert Goes There and Then Some

Ouch…that hurt.

While House Rep. Lauren Boebert may be out of a job soon due to redistricting in her home state of Colorado, she’s apparently not going to go away quietly. Today, she took the floor to deliver a scathing rebuke of Democrats who are currently wasting the people’s time by voting to strip Rep. Paul Gosar of his committee assignments.

This latest bout of norm-breaking came after Democrats flipped out over a video showing Gosar supposedly “killing” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. You can watch it here, but it’s clear that it was meant to be nothing more than a meme, with Gosar shown in anime form also slicing through a picture of Joe Biden.

Yes, the House is now trying to strip a Republican of his committee assignments over a cartoon. It’s such a stupid story that I don’t believe RedState even reported on it, and for her part, Boebert was having none of this idiocy. She went there on several topics that most Republican politicians are too squeamish to ever talk about.

Look, I don’t care if you don’t like Gosar. He’s too nutty for my tastes and has made some very poor choices in who he associates with, but the point Boebert is making is a good one.

We have a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Rep. Ilhan Omar who is credibly accused of marrying her brother while subsequently paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to her former lover (now husband). In another instance, Rep. Rashida Tlaib defended terrorists firing rockets at children and repeated anti-Semitic claims of a false Jewish blood libel.

And lest we forget, there is also a member of the Intelligence Committee in Rep. Eric Swalwell who slept with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang and lied about it, because as you know, things always manage to get more absurd. Yet, no one in leadership is doing anything to strip any of those bad actors of their committee assignments.

But the House is using taxpayer money to try to punish Gosar over a freaking cartoon? This entire thing is asinine, and it’s exactly why no one likes Congress. It’s a body full of self-righteous hypocrites who carry one set of rules for themselves and another for their enemies.

To end, I’ll just reiterate that Republicans better be ready to fight fire with fire if they retake the House in 2022 (and it would take an inexplicable collapse for them not to at this point). Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, and a myriad of other Democrats who have done absolutely insane things must be immediately stripped of their committee assignments in the new Congress. If the GOP House leadership isn’t prepared to do that, then they shouldn’t be in their positions.

Sources: RedState: Lauren Boebert Goes There and Then Some on the House Floor While Calling out Democrats

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Wow! Maxine Waters can use her voice to tell californians to attack cabinet members when they see them and get’s nothing done for her attacking.
    But let a Dem be attacked and it is String Them Up.
    Thank you all of you Communistic, Radical, Socialist, Democrats that voted for this type of actions. Maybe just maybe one of these days you will become intelligent enough to speak out over this type of tyranny.

  2. Seems that OUR Congress has been guided by by MuSLIME radicals, and a so called squad of him-rod bitches to match the Califinny radicals already F**king up our Nation and dividing us even further. The Baboonzos’ 8 very, very long years of race baiting, miss management of the conflicts in the middle east that killed many of our best and brightest and it continued into domestic failures.
    Less than 4 years with tremendous pressure from a partisan inspired revolt ending in numerous coup attempts by a weaponized FBI and DOJ with leaks and lies, all I might ass were in place before Mr Trump was installed as 45th President.
    At the same time with his previous management skills(daily lasting in most politicians) turned this Nations economy around and began putting the nation back together. All the while with the snapping at his heels like dogs the opposition both top and dems.
    Hated by both sides because he put a stop to the insider tras=ding that make millionaires out of lawyers who seek office.

  3. The DEMON RATS will do everything they can to change all the districts to benefit the DEMONS. And rid congress of as many Conservatives seat as they can.
    BUT, the TRUTH will come and destroy the actions of the EVIL RATS!
    More REAL democrats are being hurt by the stupidities of the “””senile rapist chinese stooge”””!
    Taxes, gas, food, shortages are hurting the democrats just as much as the conservatives and republicans and centrists. SO, what will the EVIL RATS do when even the REAL democrats vote WITH the conservatives? Demanding the extreme left to vacate their stolen positions?
    REBEL? Do they really think the military will observe the Martial Law and shoot the People?
    Do the DEMON RATS believe the Police will shoot the People?
    Do the DEMON EVIL RATS believe there are enough of them to prevent the COUP from happening?
    Do the left believe they are strong enough to resist the REAL AMERICANS’ RESISTANCE?
    They do not have enough guns IF THEY TRY!

  4. This young lady has more balls than most of the so call Republicans (men) in the House and in the Senate. I hope she continues and maybe Jim Inholf, Ok, can land his plane long enough to do something to curb socialism. James Lankford, Ok, could do anything. We have 5 current members of the house that we never hear from unless they want money for reelection. Hern since 2018, Mullin since 2013, Cole since 2003 and all I ever see is his annual barbque in Duncan Ok that his rich buddies put together to get more money, Lucas 1994, Bice since 2021. Hern, Lucas and Mullin are the silent majority, I have no idea what they do except need more of our money to do …….nothing?

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