Liberal Misinformation Floods Social Media

One social media platform known for censoring conservatives is letting liberal misinformation go unchecked.

Social media giant Twitter has promised to make many efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation on its platform. In recent months the site has blocked users from sharing links to lawyer Sidney Powell’s lawsuit relating to widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, announcing plans to send users warnings if they attempt to “like” tweets that Twitter determines constitute misinformation, and repeatedly censoring or labeling tweets from Trump relating to the recent election.

However, despite Twitter’s supposed dedication to cracking down on misinformation, the site allowed a number of tweets about Loeffler to spread virally across its platform, some with tens of thousands of likes are still active on the platform with no warnings or labels whatsoever.

One tweet has amassed almost 80,000 likes and has been retweeted over 25 thousand times. It claims that Loeffler is campaigning in the Georgia Senate runoff elections on “understanding what it feels like living paycheck to paycheck.” The tweet includes a picture of a large home with a pool, claiming that it is one of Loeffler’s five homes. It is not.

The photo in the picture is actually the home of TV host and comedian Steve Harvey; before Harvey owned the house actor and producer Tyler Perry owned the home. One tweet with 642 likes pointed this out in reply to the initial tweet:

When searching Twitter for “Kelly Loeffler” the term “Kelly Loeffler House” is immediately suggested by Twitter. A number of other false and misleading tweets about Loeffler’s homes can be found under the search term:

None of these tweets were labeled by Twitter as misinformation and still remain on the platform with no restrictions whatsoever despite multiple users tagging the @TwitterSupport official account in order to raise awareness of the issue.


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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Anyone who would believe a crack pot like that disgusting devil is as nuts as he is. Look into his eyes. They are dead, meaning he has the devil in him. Never to be trusted. Printing such lies should put him in federal prison for a minimum of 10 years. No parole, No pardon. I believe in freedom of speech. However this is vicious derogatory evil lies. It’s called slander. However with the evil murdering billy Barr in such a high level of power no democrats ARE SENT TO PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG. Billy Barr is still taking his evil orders from the traitor Obama’s.

  2. The Socialistic Media are LIARS ALL ! They need to be shut down and destroyed ! Their CEOs
    should all be imprisoned for life and their wealth confiscated ! Who gave them the right to censor every thing posted on their stinking websites ?

  3. The sad part is … some still belive the lies the fake news stations tell or the story’s they hide with lies . It’s not news anymore when it’s lies to cover the truth . It’s the new way of the delusional democrats to lie to cover up everything they have to do to win a fixed election . Everything they said trump did … they did . That’s the real news that the so called news stations won’t talk about . Not only did the delusional democrats do it , they even tryed to take credit for some of the things trump did . That’s the real truth you won’t see on any of the news stations . So how can they still call themself news stations ??? They cant , that’s how . Not a real news station left in our country . Lies and fake news that’s all that’s left .

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