Obama Secretly Running Biden’s Transition Team

Obama famously did not want to leave office in 2016. He is taking this opportunity to weasel his way back into the White House.

Barack Obama was famous not wanting to leave office when his term was done and well known for projecting a sense of entitlement to power.

We already know he plotted to overturn the results of the 2016 election, using the Russia hoax, the impeachment, and the refusal of many of his political operatives to ever leave office.  It was a slow-motion coup.

Now he’s trying a second.

According to Joel Pollak at Breitbart News:

Joe Biden announced that Obama administration alumna Jen Psaki would be his press secretary, bypassing his devoted campaign spokesperson and surrogate, Symone Sanders.

Sanders would be “Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for the Vice President,” the campaign said in an announcement.

Sanders stood by Biden’s side through thick and thin, including the dark days after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, when he placed fourth and fifth, respectively. At one point, with the campaign unable to afford security, Sanders tackled a protester onstage herself:

Sanders also fielded questions from reporters in the spin room after primary debates, which Biden never did himself.

All that, and she can’t score a lowly press secretary job? Not a nice way to thank someone. Looks as if the Obamatons are muscling in.

Psaki, meanwhile, did nothing for the Biden campaign. She was a plotter, though, back when she was in the Obama State Department, famous for attempting to cover up various Obama-era scandals.

Oh, and she worked with John Kerry, who was then secretary of state, posing for this picture with a Soviet-era red-star insignia hat, much to the Russian foreign minister’s delight. Kerry somehow is getting his people in above the Biden loyalists, and it all has much to do with his ties to Obama. Kerry, meanwhile, scored a “climate czar” gig with Biden, ensuring that he will be dining well at international conferences.

Several other Obama operatives are taking Biden positions, after doing nothing, save for the end, at best, to help Biden’s presidential campaign, suggesting that the hollow-victory Biden administration is just a placeholder for the return of an Obama third term. It’s a sign that Obama éminence grise is more than a little active, behind the scenes as she always is.

Now, it’s possible that Sanders wasn’t really passed up, but dispatched to keep an eye on the lean-and-hungry Kamala Harris and her California-political-machine plottings, and keep Joe apprised. It would be nice to have a look at the salary figures of the two press officers.

But it’s apparent that the Obama team is muscling in, sidelining the Biden team. Many of these characters know where all the bodies are buried. Some, such as Biden’s nominee to the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, were fellow partakers in Biden-style corruption. (Nominee Alejandro Mayorkas was caught in a green card scam.) They all have the same low swamp standards and now can all be corrupt together, in an honor-among-thieves dynamic. The suppression of the Hunter Biden emails has already sent a message that selling out the country for cash means nobody gets punished.

The bad signs are starting early because so much Obama is present in this administration. Biden really is a rag doll, a puppet, a front. As the Biden Cabinet forms, look for the hand of Obama.

Sources: American Thinker: Obama’s second coup? Obama loyalists muscle out Biden’s people in White House line-up

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I hope nobody in the US who has any perception at all thinks that Biden or Harris will be running the show if Biden’s theft of the election is successful. Everybody who understands anything about the godless corruption that has seized our country knows that if Biden’s theft succeeds, Barack Obama, the non-American, Kenyan born white man posing as a black man will be the next president for at least 4 years.

  2. I will say it again! Obama is in charge. And Joe Biden is a dead man walking around. Obama has already put in place when he was president. People who knows how to use the system. The FBI, CIA, ALL ARE still following Obama order! Trump made the mistake of NOT FIRING THEM ALL! AND STARTED will his own people!

    • Ya got that rite !!! O’SLIMA is leading all DEMO–C–RATS around by the RING in their SNOUT’S !!! The DEMO–C–RAT PARTY with George SORRASS money was nose ring lead into a HUGE mansion O’SLIMA could never afford on his own ,I WANT TO SEE all his years of TAXES ,NOW !!!

    • Matter of fact O’BIDEN MUST show all his taxes from forever , plus all his off shore cash receipts !!! What the heck his income will include his son Hunter’s pay check that “pappy”paid him through ,China, Ukraine, Russia, I hear their are other Countries just added to their troubles!!! Wonder if PAPPY filed for business ownership to file for tax income purposes ???

