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Mimi Graves Story Offers Peak Into Liberal Dystopia

The Left is trying to create a different America. That America is universally bad.

If you are not familiar with the Mimi Groves story, you might want to take notice. It is a virtual peek into the future that the radical left wants for the United States. If they are allowed to keep getting away with this behavior, they will cause irreparable damage to American society.

The New York Times recently published an article telling the story. Mimi Groves was an incoming freshman at University of Tennessee who was looking forward to joining the school’s award-winning cheer squad. But her dreams were dashed when a former classmate with a vendetta published a damning video clip showing her using a racial slur in a video about four years prior.

As RedState’s Alex Parker reported on Sunday:

“15-year-old Mimi was psyched to get her driver’s permit.
Upon receiving it, she sent a friend a 3-second Snapchat video.
The message: ‘I can drive!’
Only she added a peculiar closer.
Her exact words were, ‘I can drive, [N-word]!’”

The video was posted by Jimmy Galligan, a mixed-race student who was a former classmate of Groves. He originally saw the video when it was sent to him in 2016. He told the Times that he decided to hold on to the video until the time was right to post it on social media.

From the Times:

“’I wanted to get her where she would understand the severity of that word,’ Mr. Galligan, 18, whose mother is Black and father is white, said of the classmate who uttered the slur, Mimi Groves. He tucked the video away, deciding to post it publicly when the time was right.”

Multiple social media users responded to the video, slamming Groves for her years-old mishap, and engaged in an online shaming campaign. Many called on the University of Tennessee to rescind her invitation. School officials told Groves that they received hundreds of complaints about her video.

You already know what happened next.

Groves was forced to withdraw from the school under pressure from the admissions office. Oddly enough, it was on the day when the student posted a tweet urging her followers to “protest, donate, sign a petition, rally, do something,” that Galligan decided to release the video clip.

Dan Levin, the author of the NYT piece, writes, “In one sense, the public shaming of Ms. Groves underscores the power of social media to hold people of all ages accountable, with consequences at times including harassment and both online and real-world ‘cancellation.’”

Anyone with a sense of decency can see that Galligan’s actions, despite his claims, go far beyond the notion of holding “people of all ages accountable.” This was vengeance, pure and simple. Levin goes on to describe an environment in Leesburg, VA, where Groves is from, as one that is rife with racist behavior in its schools.

“It was just always very uncomfortable being Black in the classroom,” said Muna Barry, a Black student told the Times. Levin noted a report that documented a pattern of racial problems in the city’s schools.

He wrote:

A report commissioned last year by the school district documented a pattern of school leaders ignoring the widespread use of racial slurs by both students and teachers, fostering a ‘growing sense of despair’ among students of color, some of whom faced disproportionate disciplinary measures compared with white students.

Galligan himself discussed how other students hurled racial slurs at him and mocked him because of his race. “Mr. Galligan recalled being mocked with a racial slur by students and getting laughed at by a white classmate after their senior-year English teacher played an audio recording of the 1902 novella ‘Heart of Darkness’ that contained the slur,” Levin writes.

Groves told the Times that when she was 15 years old, she didn’t understand the historical context of the N-word. “At the time, I didn’t understand the severity of the word, or the history and context behind it because I was so young,” she said.

Unfortunately, this is precisely the type of scenario that the radical left would like to see more frequently. Their total embrace of cancel culture is now trickling down to younger Americans, and they are influencing them to use their platforms to punish people for their misdeeds.

It is not hard to imagine that a school district could have issues with students using racist slurs and engaging in racist behavior. The reality is that kids do stupid things, even if their parents have taught them better.

Galligan was on the receiving end of these racially-motivated taunts, and unfortunately, he decided to use a video clip to get revenge. But he only did what the radical left has been encouraging his ilk to do for years. But this does not take away from the fact that his actions were reprehensible.

Groves is not the only person who has been targeted in this way. In a different article, Levin observes:

In this digital age, when social media posts can ricochet across the internet at furious speed, the message from those universities to the students caught posting racist sentiments online has been uncompromising: You are no longer welcome here.

Here’s the bottom line: The nation is full of people, regardless of political persuasion, who have said things they regret, especially when they were children. The left knows this and plans to capitalize on it. They want to create a country full of Galligans, digital soldiers whose mission is to destroy those who break the rules that the progressive Sanhedrin has graciously bestowed upon us.

If we do not find a way to push back against this trend, cancel culture will become American culture and the radical left will have an easier way to destroy those who dare to argue against their ideology. If you have any doubts as to this possible future, I will leave you with Galligan’s comments on his actions:

For his role, Mr. Galligan said he had no regrets. “If I never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened,” he said. And because the internet never forgets, the clip will always be available to watch.
“I’m going to remind myself, you started something,” he said with satisfaction. ‘You taught someone a lesson.”

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Sources: Red State: Mimi Groves’ Story Is a Disturbing Peek Into the Future That the Radical Left Seeks to Create

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. It’s sad that a person can have her life ruined for one mistake years ago. People need to grow up and stop looking so diligently for something to be mad about. There is obviously going on with that young man besides one sill spoken slur, too bad he has held this grudge for so long, that is harming him mentally and ultimately physically. He got “even” I guess, but I’m pretty sure his conscience is going to bother him for a long time. Good luck making other friends now, except with those who are holding on to this unhealthy anger.

