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MSNBC Host Slams Democratic Party

His words offered a sharp message to the coastal elites trying to ruin our country.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough gave the Democratic Party a reality check that will probably go ignored after the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the president-elect.

What’s the background?

Although Biden is the likely winner of the election, Democrats suffered significant losses outside of the presidential contest. Not only did Republicans cut into the Democratic majority in the House, but Republicans will likely maintain their majority in the Senate, and Republicans made gains on the state level in New Hampshire and Alaska.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party made significant gains among most demographic groups.

As TheBlaze reported, Trump’s support among Hispanic Americans, women, black Americans, Asian Americans, and generally most demographic groups increased this year compared to 2016. He only performed worse among white men, which is Trump’s strongest demographic group.

What did Scarborough say?

The MSNBC host said the election’s results were a “repudiation” of the far-left Democratic agenda that the party’s most liberal lawmakers want to force on America.

Scarborough’s comments were made on his show “Morning Joe” Friday morning before the media declared Biden the election winner.

“I’ve got to put a sidebar in here because after the dust settles, if Joe Biden ends up winning the presidency, then I think a lot of people are going to turn to what happened to the Democratic Party,” Scarborough said, Fox News reported.

“There is no way to put this other than to say … Joe Biden winning looks like a one-off. This election for the most part was an absolute repudiation of the Democratic Party as a brand. Their brand doesn’t work across most of America. It just doesn’t,” he continued.

“They got routed in Senate races they should have won. And I mean, and if you don’t believe me, just look back at all the predictions. Are Democrats going to win nine, 10, 11 Senate seats? The House results are perhaps even more shocking. Nobody thought that this was going to be close. The weekend before the election, Republican pollsters were talking about hemorrhaging support in suburbs and couldn’t believe the numbers. They said, ‘We’re going to get destroyed.’ Well, it ended up [that] they couldn’t believe the numbers for a good reason. The numbers were wrong!” Scarborough said.

The MSNBC host went on to say that he has spoken to experts who predict that “Republicans are going to have a huge year in 2022” if “Democrats don’t correct course.”

Anything else?

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is also sounding the alarm that, despite likely winning the White House, Democrats are losing overall.

Yang explained on CNN that the Democratic Party has a “fundamental problem” — they’re focused on identity politics, not the working-class.

“There’s something deeply wrong when working-class Americans have that response to a major party that theoretically is supposed to be fighting for them, so you have to ask yourself what has the Democratic Party been standing for in their minds?” Yang said.

“And in their minds the Democratic Party, unfortunately, has taken on this role of the coastal urban elites who are more concerned about policing various cultural issues than improving their way of life, that has been declining for years.” he explained. “And so if you’re in that situation, this to me is a fundamental problem for the Democratic Party because if they don’t figure this out, then this polarization and division will get worse not better.”

Yang predicted that if the Democratic Party does not turn course, then it will result in “continued acceleration towards the institutional mistrust that animated the Trump vote and will continue to do so.”


Sources: The Blaze: MSNBC host hits Dem Party with hard reality check over election results: ‘An absolute repudiation’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I hope this Nation will not be strangled by the far left new VP. Most of American love the freedom and love to see the rich economy , love to see that we are not be influenced by the Chinese Communist and love to see our leaders to keep the military MUST strong ever. Love to see the new administration do not allow Iranian make our troopers has to knee in front the enemies such as Barak Hussein Obama had allowed them to do so. We hope that the leaders from local, States to the federal level please put American to be first in deed but not just promises, please do not lie to us to earn our ballots then forgot us while you are in the office. We do not favor Democrats nor Republics. We care America and Americans.

    • U R listing a lot of things that the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY can’t deliver . The DEPLORABLES will let the PARTY Sink under the direction of DICTATOR Pelosi aka Pollack and her bag of THIRTY THUG’S . Lol ! Ur wishing Ur life away.
      President Donald J. Trump will come back in 2022 and MAGA & KAGA !! So, get Ur hopes up on DEMENTIA JOEY RUSSELL Biden ..

  2. This 2020 Presidential Election was neither FAIR , HONEST or TRANSPARENT ! this Election was rigged by the DERANGED and DEPLORABLES of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY since PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP was Elected in 2016. And the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY started their GARBAGE from the Times was Sworn in to Office as the
    45th Commander In Chief of the United States of America. President Donald J. Trump will
    come back in 2022 and MAGA and KAGA !!

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