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More Americans Are Homeless After Biden’s Executive Orders

His promises and plans for America are hurting lives.

Local residents who live in areas affected by the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and those whose jobs were deleteriously impacted after President Biden killed the project are expressing their heartbreak, with one saying bitterly of the Biden administration, “They are playing with our lives.”

Gaylord Lincoln, a South Dakota semiretired mechanic, recently spoke to The Washington Examiner. He said bluntly to the Biden administration, “Come down here. See the destruction you caused. See the pain of job loss. You took our chance to have a decent life with a stroke of the pen. It’s all bullsh** in Washington. They are playing with our lives.”

In January 2020, the Trump administration approved a right-of-way permitting the $8 billion Keystone XL oil sands pipeline to be built across 46 miles of land controlled by the federal government, taking a giant step toward completing the full construction of the pipeline.

As The Associated Press noted, the 1,200 mile pipeline had already garnered the requisite permits from states and localities to be built, but until the right-of-way the section in Montana controlled by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had been off-limits.

The Keystone pipeline was built in June 2010, traveling over 2,100 miles from Hardisty, Alberta, in Canada through Steele City, Nebraska, to Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois, and Patoka Oil Terminal near Patoka, Illinois. In 2011, the Keystone-Cushing extension (Phase II) was completed, running almost 300 miles from Steele City to Cushing, Oklahoma. In January 2014, Phase III was completed, running roughly 500 miles from Cushing to refineries in Port Arthur, Texas. In 2016, a lateral pipeline was added traveling to Houston, Texas.

The Keystone XL pipeline connects Hardisty to Steel City using the shorter route running through Montana and uses a larger diameter pipe, running through Baker, Montana.

The Senate passed a bill approving the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in January 2015; the House followed suit in February 2015. President Obama vetoed the bill on February 24, 2015, stating that it “attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest.”

“In South Dakota, the pipeline would have run diagonally across nine counties in the state, from the northwestern corner to Tripp County in south-central South Dakota,” the Examiner pointed out. “Despite claims it is on sacred ground, the proposed pipeline would not run directly through any Native American reservations in the state but would have bordered the Cheyenne River Reservations to the south and Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations to the north.”

For months, Laurie Cox, who owns the Stroppel Hotel in Midland, South Dakota, a hotel she and her husband bought last September, had been feeding the welders, carpenters, and union laborers staying at her hotel and working on the pipeline. She told the Examiner that the day of President Biden’s inauguration, “I had a real gut-sinking feeling and was watching little snips of the news and Facebook to see what was going to happen after the inauguration.” She added that when Biden later announced he was killing the pipeline, “It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in shock for three days.”

Cox said of the workers she had cared for, “They said their bosses sat them down and said, ‘The area is locked up, and we’ve all got to go home.’ I tried to choke back my tears because they were still packing up, and their families still had to be told, and the last thing they needed was an innkeeper sitting here crying on them.”

Of her own financial predicament, she stated, “How could somebody, with a swipe of a pen, destroy not only thousands of jobs but thousands of businesses?”

One woman who owns a truck stop in the tiny town of Milesville said that in 2008, TC Energy, then called TransCanada Corp., asked if she would work with them. She prepared for what she thought would be a steady stream of pipeline workers, but the Obama administration blocked the pipeline. After former President Trump was elected, she and her husband updated the stop and invested in the Kampgrounds of America with the prospect of workers wanting to stay there.

But now, she says, “Anything Trump has done, [Biden] wants to undo. They are totally turning the tables on us.” She added, “I do not want to be the ‘Hatfields and the McCoys,’ and I don’t want us to be like the North and the South. … You’re a Republican, and you’re a Democrat, so we’re going to war against you. I don’t want that. The way it is now, if you’re a Republican, they’re going to cut your head off.”

Sources: DailyWire: ‘They Are Playing With Our Lives’: Local Residents Lash Out At Biden Cancelling Keystone XL

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The XL pipeline was halted for a REASON! We know most of you don’t care about Native Americans and despite what this article states it DOES go through Native American territory! It also goes under major waterways that both Native Americans and Americans use for drinking water. There have been MULTIPLE leaks in the pipeline already. I personally don’t want to drink oil tainted water and I’m sure the Native Americans and animals don’t want to either. I’m sorry these people lost their jobs and I do feel for them but we’ve taken enough from Native Americans and done enough damage to the environment. When will you people see that destroying this planet doesn’t help anyone in the long run. There are already areas you can’t drink the water, you can’t plant crops, heck you can’t even breathe the air. That’s sad. Those people can find other jobs, they can move to different areas, they can adapt. The water, land and air can’t.

  2. Why did he do that? There was no reason to shut it down. Was it because Of Trump. Probably. I hope you people who voted for this man are happy with the things he is doing. He hasn’t gotten started yet. Give him a little more time and there will be nothing left when he gets through. You can’t blame this on Trump so don’t even try.

  3. The big unions supported and backed Biden and now they are paying for it. They turned their back on the guy that created their jobs for a guy that wants to destroy them, their industry and America. Kinda makes one wonder what they were promised in return for ruining union due paying families lives.

