Leaky Kerry Still Has Top Security Clearance

Here’s all the info he leaked.

Over the past two weeks we’ve learned former Secretary of State John Kerry, who was running illegal shadow diplomacy during the Trump administration, told Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif about Israeli attack points in Syria. Kerry denies the claims, but audio proves he’s lying.

Now, a number of Republicans on Capitol Hill want a review of Kerry’s security clearance and argue he is a threat to the national security of the United States.

“We are conducting oversight of Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s reported decision to provide potentially classified intelligence to Iran. Secretary Kerry allegedly not only provided Iran with sensitive information during his time as Secretary of State, but also while President Trump was in office in an apparent attempt to undermine his Administration. This raises serious concerns about Secretary Kerry’s fitness to serve in his current role with the National Security Council (NSC) and whether these allegations should affect Secretary Kerry’s ability to maintain a security clearance,” a number of Republicans on the House Oversight Committee wrote in a letter this week to White House Counsel Dana Remus. “This is not the first time that Secretary Kerry undermined U.S. foreign policy interests by talking with Iran. He also met with Foreign Minister Zarif as a private citizen in 2017, 2018, and 2019. The goal of these meetings was reportedly ‘to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration.’ Secretary Kerry’s decision to provide information to Iran poses serious questions about his ability to serve in a role of public trust.”

“In the prior Congress, Democrats launched an investigation into the security clearance process at the White House regarding “grave breaches of national security” such as ‘disregarding established procedures for safeguarding classified information,'” the letter continues. “The allegations related to Secretary Kerry necessitate a similar review. The actions by Secretary Kerry appear to undermine his ability to continue representing the United States on the world stage as well as maintain a security clearance.”

Meanwhile, the White House hasn’t taken action to remove Kerry from his position as Climate Czar and he still represents the United States during international meetings.

Sources: TownHall: So, When Will John Kerry’s Security Clearance Be Reviewed?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Well when you have a Republican party that is completely impotent of any real power, or decisions what do you expect? In the Regan era Kerry would already have been against the wall. But this is the era of the Republican sissy so here we are. Again the Republican’s are just trying to get along with the Democrat’s. Mean while the Democrat’s are figuring out how to kick the Republican’s in the teeth again.

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