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Maxine Wants Rioters To Burn Your City

That’s how Dems plan to fix America…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) defended her calls for people in the Minneapolis area to be “more confrontational” in the event the Derek Chauvin trial did not result in a guilty verdict with an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times that was published on Thursday.

Right before the verdict was set to be announced, Waters traveled to Brooklyn Center, which had experienced days of protests and riots after the accidental police killing of Daunte Wright, when she was asked what people should do if Chauvin walked free or was only convicted of manslaughter.

“We got to stay on the street. And we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational,” Waters said, sparking widespread condemnation.

“I am nonviolent,” Waters wrote.

“Now, because of who I am, the right-wing and members of Congress who subscribe to the views of groups like QAnon, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys and the KKK have targeted me. Those very people have done so to divert attention from the fact that they aided and abetted a violent, domestic terrorist insurrection led by Donald Trump,” she continued. “To target me and say that I was violent or encouraging violence is a blatant distortion of the truth.”

“Anybody who knows me or has seen the way I stand up for my community knows that I am nonviolent. In the same way that Martin Luther King Jr. created Project C — Project Confrontation — during the civil rights movement to further our march toward freedom, I am an advocate for peace and fairness and justice. Project Confrontation was not about violence, but about confronting the injustices in our society by letting our voice be heard and our presence be felt,” she added, noting she is “hopeful that the police killings of Black people can be stopped.”

Sources: TownHall: ‘I Am Nonviolent’: Maxine Waters Defends Her Call for Protesters to Get ‘More Confrontational’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. They the democraps keep callin for war but when it comes to them they scream “uncle”. They are the most two faced , South end of a North bound mules they are. (Jackasses)

  2. As far as madmax is concerned let’s go and burn down her places of reverence and then ask her if she still wants to strike a match. Tit fer tat that’s the game they wish to play then let the games begin. Democraps want to tax the upper class great tit fer tat . who’s the rich in America ?democraps in office that’s who. So yes tax them into oblivion and take away their loop holes so they can’t hide their geetuses elsewhere.

  3. She thinks of herself in comparison to MLK? NOT even close!!! He probably turned over in his grave to hear that!!

  4. Mad Max incited a real insurrection which really Involved guns and injured two guardsman.But, of course she hasn’t been impeached or arrested because she is black and a democrat. You are only punished if you’re white and republican which is discriminatory and racist all things she claims to be against. BLM ( the black KKK) is her group to champion and she will reap what she sows.

  5. This woman is as delusion as Pelosi. No loss if anyone decides wants to put the romantic her misery by sending her to her grave.

  6. Nothing like the woke monitors changing most of the words in my comment. I said maybe someone should put her out of her misery by sending her to her grave.
    Worthless piece of sh*t

  7. Calling for rioting,hurting people,destruction of property.Including police departments. This is against the law.PERIOD. You go out and just call for rioting.See what happens. What needs to be done. Is protest for people like her to be removed. If blacks would look at this.They are being baited. None of these trouble makers are doing what MLK wanted. If blacks would stop and look and think. Sharpton and Jackson only show up
    When there is a dollar to be made. The head of BLM just spent 1.7mill on a home. Instead of giving back. People of America need to be gathering for whats right. And have people removed like Waters. What im seeing and sadly. If you think whats going on is okay. Then you are proving the point of racist. All these political people calling for unity, are calling for violence. This is common sense to figure out. Time for true Americans to unify and take our country back. Soldiers didnt die and fight for 1 color. Such as they were not 1 color. They fought for red,white and blue. For the people that stands for.

  8. Let me be the 1st to say worthless piece of Crap next to Pelosi AOC NADLER Schumer Biden Harris Schiff and the so called far LEFT-WING DEMO-RATS. PLEASE DIE OF SOMETHING.

  9. This Satanic Witch needs to be in prison along with all the people that agree with her from the White House. They want to start a civil war, they had better be careful what they wish for! Letting all these Thugs and Punks from Antifa and BLM Loot, Burn and Destroy hard working people’s businesses, and invade restaurants where good people are trying to have a quiet Supper, is the best way to start one. The warnings have been going on way too long! We need to stop it NOW! Semper Fi.

  10. she needs to be bitch slapped and thrown out of office and country go some place where they run wild in the streets rape pilage and burn

  11. Non violent!!! Come on please it’s written all over your face you are the cause I’ve the extra violence. You are the cause of the verdict.

  12. In the 30’s & 40’s thousands died fighting for better working conditions, safety, pay, health care, and unions.
    If people today have to force change once again by protesting by any means, so be it, change is never given freely you have to fight against your oppressors, and like back then your oppressors are the republiCON party of Hate, Racism, and Inequality.

