New York Food Storage Collapses

The thugs attacked and the result was bad.

Vandals ransacked a community refrigerator that was set up in front of the local office of a Queens, New York, politician to provide free meals to the poor or needy.

Local businesses had donated food for the sidewalk refrigerator that volunteers stocked throughout the day with meals, fruits, and vegetables, which benefited hundreds of the constituents of state senator Jessica Ramos, a Democrat who also represents the Working Families party. In their wake, vandals left food and containers on the ground and destroyed the doors and the electrical grid of the appliance.

On Twitter, Ramos explained that “The community fridge outside our district office was vandalized and destroyed last night. So many of our neighbors depend on the generosity of other neighbors to get through these difficult times. Now this lifeline is gone. I’m heartbroken.”

She followed up by thanking the community for coming forth with more donations to keep the project going. and help their neighbors feed their families. Ramos vowed to replace the fridge to enable volunteers to continue to keep it supplied.

Ramos, who represents New York City district 13 in the state legislature in Albany, and chairs the labor committee there, told the New York Post that “It’s been truly devastating to learn that someone would do this to a real lifeline in our community. At the peak of the pandemic, we were the epicenter.

“Most of our neighbors here, specifically on this block and in this neighborhood, have not received any economic stimulus and don’t qualify for unemployment insurance.”

Ramos is seeking any surveillance video that might have captured what happened. Evidently, she has not yet contacted the NYPD to investigate.

Although this was obviously a dreadful form of vandalism, which Ramos appropriately described as an “act of hatred,” many Twitter users perceived irony in the incident. This reaction is perhaps because of New York’s catch-and-release policies for street crime that the Democrats ushered in with so-called bail reform.

Sources: BPR: New Yorkers have no shock over fate of ‘community refrigerator’ in Queens

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Oh well miss Ramos, Why don’t you come up with some more stupid laws. New York is destroyed because of you and your stupid laws. go ahead and restock the fridge, but this time leave the door off so they won’t have to tear it of. better yet why don’t you stand guard and ask the vandals to please not destroy any more .

  2. Trying to help the poor is suicide. They are rabid dogs. The more you try to help them, the more needy and violent they become. Throwing money at them is the same as throwing money down the toilet.
    Yes, they are (or were) “human beings”. The masses of poor people are like a Tsunami or tidal wave that destroys everything in it’s path. Yes, some are poor and homeless because they lost their jobs and everything they own. Most are drug addicted, greedy, desperate, entitlement-mentalitied scam artists who wouldn’t work if you offered them a job. (I’ve heard stories from others where a begger was offered a burger and the ungrateful begger cast it away because he/she/it wanted only cash.)
    I don’t fall for these beggers scams any more.

  3. Well it turns out you was right. New York does not need the Police, Let the Criminals out of Jail and they will take care of everything. HA HA.

  4. Welcome to socialism, you morons. This is what you and your idiot compatriots want for the whole country? I am surprised that gallows aren’t being constructed all over the country to cleanse us of all you lying, thieving socialist bastards. Keep pushing, and it may become a terrible reality. Freedom loving Americans are sick of you and your supporters.

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