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Obama Exposed As Fraud In Memoir

Obama was exposed as a fraud in his forthcoming memoir.

Excerpts from former President Barack Obama’s forthcoming memoir “A Promised Land” trashes conservatives as intellectually inferior xenophobes filled with “racial anxieties,” and blames former vice presidential candidate Sarah Plain for the supposedly mainstreaming bigotry.

“Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward Black and brown folks — were finding their way to center stage,” Obama accuses in the memoir, as noted by The Blaze.

The former president ponders in the book if the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) would have chosen Palin as his running mate if he had known her “spectacular rise and her validation as a candidate would provide a template for future politicians, shifting his party’s center and the country’s politics overall in a direction he abhorred.”

“I’d like to think that given the chance to do it over again, he might have chosen differently,” Obama says. “I believe he really did put his country first.”

As noted by The Blaze, Obama “accuses the Republican Party of appealing to white Americans’ supposed anxieties about the first black president to thwart his agenda, a strategy that ‘had migrated from the fringe of GOP politics to the center — an emotional, almost visceral, reaction to my presidency, distinct from any differences in policy or ideology.’”

According to the former president, the bigotry supposedly unleashed by Palin was a byproduct of his presence, “a Black man,” in the White House:

“It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted,” he says. “Which is exactly what Donald Trump understood when he started peddling assertions that I had not been born in the United States and was thus an illegitimate president. For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.”

The memoir seemingly has a focus on race, which is not entirely shocking, since Obama routinely stoked racial tensions as president. For example, Obama invited controversial far-Left Black Lives Matter activists to the White House and pointedly said if had a son “he’d look like Trayvon,” in reference to the death of Trayvon Martin.

In another portion of the book, Obama claims he chose Joe Biden as his running mate in part because of his white skin and America’s supposed racism, The Daily Wire highlighted this week.

“One of the reasons I’d chosen Joe to act as an intermediary — in addition to his Senate experience and legislative acumen — was my awareness that in McConnell’s mind, negotiations with the vice president didn’t inflame the Republican base in quite the same way that any appearance of cooperation with (Black, Muslim socialist) Obama was bound to do,” Obama wrote. “I liked the fact that Joe would be more than ready to serve as president if something happened to me — and that it might reassure those who still worried I was too young.”

Sources: The Daily Wire: Memoir: Obama Trashes Conservatives As Xenophobic Rubes Filled With ‘Racial Anxieties,’ Blames Palin

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Pincha Hussain Obama was the WORST President this country has had . He divided the country and his ideas of people SHARING bathrooms was completely nuts . His anger now days comes from the he – she he married and that ” it ” bends him over a chair 3 times a week .

    • Thank Bob! I needed a laugh today!!! Isn’t it funny how now the Democrats are twisting the blame on the Republicans now. Democrats knows that they have screwed up So Freaking bad!!!! These Foul Stupidity Democrats have cause SO much chaos and Rigged the voting machines and the counters right behind them. I hope and pray this BACKFIRES on the Democrats for what they have caused!!!! It’s scary to see the Millennials being brainwashed by these Democrats and the squad of four.

      • What a sad person Obama is….and by the sounds of it we now know who the true racist is. I never hear our President Trump mention color at all!! Because in his eyes, we are all Americans. What a hypocrite Obama proves himself to be, besides being a racist. Praying for his soul.

        • The no good liberal black bastard refused to endorse joey touchy feely sniffy biden when he began running for president. You’d think he’d endorse his former partner in crime. As they say ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and ‘there’s no loyalty among thieves’ , He wouldn’t endorse joey what he announced he was running for president. Hopefully this election snafu finds Trump the winner for another 4 years. And if this means taking this as far as the Supreme Court, so be it. There can’t be that many stupid and clueless American voters voted for this buffoon and ‘heels up’ ( her moniker as she began her career on her back screwing San Francisco mayor willie brown and has been screwing Calioronia ever since Now she’ll get her wish, screwing America with her marxist and socialist plans. The latest one Medicare for everyone under 60 years old regardless of their status. Gee how generous of you giving all this free stuff and jacking up our taxes to pay for all this socialist BS. Don’t believe me what she and joey have in store, take a good look and smell at San Francisco, ‘heels ups former kneeling ground for as real as liberalism or progressivism gets and that’s turned California’s jewel into one huge third world dump complete with streets , sidewalks and city parks reeking like toilets with garbage, piss and feces along with discarded needles making many places in this one time great city biohazards. I could g on but really what’s the point. Hopefully this BS in found to be voter fraud at its highest as nobody in their right mind voted for this S**RT

    • I DOUBT, but not fully convinced, that veep bidden could be worse. If creepy Joe’s party had been able to cheat their way to victory, his ‘second fiddle’ attitude would have allowed the Radical Leftists’ to take over the operation of the country, instead of just BHO’s communist Democrat unctuous party.

