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Obama Caught In Horrible Presidential Plot

He accidentally spilled the beans on his secret plan during an interview if you listen closely.

Joe Biden, who couldn’t even get President Obama’s endorsement during the primaries, now has word that Obama may well use him as his marionette stooge for what’s in fact a third Obama term.

He’s not even trying to hide it.

In an interview over the weekend with Stephen Colbert for The Late Show, Obama admitted:


… and I used to say, you know what, if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front-man, or a front-woman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the … stuff, and then I could sort of deliver the lines but someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that …

This ought to be embarrassing for Biden, given that Obama is effectively letting word slip out that he intends to be Biden’s backseat driver, telling the old dotard what to do from behind closed doors, maybe even from some basement.  That’s not exactly a vote of confidence, even as Biden presumably assumes the reins of the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.

Everyone suspected that this was the real idea — Biden serving as a placeholder for a third Obama term while Obama called the shots.  RedState points out that this is exactly what Vladimir Putin did, when election laws prohibited him from seeking an additional term, so he placed a obedient loyalist, Dmitri Medvedev, into the presidential slot until he could get himself back into power.  The same thing happened in Argentina as the Kirchner gang, husband and wife, traded off with each other for the nation’s top job, leaving the country in shambles.

Biden’s smallness, venality, and malleability make him a perfect front man for Obama, which is pretty obvious to normal people.  Obama, recall, has a long history of contempt for Biden, stating that nobody could screw things up as Biden could, and advising Biden as he contemplated his presidential run by saying, “Joe, you don’t have to do this.”  No “good luck” and “best wishes” there.

Now Obama finds that Biden could be useful in that great stooge fantasy he posited to Colbert.  Biden, after all, is politically weak, with no mass following and no political coattails even as he “won” the fraud-infused presidential election.  Biden also had very weak traction leading up to his sudden Super Tuesday nomination brought on by an endorsement from Rep. Jim Clyburn.  Prior to that, Biden was a washed up old joke, and Kamala Harris played with him on the debate stage like a chew toy.  It’s kind of odd, is it not, that Biden, who got nearly 20 million more votes than Obama, would be so weak that he’d need to take orders from his supposedly weaker previous boss.

RedState also points out that Biden’s now got the lean and hungry Obama-linked Kamala at his side, and worse still is larding up his Cabinet with former Obama administration retreads such as Tom Vilsack and Susan Rice.

Ben Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett, we assume, won’t be far behind.

It’s not a pretty picture.  Presumably, Biden has a presidential legacy to think of as he ascends the ranks of “history,” and presumably, he would want to make his own mark, striking out on his own from under the shadow of Obama.

But with Obama making talk about whispering to Joe like some infernal boyar in medieval Russia’s “time of troubles,” Biden can’t help but look small.  Obama admits he fantasizes about continuing to call the shots in an undeclared third term, while sure enough, Biden plays his pathetic puppet.  As for the rest of us, and for world leaders, too, all that is conveyed is that Biden is weak, a yes man, and not truly presidential.

American Thinker

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    • He belongs in front of a firing squad. Did you see the video of when O was sneaking around the world after Trump had become our President and O was video recorded telling the UN that Americans need to give up their freedom. I saw 2 videos of that. One was posted on. YOUTUBE for many months, maybe still is.

  1. The BIG problem with your idea Barack Hussein is that Joe, with his ear piece, would say on an open mick, “Could you repeat that Barack”?

  2. Even Obama knows Biden and Harris are only useful as a Trojan Horse. I still say Hillary did not buy all those vote counting machines to put Harris in the oval office.

  3. I “KNEW” he could not resist his EVIL PLANS for USING BIDEN! Biden will be IMPEACHED for his CHINAGATE! And HARRIS will step in unless we get rid of her at the same time since she was not elected as POTUS! CHINA released the VIRUS, we know that because we have a defecting Scientist who confirmed it. And with prescription drugs “still” coming from CHINA who believes they are not tainted with COVID! It is not the masks that are causing the spread, its the drugs!!!

  4. Our forefathers saw this coming and wrote the 2nd amendment, get ready America for a Revolution, it’s coming and all the radical left Democrats will be the first to go ! That’s my opinion!

  5. Obama is the last thing this country needs. He is so full of himself and his “Legacy” he is a danger to this country as we know it. He did so much damage the 8 years he was in office. He needs to be gone.

  6. Hellooooo! Anyone with a few functioning brain cells knows this will be nothing less than Obummer’s third term!!!!

  7. Sadly it looks like Obama has succeed in getting his third term as Biden will only be a puppet for him. A crook will always find a way to get around the rules. Unless the Republicans can win in Georgia we will find ourselves in a socialist country.

  8. Anything that comes out of the mouth of Steven Colbert is questionable. Anyone that agrees to an interview by him is also questionable. He is just another want to be important person. He’s not.

  9. The. Democrats are dumb. We are getting closer now for China to take over, thanks to all of you dummies. Obrama hates the US, why would you vote for Biden when Obama will take over. For the past 4 years, we’ve had everything, now we are going back to the past 8 years. I hope you all loose all of your money. President Trump should have cleaned more of the srump included liar and thief Biden and his whole family

  10. Obama stated back in 2008 that he would fundamentally change America . Looks like he has done that via puppets and election fraud . If , when , should Biden / Harris ever take office , I think we can kiss America goodbye . Fraud , Graft and Corruption will be the new norm and a Toletarian Democrat Dictatorship will become the new norm as we are flooded with illegals . Our tax dollars squandered supporting those who refuse to work and our taxes raised to support worthless politicians and those on welfare . In essence America will become the newest Third World Sh*t Hole

  11. Obama is nothing but an arrogant black man that can’t let go of his presidency, which was a great mistake both whites and blacks made!!! He will try to worm his way back in the government! He done nothing for the government and did nothing for the blacks. That is why many blacks follow Trump!!

