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Murder Rate Skyrockets After Dem Comment

Defunding the police is not working.

In St. Louis, Mo., the worst-in-country murder rate is at a 50-year high, the police department has nearly 100 unfilled jobs, and the mayor wants to defund the department and shut down a city jail.
St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones, who became the city’s first Black female mayor last month, had campaigned on a promise to enact progressive criminal justice reforms.
The head of the city’s corrections department is also on his way out. Jones announced his resignation last week, saying she hadn’t requested he step down but making clear she wasn’t satisfied with how he ran things.

The homicide rate in Deep Blue St. Louis is 87 per 100,000. How bad is that? Well, second place is Democrat-run Baltimore with 57 per 100,000.

This ridiculously dangerous mayor actually says she does not believe additional police will have any effect on the crime and murder rates.

“More police doesn’t prevent crime,” the 49-year-old, Harvard-educated mayor told the Telegraph last week. “Research done in the police department shows that 50 percent of calls can be answered by someone other than police. So, why not deploy someone other than police, and free up police to do the work that they were trained to do in our academy.”

She’s also closing a prison that holds 600 so the $7 million that saves each year can be spent on “mental health emergency workers and social services.”

St. Louis is already a shithole city, and now it is stone-cold doomed.


Even before this explosion in violence, the murder rate in St. Louis rivaled Latin America.

The idea of sending someone out to a police call other than a trained police officer is pure delusion. What happens when things go sideways? What happens when on the call (where studies show a police officer isn’t needed), it turns into something else, something dangerous and out of control?

What makes police officers effective, outside of their training, is the authority they carry. They carry a badge, gun, uniform, and physical training. Everyone knows a police officer can handle himself. Regardless of the situation, this authority is a game changer, and if instead you send out a mealy-mouthed, soft-bellied social worker in glasses, no good can come from it.

Do Democrats really want to own the cons so badly they’re willing to doom their own city, and by extension their own property values, tax base, and schools?

Are Democrats so twisted and bitter that on the settled-science of how a strong law enforcement presence backed with the support of elected officials can improve everyone’s quality of life, they are rejecting this commons sense, and doing so at the expense of their own safety and the safety of their children?

Are Democrats so warped, they won’t even agree with us on something we’ve all agreed on for decades, something that proved to be effective from the early 1990s straight through to the rise of the terrorist group Black Lives Matter and the insanity of “defund the police?”

It is fascinating to witness. I don’t really care what the people of St. Louis or any Democrat-run city do to destroy themselves. It’s no skin off my nose. I live in Rural MAGA Land where none of this craziness affects anything. Out here, people of all races and creeds live together in relative harmony and safety. There are no racial tensions or riots or looting or any violent crime crises. Life is good.

But still… It really is something to watch as Democrats get exactly what they voted for and then pretend that what they voted for was not an act of urban suicide.

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: Democrat Mayor Dooms St. Louis with Pledge to Defund Police as Murders Soar

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Being a Harvard grad o ly means a leftist idiot who has way too much money to squander at an over rated school. How many of those grads are mayors or governors of cities overran with murderers.

  2. It also seems that Harvard has become a shit hole of elite higher education. A second grader could tell you police make life safer.

  3. Harvard has become a shit hole of higher education. Apparently any ignorant half-wit can obtain a degree in some obscure field, with the acceptable amount of melanin.

  4. As everyone can see that defunding the police is probably 1 of the worst ideas any nitwit can come up with

  5. This article tells us a lot. Perhaps instead of de-funding the police, we should de-fund Harvard if this Mayor is the kind of moron they graduate!!

  6. The police are the only thing keeping the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks , Antifa and BLM alive..
    Be fun watching them trying to get the police back after few million of them, die.

  7. When are they going to impeach Biden for his part in Hunter’s corrupt business dealings. They are both in bed with China and the Ukraine where Joe Biden is referred to as “The Big Guy”.They investigated President Trump for years but haven’t made a peep about investigating the The Biden’s.

  8. Be careful about the thought of living in a rural setting is wonderful. As soon as they realize the destruction of the Urban areas, they will certainly relocate, no matter the cost,in money or lives.
    The big difference is the costs,(both types) may be more evenly spread among the Progressives, than they are now. I hope they realize that.
    Of course, that is why they are trying to disarm Americans.

  9. I* don’t care about St. Louis or any other demoncreep run city ,i.e. LA, SF, NYC, Chic, MinnStPaul, Atl, Port, Seattle etc., etc. They are all rotten with corrupt unqualified dems running things, so they get what they voted for, hooray! I live in a great safe area with great honest police, so eat your hearts out BLM/Antifa thugs. You come to our town and you will be driven out on a rail. I hope these police officers in these terrible cities just refuse to answer any calls for help from the people who vilify them. Let them take care of themselves and see how that works, it won’t work dummies! If these stupid mayors are left to fend for themselves, they will wilt in a very short time. God Bless our Police Officers!!!

  10. This is not just hurting the idiots who do this, it is hurting everybody. These people have lost their minds. You can look at what is happening all over the country, not just St. Lewis. Crime is going through the roof. Police are quitting or retiring everywhere, especially in the bigger towns like St. Lewis, Baltimore, NYC, in Michigan, Chicago, Seattle, Portland Los Angeles, San Francisco, Just about everywhere. How bad is it going to have to get before something is done to stop it?

  11. So Mayor Jones — when you send a social worker to a domestic disturbance so that they can explain that hitting your partner with a bat or fist isn’t OK and they get blown away, what will you say to their families and how many people do you think are going to want those jobs. I know you went to an Ivy League school (so did I) but evidently it didn’t make you smart.

  12. So this just goes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can’t fix stupid. This PINHEAD is completely clueless and even with being “educated” in what used to be a prestigious university her theoretical logic is an abysmal failure. Keep trying that libtard “defund the police” it really seems to be working very well. Idiots

  13. Do NOT defund our police officers. Cut the pay of the dem president, dem vice president(if you can find her). Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Schumer, and most of the dems who are NOT worthy of our taxpayer monies.

  14. If the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.

  15. In this article the point was made that the mayor is Harvard educated. I ask what does it benefit anyone to have a Harvard education if the person is insane. Clearly this woman shows a definite lack of common sense and makes highly questionable decisions that adversely affect hundreds of thousands of people. I guess the people of St. Louis are learning that you must be careful of what you ask for because sometimes you get it.

  16. Black Lives Matter is an organization that is made up of criminals trying to gain the representation of other criminals. They have so fooled the public with their catchy name that they have been given millions in donations which almost all of which goes to the Democrat Party, through ACTBLUE, a Democrat Party donation processing arm. When somebody pinned the BLM of what their goals were, they did not want the January 6 Capitol Building “action” categorized as a coup, so they would not be charged. This is a confession that BLM was a major part of the whole thing along with ANTIFA, both invited by John Sullivan, who demanded that they dress exactly like Trump Supporters, so when they, BLM and ANTIFA caused the damage, breakage and bloodshed, everybody, thinking that they really were Trump Supporters, would blame President Trump for the “Incursion”, which they did. The other things they demanded were no more prisons and jails, decriminal;izing all crimes, etc. This would be criminal “Nirvana”.

  17. Businesses will start moving out of St. Louis and there goes more revenue. I would not be surprised to see the Cardinals leave. I don’t live there but it puts a black eye on the whole state of Missouri. I think they need to recall her soon.

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