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Obama’s Dangerous Wish For America is Finally Here

Top Republicans are exsposing Obama for who he truly is.

With the Democrats’ maniacal actions since January 6th, not to mention Leftist tech giants, a fawning and mendacious press, street-mob organizations, and Obama-styled weaponized federal agencies aiding and abetting Democrats, endless conflict is all but predictable. No one can guarantee the USA will exist for the duration of the decade, let alone the next four years, or even this year.

Our 245-year experiment in representative democracy is rapidly fraying at the edges, and not merely because of anarchists and agitators or a contested election. Big money has always been the controlling factor in Washington D.C. Today, the levels of influence peddling are unprecedented and getting worse.

No Middle Ground

Democrats and Republicans once sought to join together on critical issues for the good of the Union, at least some of the time. Today partisan politics predominates. We now approach $28 trillion in debt and $153 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a level that is unconscionable and represents theft of our children’s and grandchildren’s heritage. Concurrently, Communist China increasingly operates in the foreground to undermine our every institution.

The sentiment that the U.S. is a global force for good is a sentiment shared by at least half of our friends around the globe, and even begrudgingly by our enemies after the dust settled — think Germany and Japan — but the sentiment cannot be as potent when there is constant internal strife. Domestic dissension and sedition, the lobbying stranglehold, and outright Leftist treason has left our friends befuddled and our enemies bemused and emboldened.

Meanwhile, the world is suffering, beyond the ravages of the coronavirus and in ways that few people could have predicted. More refugees populate the earth than ever before. Human trafficking, often a euphemism for sexual slavery, is a blight on “civilized” societies. The world population is now approaching 8.0 billion people, up from 5.0 billion people in 1985.

Bursting at the Seams

In the U.S. whether or not the mainstream press will ever address the reality, the waves of illegal immigrants from 2008 to 2020 have strained our resources, while Biden and company promise to open the floodgates. Local and state governments are bursting at the fiscal seams.

Crime is rampant among communities with an influx of illegal aliens. A visit to the Drug Enforcement Administration website reveals the country of origin of those criminals most wanted by the D.E.A. in cities across America. Hint: Overwhelming it is Mexico.

Despite record amounts spent on education, our schools were already failing, before the current shutdowns. Minority academic underachievement has been near-constant for decades, even in the most “progressive” communities with the most “progressive-thinking” teachers. Hordes of immigrant children, primarily hailing from Latin America, will further strain school districts.

Fracturing along Ideological Lines

On the East Coast and the West Coast, deep pockets of liberalism prevail. In the center of the country, conservatism prevails. Communities are organizing along political divisions and feel “the other side” simply doesn’t get it: espousing policies, theories, and beliefs contrary to the best interests of our civilization.

Personally, I don’t wish to reside in a land dominated by the fake news media, the current Senate and Congressional leaders, billionaire “progressives” bent on censorship, sell-out corporations, a two-tier justice system, and a school system designed to poison the minds of our children.

The U.S. might fracture and become two or three countries. The geography for such a partition, of course, is not convenient. How do you combine California, Oregon, and Washington, with New England and the left-leaning Mid-Atlantic States? They are joined together by ideology, while thousands of miles apart.

If we the U.S. were to split into two nations, beyond the inconvenient geography many problems would occur from legal, political, and trade standpoints.

No Going Forward Like This

Regardless, we cannot continue in the current mode. The far-left is pulling away from everyone else in the nation, even from rank and file “progressives.” The age of the “somewhat reasonable” progressive, if there ever was one, is passing rapidly.

Many on the right would just as soon let the rabble-rousers go: What is the point of trying to maintain the Union with people who wish to “re-educate” you?

All the above points to the reality that the U.S. as we know it could soon be irretrievable.

Sources: TownHall: The U.S. Might Soon Be Irretrievable

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    • It’s probably not Biden. He’s small potatoes to the men who are running the country. Of course, he’ll take all they allow him to.

  1. “Oh my God up in Heaven, WE NEED DONALD J. TRUMP to continue being our president without all these Democratic Socialist Progressives down his back and throat all the time.. Dear Lord, I hope somehow You save America from these ungodly forces that are forming against her”.. Please people let this be your prayer. “Help us Lord we are at your mercy!!” I won’t add an amen because we need to keep our prayer going up to THE FATHER constantly..

      • Shoved up his butt with Moochie tied to him with razor wire. Obummer is just one of many Aholes that need to be replaced. The way things are going, he would be better off moving back to Kenya and taking all of the other jerks with him.

    • I agree 100%, they have to be stopped somehow and I could care less how painful it is. I have no heart for any of them, the future of our precious fabulous country is gravely at stake. In other words… **** EVERY ONE OF THEM.