  12. I hope these people that voted for Biden are ready for communism!
    We already see government control on blue states.
    Covid is all about control .
    Bill gates and Obama planned this!
    Wake up America
    The democratic voters are very stupid.

  13. This is pathetic. Idiots who voted for Biden will now suffer like the rest of us once he is in then WH with Obummer telling him what to say through his ear piece.
    This is not what America was in the past, we are the laughing stock of the world.
    This is happening all due to the cheating Democrats. Shameful!

  14. I there nothing Obama would not do for POWER!!! He is worse than Biden!!! Obama you piece is Scum, you will never be President of this country again!!!! Now we know who was behind this rigged election!!!! None other than Muslim Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think China Joe and queenie harris are both crook’s and doctor jill. Trump is the best President that we have ever had. He still has a chance to win the election.

  16. IF Obama takes over & uses Biden/Harris as puppets we should hand over the keys to China, plus Biden wants Obama in the supreme court are they crazy. Biden has a bunch of crooks as his cabinet members plus just about every one in the Democratic party has some kind of criminal activity looming over their heads, WOW, & not one of them has been arrested & convicted of these terrible crimes. Is there anyway WE THE PEOPLE can get involved & make the Supreme Court & all the other do nothing judges start working for the people. Please we need someone to tell us how to take back our Country before it is to late!!!

  17. Just as History has dubbed President Lincoln as “HONEST ABE”,

    Will it be “LYING JOE”
    Will t be “Deceiving Joe”

    There may be other options.

  18. Obama is the biggest terrorist threat this Country has ever faced and it is because of him directly that all this cheating, lying and power grabbing is occurring. I can’t wait to see how the Democrats who elected these bosos react when they lose their jobs, the economy tanks, and all the promises made to them fall apart one by one. I hope none of them come to me and complain.

  19. LOST LAWSUITS: 56+ and COUNTING. DRUMPF being thrown out of ¹court by Republican, as well as Democratic, JUDGES across the US. LACK OF EVIDENCE!!!!!!! DRUMPF is the “BIGLYEST” presidential “LOSER” of ALL TIME!!

    “MASSIVE” 306 Electoral College votes!!!                                

    NOW “MASSIVE” 7+ MILLION POPULAR VOTES!!!!!!!             “HUUUGE” BIDEN/HARRIS MANDATE!!!!!! GO JOE/KAMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      

    PUTIN/ASSAD LAUGHING AT DRUMPF.                                   

        Putin and Assad caught mocking Trump.   .                                               KELLYANNE CONWAYS’ ADMISSION THAT BIDEN/HARRIS WON ELECTION                                                           

      GET READY FOR IT!!!                                                                                   TWICE the SupremeCourt(unanimously 9-0 BOTH TIMES) has thrown out the DRUMPF LAWYER CLOWN SHOW on their INEPT, INCOMPETENT ASSES with a one line RULING, CASE 1: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice [Samuel] Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”                                                                                  SECOND CASE “DENIED                                                                  

      CRAWL BACK INTO THE SNAKE PIT YOU SLITHERED OUT OF!!!!!                                                                         At first, I was disgusted with DRUMPFS reinstatement of the FIRING SQUAD for executions, but NOW I think Guiliani(and his CLOWN SHOW LAWYERS), Ken Paxton,  ALL 18 AG’s, Ted Cruz and the 106 SORRY A** REPUGLICAN House members who also signed on to this SEDITIOUS lawsuit, should be the VERY FIRST to face such a SQUAD!!!!!

    • Yes, the only way Biden win is with the help of dead people and with Dominion. The computer was set up to take votes for Trump and give them to Biden. This was set up in the algorithm. I saw almost 20K votes leave Trump and Biden vote count increased with the exact same number. We should not have mail in balloting again.

  20. Biden only found a way to gain some notoriety because he’s been Obama’s stooge for the last 12 years. It’s just that the day to day Democrats can’t see it because of corrupt news outlets and big tech. If Biden gets in the White House, even if for a day before he’s replaced, the normal Democrats walking the streets are going to get their eyes opened and wonder what their party hit them with.

    • I hope many people read your comment & recognize the TRUTH of what you wrote. If Biden gets in the White House by STEALING the 2020 election we are all doomed to be either destroyed or surrender our rights to the Democrats, becoming their minions that will do as we are told.

  21. Obama was an idiot,,,we damn sure would catch on pretty fast with his delivering of stupid lines,,,cause he was and still is a moron‼️

  22. Can’t anything be done, Obama was horrible the first time, why did it take so long for you people to figure it out. It was obvious a long time ago. To me there should be a law somewhere that sound end it. He may not have balls but michael does.

  23. The whole family is corrupt…Joe to stupid to run the scams himself so Obama and his family putting him as their village idiot!. Guy is not all their without a teleprompter and Jill close.

  24. They’re both national security threats. One is card carrying Marxist [anti-American], while other is figure head for crime family. [senility impaired]

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