  3. Hope Trump gets some more attorneys for our county to fight the Democratic fraud in ballots
    God’s timing is perfect.
    God’s plan perfect.

    • Your about half right Nellie, God’s timing is perfect and his perfect plan is to get Trump OUT of the White House and begin the long and difficult process of making America respectable again.

    • NO amount of attorneys is going to save Trump. When N Korea decided S Korea should be communism did we line up at the border and “peacefully protest”?
      When N Viet Nam thought S Viet Nam should be communist did we stand at the border “peacefully protesting”?
      HELL NO! we took up arms and said “not on our watch”! will we do any less for our own country?
      The Attorneys will fail us, the courts will fail us, the F b I will betray us!
      If we are to save America it will be in the streets and it needs to be biblical !!!

  4. That is why Obama has a residence in D.C. close to the White House. He has been working with Soros and Bloomberg among others to overthrow the Trump Administration, he has been managing the coup plot, and the Election Fraud which is more of the coup plot.

  5. Well what did anyone expect Obama would do. He is a greedy person for the power and spotlight and Biden does not have a clue so that is easy picking. Mr. Obama should be tried for all the crimes he has committed.

  6. I knew all along this is,what was happening..he didn’t stay 3rd term n he wanted to so I knew he’d come up with some sneaky scheme. . Joe is just a front man n must be getting pd a lot!! The left is very conniving!! OMG!!

  7. This should not be a surprise to anyone. He truly believes, as does Hilary, that they are entitled to run this country. So very sad for those who truly care about our country.

    • Biden is barely able to say he is alive let alone able to manage a childrens puzzle. He needs the half and half to run things badly. Problem is half the country loves Odumbo and they drool when saying his name. We are screwed because society loves the darkness and will not come to the light of Jesus. That is why Christianity is under attack. If they can get rid of it then there is no moral right and wrong. Odumbo has hos day of wrath coming soon handed down by God!

  8. No secret at all! The CPUSA and MSM have elected the Harris/Biden disaster as a front to continue taking America down from within.

  9. I just popped in here to see what the right wing folks were talking about, and, Wow, the out right lies and fantasies in this story boggle the mind.

    And to think that people seriously believe that Obama wants any parts of a 3rd term are seriously related to those who believe in the Flat Earth dribble.

    • I see the LSD is good and strong today. Maybe put down the joint and rejoin society. Not all of us believe the crap you don’t believe half of yourself. Indoctrination worked very well on you your college professors would say. So who is the moron?
      At least we form our own thoughts where as you had to go to college and be force fed professor crap that you gobbled down and cannot stop spewing.

    • In the event Biden is elevated to the Presidency, Biden voters will be regretting their vote within 12 months!

  10. All I can say is . . . I hope everyone in this United States of America are quick learners as they will doing the goose step before too long!!

  11. Yes “Black Snake” Obama is on the move. Have to give him credit for coordinating the election steal.
    Anything he can do to harm Americans and our country!

  12. NO SURPRISE here, we all ready pretty much knew this, we all knew this back in 2016, And the only thing that stopped the FAKE potus for a 3 team, was the 2 term rule, and he could not change it. HA HA HA HA. He and soros use greedy weak minded people that want all that glory. while they ( obama and soros ) sit back and move the weak ones mouth and that walk and talk.

  13. Weasel………good description……….Bo could not run a lawnmower without written & pictured descriptions……………He was good at vacations and spending tax payers $$$$ tho………

  14. Obama and Soros need eliminated and the world would have far left problems and scandals or chaos! Why people tolerate this trash by demorats is beyond me! America cant simple stand by while this trash ruins America!! We tell other countires what to do or who to get rid of but people just let it happen here!! Vote for this trash! Brainwashed by fake news! Wake up people!

  15. In the event Biden is elevated to the Presidency, Biden voters will be regretting their vote within 12 months!

  16. Obama is now bringing attention to the evil he did.He should have kept away .Judgements is coming.He thinks he is going to get his third term.The God of truth is laughing at The evil left

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