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More Americans Feel Betrayed

Fake democrat news has hurt Americans in ways no one could have predicted.

Rest assured that my trust in Axios is at an all-time low, so I double-checked what I could here.

There are actually two parts to this glorious story. The first part is the gloriously healthy lack of trust wise Americans now have in our fake national media. The second part is the glorious load of terrible ideas the fake national media have for solving their trust problem, ideas so awful they could only come from a fake media.

A majority of 56 percent of Americans know that “journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”

Well, no shit.

An even larger majority, 58 percent, know that “most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.”

Well, no shit.

Only 18 percent of Republicans trust the media, while 57 percent of Democrats trust the media.

In this particular study, the 46 percent number (those still dumb enough to trust the national media) is a collapse from 57 percent last year and close to 60 percent in 2019.

Which brings me to this question…

What kind of idiot still trusts the national media?

Oh, and only 27 percent of us trust social media, which is what happens when social media is run by left-wing fascists.

Now we get to my favorite part…

Get a load of what these preening idiots intend to do to “fix” this trust problem…

You would think that they would say things like…

Perhaps, rather than editorialize and lie, we should present the facts and allow people to make up their own minds?


Perhaps, we should stop lying and misleading the public?

We all know the real solution to the trust-in-media problem is a ridiculously simple one: stop being dishonest and stop lying. But is a “stop lying” policy the media’s plan to regain our trust? Nope. Of course not. Instead, we get to watch the media fail to regain our trust with this LOL approach…

No joke… These morons want to use coercion and CEOs to win us back [emphasis original throughout]:

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan writes that “our goal should go beyond merely putting truthful information in front of the public. We should also do our best to make sure it’s widely accepted.”

“[M]ake sure it’s widely accepted.” In other words…

Yuuuu vill accept ze truthful information or yuuuu vill be blacklisted and reeducated!

Wait, it gets dumber…

Media outlets can continue to report reliable facts, but that won’t turn the trend around on its own. What’s needed is for trusted institutions to visibly embrace the news media.
CEOs(a/k/a the fourth branch of government) are at or near the top of Edelman’s list of trusted institutions.

CEOs will now be the arbiters of facts and truth.

What a brilliant idea.

What planet are these idiots living on?

You see, regaining our trust will never be about something as simple as reporting facts and truth and what’s happening and then getting out of our way. Sadly, when you are as hopelessly corrupt and power-hungry as our broken media, honesty is much more difficult than plotting all these doomed-to-fail machinations about blackmailing CEOs into saying things like Believe Axios. Axios is truth. Truth is Axios.

If you want us to trust you… Stop with the drama. Stop with the preening. Treat Democrats with the same skepticism and hostility you do Republicans. Stop making everything about YOU. Move to Kansas. Stop calling us racist. Stop telling us how to think… Just be professionals.

But they will never-ever-ever do that. Ever.

The media are broken beyond repair — and thank the Good Lord for that. A cult of elites preaching to their own choir in their own echo chamber. They have been exposed for what they always were, and now, no one trusts them, nor should they.

It is long past time for New Media to move in and fill this void. Let’s stop whining about the corporate media, stop screaming No Fair! and get on with the business of journalism and analysis; get on with the business of building our own thing.

New Media has successfully dragged these bloodsuckers out into the sunlight and now they are writhing in agony as they die off… Good for us. Well done. Now it’s time to walk away, to stop complaining about bias…

Unless the media lie or try to gin up violence, it’s time to ignore the media and build, build, build… 

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: Trust in National Media Hits All-Time Low

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. As usual, reporters of the likes of Mr. Lemmon, Mr. Acosta and other MSM questionable journalists and reporters, can never see through the tunnel of theirs, because when they approach the other end, it narrows till there is No light! Maybe that light came from a pin punctured hole to the side of their tunnel!?!

  2. Can you imagine when Americans that just happen to be Republicans or democrats, slowly become aware of what Trump was right. I’m not sure that anyone, Trump, or by some stretch of the imagination, someone like Trump, can defeat the Establishment Republicans, democrats, the federal bureaucracy and the combined MSM and Social Media in a straight up election. We’ve seen the lengths they’ll go to hold on to power.

  3. If you are really interested in the truth then publish the fact and the evidence that this election was totally corrupted by the Democrat Party.This article actually proves that PRESIDENT TRUMP won the election because the morning of the election there were an official total 213.8 million registered voters in the entire United States. The Washington Post stated that a record 66.2% of registered voters, voted. Do the math. That is 141,535,600 registered voters that voted, right? Now. PRESIDENT TRUMP got 74,222,593 of those votes, right? If Joe Biden got every vote left, he got 67,313,107 votes, right? An additional FACT is that if Biden truly got 81,281,502 votes he would have had to get 13,968,395 more votes that registered voters that voted. Now that in itself is quite and accomplishment, right? These are the official figures of the election and you saw the math. Do not believe what the media tells you. PRESIDENT TRUMP won this election in a virtual landslide as further evidenced that almost all of the Republicans won their down ballot races, as in “THE RED WAVE”. Please check my math and all of the statistics used because I do not want to ever give you false information (like msnbc and cnn)


  5. Just Remember. Since Barry made Propaganda legal, and he did, the MSM has been nothing but pure bullshit. Newsmax and Tucker on FOX are the only ones trying to tell you the truth. And it’s a fact, anyone telling you the truth will be hated. Just ask Jesus Christ.

  6. that was a breath of fresh air-REAL Journalism-60’s style. I pray there are enough 2 x 4’s to wake the jackasses ‘who are content’ to accept the crap that’s been ocurring and that President Trump (he’s still my President) was trying to expose and rid.

  7. The sob in the white house is bragging about his crimes. Where are the true American patriots? I don’t have a president. Those communist democrats stole the election and our court system aided and abetted tbem. Are people that asleep or has insanity taken them over?

  8. I wonder how ALL the people who voted for Biden thinking that they would be seeing that $2000 or additional $1400 heading their way by now are feeling – seeing that once again the Democrats have put ILLEGALS before AMERICANS? More Empty promises?

  9. Perhaps we should start calling CNN “Pravda” and MSNBC “Izvestia”… At least we can be honest.

  10. I quit watching the evening news broadcasts on CBS, NBC and ABC years ago. I don’t have cable or satellite TV so I can’t watch CNN or MSNBC (no big loss there). I’m now reading the Epoch Times in two ways: printed newspaper and in my email. I also get Townhall, RedState, Gateway Pundit, Bigleague Politics, American Consequences and Western Journal in my email, too.

  11. Mr. Keith Clark, you forgot to add one more member of FOX NEWS CHANNEL, Sir, his name is Mr. Mark Reed Levin, who is a specialist on The Whole US Constitution and all other Pertinent US Documents to!

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