    • No, I don’t believe his conscience is bothering him. I believe he is congratulating himself on demeaning this young lady. If he truly wanted to do the right thing, he would have addressed her personally and privately–he wasn’t interested in doing the right thing…just making a name for himself. He certainly did make a name for himself–as a complete and total jerk!!

    • The word was not used in calling someone it, no more then it is used by a lot of black when just speaking. Next it will be words like dud, girl, man, etc.

  2. The time has come to show all these small minds that a society they follow will only lead to ruin. they will turn upon each other trying to prove just who is more correct and as a result will show that none are. the hate will be universal and will result in no society at all no companionship no love and a declining population that cant support all the liberal ideas they thought would be so successful. too bad they trade a free nation for a slavery of hatred——————–Grampa

    • Here, let me take the speck out of your eye while I am ignorant to the login my own. Young man, read the Bible and learn to forgive and forget. You are not part of the cure, you are part of the problem.

  3. This is a shame. This girl didn’t mean it the way this boy has made it sound. He should be punished for his actions. I hear Blacks calling one another the N word many times as my son has many black friends as well as other nationalities. We have all used words that sound racist at one time or another.. This guy is a very unhappy person and seems he loves to hurt people instead of helping them understand this day and time has changed so badly. If we don’t come together in Jesus we are going to grow further and further apart. Why look at color? My adopted daughter is so white she can’t be in the sun, yet she married a dark skin black guy and and they have 2 of the most beautiful girls. I dare anyone to say hurting things to, or about them. God made us the way we are and He knew us when we began to form in the womb.. We are all His children. The God I serve does not see in color..

  4. The hate needs to stop or please go live in China or Cuba whatever communist country you like because it works there not here. God Bless America

  5. Mr. ‘righteous’ Galligan just remember “what goes around, comes around”. We all believe in ‘truth’ but there was no reason for you to share what you did except for vengeance! I hope you get a big taste of Karma!!!

  6. Here, let me take the speck out of your eye while I am ignorant to the login my own. Young man, read the Bible and learn to forgive and forget. You are not part of the cure, you are part of the problem.

  7. America is bad for letting far left socialist exist in this country. They need to be removed now…
    Unfortunately this is The USA where we let idiots run rampant because we believe in freedom of speech and beliefs.

  8. It’s actually disingenuous. It boggles the mind that offense is taken when words are used by one group but when the same words are used by the offended group they say it’s a term of endearment. Huh? Listen to the songs popular among the kids and you will find that word used over and over without one word being said about it but let it be uttered by someone else and all hell breaks loose. Here’s the problem. Don’t like the word don’t use it but don’t castigate people for words that you, yourself use in daily conversation. I could care less what people think about me. I don’t say those words but I do understand the kids saying them because it’s part
    Of their vernacular, their everyday language. What to make it a nonissue? Stop redefining words so as to become offended. Use the original definitions and enforce those definitions. Yes words hurt but you know what hurts worse? Being uneducated to the point that you don’t even know the root meanings to the words. If you did you more than likely wouldn’t be offended. You are because you WANT to be. It’s easy to take offense when someone laughs at the use of a word
    In a period piece but it’s really a stretch to actually believe that people were laughing at you because of it. You want to play victim then go ahead but your victim hood is only real if I give it credence. Grow up and put your big girl panties on. If that offends you then you need to live the rest of your life in mommy’s basement because sooner or later you’re going to also make a mistake and when you do someone will use it against
    You and you will then cry racism and whine that it’s not fair. You set the rules so let’s see how you like them when they are eventually used against you. It may even be when you are getting ready to get a big promotion and all of a sudden you’ll be a pirahhia crying that you didn’t mean it and it isn’t fair because you will be held to the same standard you set up.

  9. I will say a pray that people start searching you name an find something you did and publish it everywhere. Obviously you are a POS in training and your time will come. Losers are always losers.

  10. The University needs to issue an apology and instate this person to student status. As for the jerk that even mentioned this needs to have their tail public!

  11. Enough of the left telling me i am bad just for being white they need to get real what color are the idiots ? I did not cause racial problems . I feel you are communist rebels trying to overthrow this Country. Enough of your Bull ,if you do not like it here please leave and do bot let the door hit you,

  12. If that’s the guy on the left he doesn’t look like he has suffered from hearing that word. I guess he must have nightmares from it to want to ruin others lives because they uttered the WORD. If your small mind can accept others using this word then I can only guess it really isn’t that bad of a word for your sensitive ears. To bad there wasn’t someone out there holding a video of your childish mistakes. As others have stated KARMA waits to smile on you.

  13. This programmed hate America Anarchist propagandized fool ignores the slur commonly use in the opaque community with eachother. The other opaque community never takes umbrage over Honky, White Bread, and other slurs characterizing the other opaque’s or demand reparations for white Europeans being slaughtered by the occupying Natives that took the land from the previous controllers that came before them, and so on. The American Citizen of any opaqueness and those of a color mix in our free enterprise system should kiss the ground they choose to hate for having been selected to be here. You can always trust a communist to be one! This pitiful jerk will catch the incoming boomerang up side the agenda he embraces. Somewhere in his past there is his personal hateful word IUD just waiting for another jerk to bring that out. What is unleashed in revenge comes around in revenge. That is why it takes two graves when revenge is sought . He has directed more of the same at himself . Not a good plan, man.

  14. When will people realize that we all Make mistakes, but the important thing is learning to forgive not waiting for an opportunity to retaliate. It is only when we learn to forgive that we can move on with a new outlook and help solve our problems! If God can forgive us who are we not to forgive others! Things will never change until we learn to forgive!

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