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Million MAGA March Planned

A massive and energetic show of support for Trump has been planned.

Soon after what many have claimed to be a fraudulent election, Trump supporters took to the streets in protest against a rigged election, riddled with countless examples of irregularities, false votes and ballot harvesting.

The major event announced called “Million Maga March” plans on marching from Freedom Plaza, to SCOTUS.

The countless Twitter pages, Facebook groups and celebrities pledging they will attend has all of Washington waiting in anticipation for the event. Millions of voices on social media have shared the hashtag #MillionMagaMarch and claim they are going to attend.

The event is said to begin at 12:00 noon, but thousands of Trump supporters will be showing up in D.C. many days before hand. The event is sure to rock the political swamp in D.C. as their attempts to steal the election unravel.

Sources: Red Elephants: Trump Supporters Plan “Million Maga March” in Washington D.C. to Protest Fraudulent Election — Hundreds of Thousands of Trump Voters Planning on Attending

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Thank you, Joshua Jackson! You are a true patriot! Keep up the good fight! We need you!
    God love the USA and Donald Trump!

    • Thank you! We have to stand up to this. It is ridiculous. Democrats were planning this all along. I will do what I can! Thank you for caring enough about our country to FIGHT!

      • Thank you joshua, the good honest America loving patriots need people just like you. Our media is so shamefully biased spreading lies and what’s worse they sadly don’t care. This evil is eroding our country every day but with great people like you standing up we can and we will be victorious, God Bless

  2. I’m sure that many Loyal Trump Supporters, that can’t join the march, wish that they could. Loyal American Patriots all need to stand together in support of our country and our President, against ALL of our enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

  3. We all need to show our support in the streets.

    The punk white youth antifa and blm have had their days, and NOW IS OUR TURN.

    Get out and protest the way it’s supposed to be done – millions of us peacefully showing we won’t have our vote stolen

  4. Wish I could be there! President Trump has worked his butt off for America! He made promises and kept them. When has that EVER happened? If Biden becomes President, America will have a proven TREASONOUS CRIMINAL as leader of the free world. America will be cut to her knees by her enemies because we will be seen as weak. We cannot let that happen. VOTER FRAUD MUST BE DEALT WITH. AMERICANS WILL NOT STAND TO BE LIED TO ANY LONGER!!

  5. God Bless our excellent and good President Mr. TRUMP…we the american peoples love this good and honest man and we need this man in the White House, Mr. Trump is The Peoples President not this liar, evil, corrupt, liars, phony, disgusted, bad peoples THE DEMONRATS”….YES! YOU ARE ALL EVILS RATS…and those who trying to hurt, or steal this election or are against our good President Mr. Trump and Vice President Mr. Pence they will get THE WRATH OF GOD”…that is for sure and our excellent President Mr. Trump will prevail and win…You corrupt, evils, liars, phony, nasty, ugly DemonRats and disgusted, fake liberal median will get… GOD JUDMENT AND HIS WRATH’…HE WILL NOT LET YOU, WE WILL NOT LET YOU TO STEAL THIS ELECTION…so, we LOVE you, we NEED you Sir, so, keep the FAITH stay STRONG and DON’TEVER, EVER GIVE UP!! Remember GOD IS WITH YOU!!HE WILL UNFOLD YOU, HE WILL HELP YOU AND HE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING GOING IN TO YOUR FAVOR MR. TRUMP. WE THE PEOPLES ARE WITH YOU FOR EVER. BLESS YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP. WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK, YOU ARE THE BEST OF ALL PRESIDENT AND WE WILL NOT STAND WITH THIS VOTING FRAUD AND LIED, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SO, DOWN WITH TIS CORRUPT, LIERS, EVIL DEMONRATS!! TRUMP/ PENCE 20020 AND MORE OHHH YEAAAAA!!

  6. Eileen, if you agree that we should accept the results of our election, you are part of the problem. This shows that you agree with fraud, corruption, And,a leader that will not stand up for America . If there is fraud of our election rights it needs to be proven. This process is our right as Americans. Chinese may even be in on this fraud. If we allow the proof to go unproven, we have a responsibility to prove it!!!i I will fight for a leader that will rip off the heads and poop down the necks of any nation or anyone that messes with our great nation. Donald Trump has the gumption to do just that. If we can’t see this we are in deep trouble in this nation as a people. As for me, I will never give up. I love God, my family, this country and Donald J. Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Let’s make her great again.

  7. Right on love this show of support for President Trump and everything positive he’s been tirelessly fighting for these past four years. I stand proud with you all thanks everyone for standing up not backing down our fight is just beginning, God Bless America!

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