    • I agree, and add to everyone surprised why are you surprised? before the election they said that they would stop this if elected. If you voted for Biden then you voted yourself out of a job.

      • I’ve often wondered exactly why Union workers don’t know that Politicians get paid “Commission” for making recommendations for investments to the Unions ‘Trust Funds’. The Retirement Funds. I’ve often wondered why the Retirement Funds show such poor returns, grow slowly if at all from ‘interest’ or vestment worth growth…. and in the case of largely Dem workers, Public Union retirement funds… actually need bailouts. Why is it Public Union dollars are so incapable of accruing a positive return? The dollar looks just like every other dollar, green… buys the amount of apples or oranges… what actually makes the dollar different.
        Politicians. Politicians that make commissions, making recommendations.
        Lets consider just for a moment what that means to a Public employee person that works for 30-40 years towards a retirement…. it is the same as Private employees after all… we all wish to experience family, life and adventure and one day be able to survive with at least a little comfort when we can no longer work,,,, but public employees are overwhelmingly unaware the politicians they support are F***ing them sideways to attaining their goal.
        The Politician gets richer, supports Union leadership, union leadership supports the politician, the Banks use the Retirement Funds poorly, inadequately with vesting said to be good by the politician that again gets a commission from ‘Wall Street’/Banks and the again the politician gets commissions from the individual Enterprises suggested to as a proper investment vehicle.
        So I say, F***ed at the drive-through… and Union membership is ignorant…. politicians like this ignorance union Membership has, Banks love it, Wall Street loves it… ‘Certain Companies’ absolutely adore… that they can buy/commission… a politician. Hillary Clinton and Pelosi have done this for decades to ‘Teachers’… and Union members keep voting for them… and a poor return.. and a questionable retirement, needing bailouts that everyone has to pay for.. be you Public worker or private.
        That is the dirty secret kept from Public workers, their leadership actual process… would if only a few of the ‘Recommendations and commissions and failures were known to the Union member the house of cards would fall.. dirty secrets… politicians… stealing your retirements.

  4. the DemonRats have ONE and ONLY ONE thing in mind, DESTROY America so the NWO will have no problems taking over and destroying every Citizen in this country.

  5. Please don’t use a photo of Joe from when he was VP under Obama. Joe doesn’t look this good anymore, the photo you used is when the Oval Office had the old gold wallpaper stripes……that was removed in 2016.

    Show Joe as he really looks…….out of place and suffering from cognitive decline.

    Thanks, appreciate the TRUTH of the matter is reporting! And that includes photographs. 👍🏻

  6. Yes, indeed, that’s their plan and they don’t give a damn about us !!!!

    Thank you to all the brain dead who voted for him and to all the so called Republicans who don’t have a backbone
    ( Romney, McConnell, Murkovski, Chris Christie, Collins, and all the rest )
    The real patriots Republicans are not enough, they don’t have a voice, just like we don’t!!!!

  7. Biden & his cronies, the DemonRats & the Left are all agents of Satan. Seriously.
    They don’t care who gets hurt, or loses their job or goes homeless and hungry.
    They are the most self-centered, hypocritical cretins on the planet.
    God is not mocked. Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay.”

  8. It’s about tome some begins to tell the truth of what is really going on
    This country has been overtaken by China and Israel. They are at war with the American people. The American People are not smart enough to figure out what is coming next. Closed Walmart facilities and executions

  9. The oil will still move in America but by train, the danger will increase instead of decrease.. very likely China will get the bulk of the oil by another pipeline shipping oil to the west coast of Canada… Indians will still have it cross their land somewhere.. only in Canada going west. The world will still have the exhaust fumes from the oil no matter what. The difference is Americans will lose jobs. People that agree with this action are uninformed or and go against it because Trump was for it.. ignorance is no excuse.

  10. Come on people u know what’s going to happen a civil war is inevitable & it won’t be between blacks & whites it going to be between Republican & Democrats so let’s get it going before the Democrats take it beyond no return!!!!! O yes they are remodeling the White House so when King George Soros moves in he will be comfortable & the Biden s move in the guest house. Soros bought the election & America & the Democrat party

  11. This is all due to Biden saying he will UNDO EVERYTHING that Trump did, although this pipeline was okay by Obama.. Do your history.. The Democratic party is no longer a Democratic party.. It’s a Progressive Socialist party run by power crazed people that are dumb asses thinking of all the freebies the Democrats hand out to migrants and the likes of lazy ass people that don’t work for a living. . Most of them that are in our Government lied to the American people.. When are people going to wake up and stop voting for these power hungry idiots. We need to always do our homework when voting. Republicans are the only ones that give a damn about America.. And Sammy, I don’t think Biden was voted in by the people. He was voted in by crooked voting machines with Chinese parts that changed Trumps name to Biden. But I will agree that anyone that voted for this Demented ole man we’re stuck with is as sick as he is…….

  12. Oh I forgot to tell all of you reader that might not know.. Biden and his family are made rich by China.. He and Hunter and his brother Jim are China Puppets..

  13. Sorry, but the country as we know it is finished. Schools have indoctrinated students for a generation to hate America and what it stands for.
    The rotten politicians have gotten what they wanted, a country of sheep…I’m glad I’m old.

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