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Mass Exodus Could Bankrupt Democratic State

People are leaving this Democratic state in droves, driving it to the edge of bankruptcy.

Some extremely worrisome data has recently emerged providing a glimpse into the economic downfall of the real estate market in New York during the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York Post published a report detailing how New Yorkers are fleeing NYC in vast numbers. According to data from the United States Postal Service, more than 300,000 NYC residents have moved out of the Big Apple since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Post found that 295,103 New Yorkers filed change of address requests from March 1 to Oct. 31. However, the total amount is well over 300,000 once you consider that a single change of address would likely include numerous multiple-person households.

From March through July, there were 244,895 change of address requests to locations outside of New York City, more than double the 101,342 during the same period in 2019.

The postal data shows residents are moving out of the city, but staying in the tri-state area. The top five destinations are: East Hampton, N.Y., (2,769), Jersey City, N.J. (1,821), Southampton, N.Y. (1,398), Hoboken, N.J. (1,204), and Sag Harbor, NY (961). There were 558 people who moved to Greenwich, C.T.

The mass exodus could be derived from a number of reasons, including fear of living in a dense city during a pandemic, stringent COVID-19 restrictions set forth by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, a summer that saw skyrocketing shootings, and the effects of a mandatory $15 minimum wage.

The lack of real estate sales and apartment rentals have contributed to a massive drop in tax revenue. The Real Estate Board of New York released a report last week that New York City and state have collectively lost $1.4 billion in tax revenue so far this year.

“Investment sales and residential sales year-to-date totaled $34.5 billion, a 50% decline compared to the same time period in 2019, causing a 39% decline in tax revenue,” the REBNY reported.

Civil unrest and violent riots plus high coronavirus death totals have hurt the city with tourism. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer told Market Watch in July, “In the midst of the pandemic, we are beginning to realize that our 62 million [annual] tourists will no longer be in the short term.”

Sources: The Blaze: Mass exodus from NYC is happening as New York state to lose $1.4 billion in tax revenue: report

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Covid? The virus is the reason? Wow, you need to read a little more on the subject. Between Gov. Cuomo sending our elderly BACK into nursing homes, and blaming the President for the high death rate of NY and Mayor DeBlasio NOT protecting citizens, but locking down and ruining NY City’s economy, the riots he’s allowed to destroy homes and businesses, and on top of that the the highest tax rates in the country? And you want to blame the hoax? No, no, United West and News, you are not telling the truth at all!
    Sorry now I subscribed to your commie outlet! (bet you won’t post this either)

  2. Let ’em go ! But before they go to your state, they must be checked for Socialist COVIDISM! Leave their wishy-washy democracy at the state line. BTW: N.Y. is not a DemocratIC state! They just have an overpopulation of greedy Socialists who think the “Angel of Death” can’t visit their homes.

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