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Left Extremist Causing Major Rioting Across America

Will Biden condemns this uprising?

“Clearly we’ve all been very vocal in denouncing the events that happened on January 6th, a clear example of not only mob violence but also about how political discourse can get out of control.”

“For anyone to just try to suggest that discourse just started getting out of control on January 6th would be disingenuous, when you look at where we’ve gotten and how far this has come.”

“I want to take you back to June 14th 2017, a day when a gunman walked onto a baseball field and shot at a dozen members of congress including myself.”

“The FBI did a report. The gunman was motivated by hyper-charged rhetoric that he was hearing from the left. From high, prominent elected officials as well as media personalities.”

“There is a report that the FBI did where they included some of the writings of the gunman where he talked specifically about the people who motivated him and inspired him to commit this shooting, which would have been very deadly if he was successful without the bravery and heroism of the Capitol Police.”

“I say this to let you know that I don’t blame those other people, I blame the shooter. The shooter is the one who should be held accountable, and I’ve been very clear about that, but it’s an example that we all need to be aware of our rhetoric, we can all be doing a better job of toning down the rhetoric, but we also need to call it out where we see it, not just on the other side of the aisle but on both sides.”

“Just as I called out January 6th activities, I called out the violence I saw over the summer, when through hyper-charged rhetoric, people were burning down cities, were killing cops, killing other people. Let’s be consistent in calling it out, not trying to suggest disingenuously that it only comes from one side of the political spectrum… It’s not acceptable from the left or the right.”

Sources: Breitbart: Rep. Steve Scalise Reminds Democrats of Attempted Assassination by Leftist

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. If Americans dont start taking a stand.We will lose our great country. They are already going through our military and gettg rid of conservative troops and silently christian troops.already seen the dismissal of preachers in the army.Everyone keep bitching on facebook and other social media and watch your country sink.By the way facebook is helping liberals,so keep on using it against patriots. Everytime you use it.You show support for Zuckerburg and his socialist. They are using UN ARMY to bring over held “s.american people”. News Flash. It would of only took a phone call for them to be released. If they were just people from south america.why would you send the un army. wake up america.

  2. And there were people dumb enough to believe this bulls**t would end after Trump left!? It’s anarchy, you idiots, allowed and defended by the people you just voted in.

  3. Yeah it doesn’t matter what the scumbags do, it is A O-K. There is no comparison with all that THE RIOTERS- not protestors have done to all the cities they have absolutely devastated, but, no problem! They can do anything they want to do. And guess what? We the taxpayers will have to pay to rebuild all of their destruction. The unfortunate event on January 6th was done by antifa, but shhhh… that’s a secret that they don’t want to be known! Yes unfortunately some Republicans joined in but it was planned ahead of time by the criminals who of course have a clean slate afterwards. Who would have ever believed the takedown of our country could be done by Americans. Redoing toys so they’re genderless? Holy freaking ****, those scumbag piece of garbage maggots need to be run out of our fabulous country before it’s too late. Who would have ever believed a CROOKED presidential election could be flagrantly out and out cheated enough for a BRAINDEAD “fill in” president to be elected so that a marxist vice president could very soon take over? Hate to tell you folks but God is not blessing America, that was made obvious by the slime cheating in Georgia and getting away with it. It makes Republicans look like the three monkeys with their eyes, ears, and mouth covered up but who would have ever thought a presidential election in America could decided by cheating. That shows the difference, we have a clean slate of pride and honesty- while they are slimy, gross filthy maggots. Although maggots are better than they are.

  4. The right wingers tried a coup, no more has to be said except the right has murderers far more people than any leftists, Tim McVeigh alone killed over 260 people, and then there is Eric Rudolph, the neo-Nazis, alt right, the father and son in Georgia, the many rogue cops, the Capitol rioters, the white supremacists that killed two cops in CA in June. Then the 17 year old in Kenosha. You people just get it because you effing racists, and always have been since your parents ruined you.

  5. The left is responsible for most of the violence including the Capitol Building. It’s a control game to them. Violence occurs every where. You can’t escape it any more. But hold those who are responsible for the violence accountable for their actions. Including the politicians.

  6. The democrats own the sheeple and can get away with anything that they want. Unfortunately the lazy, uninformed sheeple now are a very large mass of stupid that can still vote and are easily motivated to do so. We need to do a better job of educating the public and motivating our side to vote.

  7. It has alway’s been the Far Left that did all this Violence even at the Capital on the 6th it was Antifa that showed up and yes some of the Trumpster’s followed them but the police let them in then shot that lady .. Someone Called in Antifa to make it look like the Trumpster’s did this and dressed like the trumps
    ter’s to make it all look that was. It was all a BIG SET_UP from the Dem’s so they could take over the House.

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