      • Amen. I can’t imagine anyone paying to read his self-love fest. Wish they and the Clinton’s would get out of our lives.

    • Amen. I can’t imagine anyone paying to read his self-love fest. Wish they and the Clinton’s would get out of our lives.

  2. Obama was the worst president ever. He is just as much of a crook as his buddy Biden .Makes me ill to think that he is even opening up his Falmouth anymore.

  3. That right there tells me why Obama thinks this country is so racist; because he is a racist. Only a racist would ever consider skin color as any kind of indication of what kind of a person someone is! I have never even considered someone’s skin color when passing judgement on anyone! I don’t care what color he is, I’d hate him just the same, for all the scandalous things he’s been party to/had knowledge about!

  4. His assertion that all the anxiety was due to a black man in the white house is deluded. Very few were concerned about his color. Actually most people were happy that they had their day. Our anxieties were raised over his horrible policies!! Seems like he’s making excuses and can’t admit it could be about him!

  5. Given that I have no liking for Barack Obama, I’m not really someone who could say anything positive about him! However, having read the exerpts of his memoir, I just want to add that I consider him less than honest or caring and very full of himself! That he might well deserve acclamation is a given, as he certainly managed to get himself into very valued positions, especially as the leader of the American govt! I won’t be reading his memoir but I certainly wish him no ill!

  6. He chose Biden as VP because he was a white man and older than Obummer so he those people would listen to him more!! Seriously?? Now who is a racist using his color and age to benefit themselves. Worst President ever!

    • Good ole joey touchy feely sniffy biden was obozo’s white lackey and flunky period. No way this black bastard could get within one inch of the White House without a white cover man. Really, a community organizer. What the hell’s a community organizer, never heard the term until 2008.

  7. Obama was always a fraud, an empty suit. It is insulting and offensive that a guy who took advantage of every possible opportunity afforded him by this great country and turns around to condemn it. He has been spoon feed and coddled his whole life. He was elected and had the most political capital of any president in my lifetime which he squandered away because he was lazy. Race had and has little to do with our political discourse. Race is only a significant issue in the minds of racist black people. This along with their poor self esteem has caused them a lot of pain. He could have taken this country to a new place, but opted to take the easy way and perpetuate the status quo.

  8. I am sorry BUT Obama is and was the worst President this country has ever had. And if Biden becomes President he will also share in that title. Obama had no right to become President he divided this country and turned the people against one another. He stole from this country only to help his Muslim nation and then lied about the amount he gave them. His partner Michael, yes Michael hates this country she did absolutely nothing but ridicule the US. And if Biden comes in you can bet your last dollar that Obama will be right there running as he thinks the people want him for a third term. He needs to shut his yap and go back to his country Kenya and stay there But then how would Soros support this creep.

    • Pray this election snafu is a nightmare for the love of God. No way in hell did these two socialist and one ‘s a marist buffoons legitimately win the election. Who in their right mind voted for these two anti American slugs And if Donald Trump wants this to go as far as the Supreme Court, so be it. This is voter fraud in the highest degree and if you can’t small the rat, open your nose. Where are the Federal Authorities not investigating this BS

  9. Obama is the racist that tried his best to make certain there would be a deep racial divide in this country. Any so-called systemic racism in America was promoted by him and his cronies. What a sickening disgusting group they are. President Trump is a breath of fresh air doing his best to uproot and destroy this evil. God bless President Trump.

  10. Why is it obama always uses racism as a weapon when he doesn’t get his way? America was never this torn apart until he got into office and refuses to step aside to allow us to heal because he plans on keeping up his destructive fundamental tear down of the greatest country on earth. Obama didn’t do anything for the black community in fact his own backyard of Chicago is still in ruins but he doesn’t care he’s become filthy rich off our backs living in his million dollars mansions with armed security yet wants to strip us of our protection by defunding our police officers our border patrol etc no law and order no prison no accountability. America’s economy lead by President Trump has never been this great ever yet obama falsely takes credit for it credit he definitely doesn’t deserve. God Bless America

  11. that ass clown was the biggest sewer rat of them all! he did more damagr to our country than any one else has ever done period!!!!

  12. When you are an abject failure, after having been given everything, your only success becomes blaming. It was not the color of his skin, but the lack of content of his character. Every opportunity was handed to him, and he did nothing positive with it. The Great Divider.

