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McCarthy Calls for Unprecedented Intelligence Briefing

The entire Intel Committee is set to receive an unprecedented briefing as it relates to a spy within Congress.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Sunday that every member of the House Intelligence Committee should receive a classified briefing from the FBI about Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell’s connections to a alleged Chinese spy.

McCarthy told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the Friday briefing concerning Swalwell’s relationship with an accused Chinese spy is damning.

“That is why today … what I’m going to request, that every single member on the House Intelligence Committee, gets the exact same briefing from the FBI that I did, because if this individual is sitting on this committee — Eric Swalwell — they’ve got to know the background of what has gone on. I can’t talk about the classified part, but you know what’s out there in the press,” McCarthy said.

“The one answer that I got out of that briefing was there is no way Eric Swalwell should continue to serve on the intel committee,” He said.

“The challenge here is the leaders of both parties are the only people who select to go on the Intel Committee,” McCarthy said, meaning that it will be up to Pelosi to remove Swalwell from the committee if the congressman does not resign himself.

The House minority leader from California, who has already called for Swalwell to step down, described the briefing as “very through” and said, “no one that was in that room could walk out and say Eric Swalwell should be on the intel committee. I don’t know — they had a briefing before in 2015 and I don’t know what that briefing was like compared to this one, but it could not have been the same.”

U.S. intelligence officials say that Christine Fang, or Fang Fang, an alleged Chinese spy, infiltrated the offices of multiple politicians in the San Francisco area — including Swalwell, Axios reported in December. Swalwell has refused to discuss whether his relationship with Fang was purely professional or not.

Swalwell said there was no “wrongdoing” committed during his relationship with Fang and insisted the connection was released because of his opposition to President Donald Trump and his support for impeaching him.

McCarthy noted how China has been an obvious threat to U.S. national security but said their efforts to compromise American politicians adds a new dimension.

“When you see this Christina [Fang], that she went down as low as the mayor, she went down to know Eric Swalwell as the city councilman, helped him to get to Congress, and continued and tried to put interns in his office.”

“This is so concerning, and then, as a very junior member, just in his second term he gets named to the Intel Committee and that exact same year when the FBI came to brief the Intel Committee because they were concerned of what they saw, he gets put as the ranking Democrat over the CIA,” the House minority leader noted.

The Daily Caller

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Swalwell’s spying carcass needs to be thrown out of U.S. politics altogether! His kind are weakening a nation! Nancy Pelosi is standing up for Swalwell…why! She, holding Swalwell ‘s hand, should be ousted out of office. She loves him so much that she has already brought her credibility & integrity into question. She wants Swalwell to remain on the Intelligence Committee because of his ties to Communist China! That calls into question Pelosi’s possible relationship with Communist China! PELSO & SWALWELL SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!

  2. Swalwell need to lose his position completely/oficially and permently! He’s a crooked POS that stands against the citizens of this great country and needs to be removed indefinitely as well as others like him. Eric swalwell is a high risk to our country.

  3. Swallowwell, Feinstein, and all the other DEMONRATS who have a chinese worker in their midst, is putting the USA in DANGER!!!
    EVERY chinese person in the US, is a SPY. They all have family left in china. ALL their family members are HOSTAGES to the CCP!
    They all report to china everything being done.
    THERE IS NOT ONE INNOCENT chinese worker in the US!!!.

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