Media Still Blames Republicans For COVID

Do they even report news anymore?

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Velshi,” host Ali Velshi said that one potential issue with President Joe Biden’s push for getting the coronavirus under control so there can be July 4 gatherings is the fact that various “Republican-led states are ending mask mandates and other health restrictions aimed at keeping people safe,” just as some GOP-led states “prematurely ended the mandates and health restrictions” in the spring.

After playing video of Biden raising the prospect for Independence Day gatherings and urging people to keep their guard up against the virus, Velshi stated, “That all sounds amazing and hopeful. But one potential problem with Biden’s plan for us all to stick it out these next few months and finally beat back the virus, in time for July 4 celebrations, is that national unity is a phrase that’s not currently in the Republican Party’s lexicon. A slew of Republican-led states are ending mask mandates and other health restrictions aimed at keeping people safe, prematurely declaring an end to the pandemic, missing only a big ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner as a backdrop. And don’t forget, we have lived through this story before. Last spring, a slew of Republican-led states prematurely ended the mandates and health restrictions, which health and medical officials directly blamed for last year’s early-summer surge in cases and deaths.”

Sources: Breitbart: MSNBC’s Velshi: ‘Potential Problem’ with Biden’s July 4 Gathering Push is GOP States Ending Restrictions, Like They ‘Prematurely’ Did in Spring

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. No One ever gave Velshi credit for brains, or most any of the Politburo/Pravda Socialist Succubus for that matter, and if they did they Lied, Big TIME…. The Dems proclaim “we want Unity” and In The Same breath then, “Its Our way or the Highway” …. “And to make Sure of That we are going to Take your guns”…. “We are going to Eliminate your Jobs”…. “We are going to rig the elections”…. ” we are going to flood the country with Illegal Criminals and Illegal Aliens”…..” we are going to put incarcerated and Other convicts on the Voter Rolls”…. And, And, And, whatever else we can think of….

  2. The worse the left the better the righteous. But it’s a shame we have to be sheep and be sheared. Only to be butchered for by products and fed to other places to make them stronger. The invasion of the USA is what it’s all about silently taking all the freedoms away. In the next two years if the electoral system is not made to an open fair and just then you can kiss America goodbye because it will be the next civil war. And nothing good comes out of war only healing will be prevalent. May GOD have mercy on all of us.

  3. You know the demwits have become more and more child like You know when you question them about something that you know they did These morons really believe that they can have all of the authority but none of the responsibility They have not realized it yet that when you are in charge the responsibility is in your pocket It is a good lie demwits but it will not work You saw to it that President Trump was held by moronic demwits and crooked judges allowing superfluous to stop the President So don’t even try to put the blame on President Trump Remember demwits You can delegate authority but never the responsibility The world is watching you morons and the class of the US is flowing downhill at a rapid pace

  4. These people are not Media.
    They are the American Propaganda Ministry.
    Anyone with half a brain can figure that out!

  5. The left have no News ,if there were not republicans.They cannot report on the truth of what is taking p!ace so they still try to blame the republicans for everything .You know what, they’ have finally admitted they are a bunch of weak nondescript people

  6. The media is so brain washed. They just don’t want to see the truth. They do nothing but. Lie to the American. Trump never caused this virus. China did. Trump did all the right things. Facts are there. Money follows all the lies that have been said. God see’s all. They have stand before him on judgement day as I do.

  7. They should stay where they were. They ARE bringing in diseases and taking jobs from American families. Democrats keep saying illegals have no housing and expect us to have sympathy for them, just because they are stupid enough to bring children and old with them. Let them all sleep anywhere but the United states.

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