  13. That Lying Kenyan would not know the Truth if it bit him on the ass !
    He is a worthless piece of Human Excrement !

  14. obama always used his color as an excuse to deflect his mass incompetence and hatred for our country !! he once said, “people don’t like me because I’m black ” no,people don’t like you because of all the damage you’ve done to our country with your criminal administration !! You divided us in every possible way to bring chaos to our country and committed treason more than once !! you belong no where but prison

  15. How dare that Manchurian Candidate insult conservatives in this blatant manner. Are there racists in this country? Of course there are because human nature is what it is. But it was the conservative Republicans who fought against slavery and desegregated the schools and gave blacks the vote and citizenship AND WE WERE FOUGHT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY BY DEMOCRATS. SO FONT YOU DARE QUESTION OUR INTELLIGENCE OR COMPASSION YOU POT SMOKING EGOTISTICAL CROOK!


  17. IMO, the worst President of America ever, was exposed as a fraud a long time ago, when he denied being a muslim, and showed us just how to be a president of muslim countries, bowing, endowing Iran with a plane load of cash, and constantly apologizing for this great country. Ruined our economy our standing in the world, and said it would take a magic wand to improve the economy. I think President Trump found the wand, and in the back of my mind, I wonder if the entities who had the most to gain, knew the only way to take him down was to ruin the economy, and those entities, IMO, were the democrat party and the Chinese. China didn’t like the tariffs, and the democrats didn’t think the WH should ever be occupied by him, fought him starting before he was even elected and continued for the 4 yrs. of his term, phony impeaching etc. Makes me wonder about collusion. But I think it was pure entitlement, selfishness and jealousy on the part of the democrats, and China?? A lesser man could have never with stood their harassment, and hatefulness. Our President is a GREAT MAN, put America first, something his predecessor would never be, IMO. IMO, the democrat party of today is a criminal enterprise and I fear would sell us out to the highest bidder. Truth isn’t in them.

  18. I believe many Americans got tired of hearing it;
    But I have always believed, and will go to my grave believing that Barack Hussein Obama NEVER LEGALLY, and LAWFULLY QUALIFIED to be President of this Country.
    I met a man years ago who told me that he was at Occidental College when Obama was there; and the only thing he remembered hearing about Barack when he was at Occidental was that he was the biggest cocaine dealer on campus.
    Before Barack was ever elected; hearing what background information was disseminated on him, I formed the belief and communicated it to everyone I knew that he is a communist, and he is out to destroy this Country. When I learned that George Soros was Barack’s backer and puppet master; my message became even more urgent.
    To this day he runs the Deep State and continues to work to destroy this Country. He should be arrested, tried for Treason, and upon conviction, he should be put to death.

  19. WOW!! From reading the comments, I never realized the depth and breadth of the negativity that Obama generates. Richly deserved, IMO.
    An empty suit who’s only qualification for office was a crafty address that he gave at the DN Convention. So much to dislike in the guy.
    He only has to look in the mirror for the one who’s generated the hatred and division in the nation. It was Barry who separated us into classes, divisions and racial groups, ands then told the rest of the world that we weren’t deserving of being the greatest country in the world. Gee, then why is everybody else in the world, trying to get in here??
    Oh, and he’s due to appear on 60 Minutes, tonight, Do you think for a minute that he’ll be held to answer for his illegal spying on Trump and his campaign BEFORE his election? Or the 12 billion he gifted to Iran, in the dead of the night and in cash?? Piece of Sh*t is too kind a description of this ingrate, low life who doesn’t deserve to lick the soles of Donald Trump’s wing-tips….the only President since Lincoln to do anything for not only the black community, but all people of color, combined.
    Hey, Barry, stick your “memoir” full of equine excrement where the sun don’t shine and tell Michelle to keep her entitled, elitest opinions to herself and Oprah.

  20. I guess Sarah Palin is the FEMINISTS’ DREAM — only in reverse. Maybe their nightmare ????
    All these negative comments about Mikie’s “shusband” are not only true, but sad. That the U.S. is intellectually depleted on the GOP voting side validates his claim! What Conservative voter could have voted FOR the little girly-man? My mantra is this: If a Democrat is moving its lips, well, you know the rest. And it PROVES OUT EVERY TIME! Every time. Sure, can you believe Misty? Or Flaky? Of Jeffy” He!! NO. But of course, they are Liberals in Conservatives’ fleece.
    So, put her library in San Francisco. It really DOES fit there. Then please Lord, watch it slide off into the Big Briny someday soon.

  21. “Obama Exposed As Fraud In Memoir”

    Is there really ANYONE with a functioning brain who didn’t already know this a LONG time ago?

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