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Lawsuits Fly As Allegations Mount

The Trump team is keeping up the fight to save Democracy.

Rudy Giuliani is ramping up the legal battle against suspected voter fraud committed by the Democrat party. On Sunday, President Trump’s attorney said the Trump campaign will likely file four or five more lawsuits by the end of the week.These suits would call into question allegations of fraudulent ballots, removals of poll-watchers and ballot dumping. All of these occurrences could have given an unfair advantage to Joe Biden.
The Democrat contender has declared himself president-elect, however, the vote tabulation process is still underway. Giuliani said President Trump is right in not conceding the election.

“If this were a fair process, even by Fox, that would have been called for him [Trump],” Giuliani stated. “Particularly, since they called Virginia very early on with a very small sample of the vote. With Trump actually ahead in Virginia, they called it for Biden. Only Fox did.”

Giuliani expects these formal complaints to start being filed as soon as Monday.


Sources: OAN: Giuliani: Team Trump To File 4 To 5 Lawsuits Targeting Voter Fraud

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This now way over the top when we Americans, Good Tax payers…Cannot even have a fair election.

    Let the courts state the truth.

  2. They have made voting a joke . I will tell u that the trust that I had in this country is no longer there . I’m disabled and it was hard for me to go stand in line to vote , I have 5 screws in my lower back and a bolt also . But I went and did this , but after I filled out my ballot. I was told that the machine we put our votes in was broken, and was told to put it in the lower part and when it was fixed they would put them in for me . My daughter and husband was told the same . We where very worried. And my husband has went on the voting site to make sure his went in and it stated he didn’t vote . So plz help our country, and plz help trump . I’m scared cuz we don’t even know if it was done. I’ve seen people telling it on fb. Plz help trump .

  3. Iwe the people want a new election , with photo I’d. Plus we don’t want mail in( only for military.)it’s so sad that we can’t trust our government . I’m sixty yrs old and it’s a shame that we can’t even vote anymore. Doing recount they can still fix it . Also to let people put votes in wearing biden tshirts , that tells me all we need to know . The courts better stand up to the laws . Lots more from nc , feels the same as I do

  4. BIDEN will lose . . . And, hopefully joins the DEEP STATE in FEDERAL PRISON – PERMANENTLY, starting with Obama on DOWN. There may need to be more FEDERAL PRISON space built to accommodate. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And his allies 2020.

  5. This is by far the biggest scam I’ve ever seen. If we would have had an original election process we would probably not be having this conversation. This goes to show us how crooked the democratic party has become. They are the the most childish bunch of people I’ve ever listened to. I truly believe there is not one ounce of common sense within the entire bunch. I’m not opposed to change, (for the better) but what they trying to shove down our throats will not be beneficial for anyone. I pray the investigations will turn all this around and the Democratic party has to eat crow for four more years.

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