  13. Rather then blame the police why not put the blame where it belongs. If you want nothing to do with police then don”t break the law, do not do crime and if you want to not get dead then don’t fight the police when they catch you. White and every ethnicity have been killed by breaking the law and fighting the police when they caught.


  15. Maxine…has learned how to keep the current “racism pot” stirred, and she’s good at it.
    There are several types of pot stirrers, ones that are really trying to cure the problem (MLK).
    Then there are others who enjoy the notoriety and financial gain of stirring the pot…and are
    definitely NOT interested in curing the problem. This second group, enjoys riding the $$$ wave,
    and this does…very sadly include “Mad”, Senator Maxine Waters, along with many others.

  16. “Anybody who knows me or has seen the way I stand up for my community knows that I am nonviolent.” Must mean the community she lives in because the community she represents is in pretty bad shape!

  17. All the UNAMERICANS in the Administration need to be removed form office by force if necessary

  18. I know that this hurts lots of good people, But like before (Watts) they burn down their own too and had no place to S***T. Then when stores and other business refuse to return there was Crying and Complaining for nothing was build back so they could rob, steal and burn again. Personally I hope that nothing that they destroyed is ever build back and they can live in the own crap.The only thing now is the Crime Bosses of Mob Rule are Ruling the Country. So have a good day while you can.

  19. She really cannot see herself. She is so blind, but I pray she does begin to see herself as God does love her, but not if her hate and vanity continue to hurt others…as it can keep her from Gods Kingdom.

  20. It’s sad and a disgrace to use Martin Luther King he was a good person that wanted better for all people she wants hate against white well let me tell you that you are a very nasty black women with so much hate be careful what you wish for it will come back to haunt you all you do is run your mouth a very disgusting piece of secretion we are American doesn’t matter what your skin color is get over it


  22. She needs to be removed from office for inciting rioting along with several other things thru the years. She is a good reason for term limits on all & take Pelosi with her.

  23. Lets burn Maxine Waters out of Washington. Who keeps electing these sick race baiting jack asses? Other race bating jack asses.

  24. Insanity! But other idiots seem to listen to her. At least the rioting and burning continues, regardless of cause.

  25. Nobody in their right mind has ant respect for MADMAX. She is a lying black racist crooked bitch and should be driven out of congress and jailed As a terrorist!!

  26. Maxine Waters needs to be thrown out of the government right along with Joe Biden Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and the whole Democratic Party along with AOC the psycho squad the three witches of Michigan anybody that’s not a not patriotic and doesn’t love this country needs to leave it either love it or leave it I don’t give a damnMaxine want to violence will give Maxine Waters violence if she wants it keep pushing that red button for violence you’re going to get more violence than you can handle it’s not a threat it’s a promise because the American people are getting tired of the cancel culture in the insurrection that you allow all these black people to go do whatever they want with no consequences

  27. To go out and be confrontational IS INSTIGATING VIOLENCE!!! And then to say you are non-violent, and blame Trumpers (who stood for the right to be heard)for “trying to bait & switch” is exactly what Waters is doing! Excellent double-talk!

  28. Maxine Waters should be removed from Congress after her public remarks inciting violence if they don’t get what they want. This woman is a TRAIN WRECK to our country. It’s not bad enough we have all this murder, looting and destruction that our elected officials turn a blind eye to, now they condone and promote more of the same as evidenced here. We’ve got PELOSI saying it’s OK and HARRIS wanting to bail out those arrested for crimes so they can go out and continue their attacks on our citizens and communities. These people are TRAITORS TO HUMANITY AND OUR COUNTRY. No two ways about it. REMOVE THEM.

  29. Did Maxine and other Democrats FORGET THAT THEY MUST FACE GOD??? I believe in the end the DEMOCRATS WILL SUFFER GREATLY,

  30. If the American people don’t stand up to these kind of people we won’t have a free country. Ones of the ways is to make sure that you go vote 🗳 an help support the Republicans that have our values. Let the people you know just what kind of Democratic they are supporting that’s goes for Bad Republicans. We have to make a stand before it to late, and not one of violence we are better than that, we don’t want to stoop to theirs level.

  31. We keep hearing the same mantra about white police killing black.
    We never hear the following: Black police who kill blacks
    White police who kill whites
    Black police who kill whites
    Latino police who kill anyone
    There are many other combinations I can think of that we do not hear about
    but these strike me the most, inclding the slime media which promote
    hate, riot, etc.

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