  2. Does anyone remember Obama first remark of A HATE SPEECH? Yes that was during his first term. George Zimmerman and trouble maker Martin! Obama show his HATE FOR WHITE PEOPLE! George Zimmerman was NOT A WHITE PERSON! BUT A MEXICAN! Even Micheal/ Michelle show his/ her HATE FOR THE ORDER RACE GOD CREATED! So HATE doesn’t have a place in GOD KINGDOM!

  3. We are now reaping what the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa sowed in 2009. The fifth columnist from the Kenyan hut was not able to establish a one-party dictatorship in his first time at bat, but even before his demented bribe-taking pedophile rapist lackey is installed as our illegitimate Chinese puppet leader, we are on the point of removing the Republican president from whom the election was stolen, unconstitutionally disbarring him from public office, expelling the Republican members of the congress and banning the Republican Party, to leave the party of Marx, Mohammed and Malcolm X as our sole legal political party as in the Africa where Mongrel 1.0 (now there will be another one in power) grew up, attended madrassah and signed on for jihad. The satanists, socialists and sodomites of the Deep State, their Chicom controllers and the bloated, decadent and degenerate tycoons in their entourage need to understand that the fracas started last week by Antifa and Burn Loot Murder at the behest of Chuck You Schumer, Nazi Pelosi and Biteme’s handlers was not an “insurrection” – the insurrection is yet to come.

  4. we will never have a real election now the dems have full control the only thing to do is revolution and dis band the current gov. or loose your freedom!

  5. We have a lynch mob attitude in the way the Democrates are reacting without a due process of law they want to hang him immediately, its just hate that fuels this!

    • How do you describe Blue State Governors and Mayors in Detroit, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, New York, etc. allowing anarchy, riots, and breaking all the Covid -19 rules while asking us to be good people and obey their rules. Most of them didn’t follow their own rules and were caught in the act. I suppose you think all that stuff is OK. Take your head out of the sand and start looking within yourself and evaluate your own moral and ethical standards before you judge others.

    • Obummer is the one man who tried to bring Our Great Nation to it’s knee’s!!!! He has a 8.3 million dollar Mansion ,what in 8 years in office he can afford that mansion!!!! You Dems are nothing but liars and thiefs!!!! All you Dems are heading for abyss ,I hope all you Dems and 🦏’s rot in hell ,or prison which ever comes First 🥇

  6. Obama was a lying moslum gave millions to enemies of the USA but Dem’s think he can do no wrong. Wake up he has already sold us down the drain.

  7. Ms. or Mrs. Marian Smith, Maam, what you have said is what truly did happen! All of those So-called judges immedeatley before the Defense Attorneys started their motion to present our/their Pertinent Evidence, where they did Not even hear that evidence, they played like Lady Liberty with her blind fold over her eyes aaand they had already stuffed cotton balls in their ears, so they truly did NOT want to even hear the Pertinent Evidence! I would call all of those so-called judges a bunch of FAKE Ignorant Commie Socialist Judges, just like the comedian character, who play Sargent Schulz on That 1960’s Comedy Sitcom “Hogans Hero’s”, where he would say “I Don’t Know Nothing, I Don’t Hear Nothing And I Don’t See Nothing” type of Un-Constitutional Attitude! Which is a SHAME AND A DISGRACE!!!

  8. Let’s look at some facts: Nikita Khrushchev predicted America would be communist under it’s own volition without the USSR shooting a single shot. Obama was born and raised in a communist family and made hateful remarks about America. He also said he wanted to fundamentally change America, but to what? communism like his family members wanted? He said he hated the US Constitution, repeatedly. Pelosi has called for a rewrite or repeal of the first amendment and repeal of the second amendment like so many others in the communist democrap party. 57+% of millennials want America to be communist. For a long time, many America public schools have been teaching children that communism is a benign system of government America might try in the near future. Huge numbers of people in American politics are closet communists. Bottom line, what happened on 11/3/202 was mathematically impossible that over 48% of the population of America voted in the election. 11/3/2020 was a communist coup d’etat, the end of the US Constitution, nullification of SCOTUS and freedom of speech as we’ve known it. Research communists in American politics on duckduckgo for the truth.

  9. My apologies if there’s a duplicate post. Something went wrong and kept saying I made a duplicate post when I hadn’t. I don’t think the comments section was functioning properly.

  10. I couldn’t agree more about your Appropriate read of the CHAOS and HATRED in this Country Now ! I For One perfectlly understand where are coming from . Keep Up with your FACT findings.

  11. I want “bad” to read *itch pelosi’s obituary very very soon, TODAY WOULD BE EXCELLENT!!! I would be dancing in the street a jig of EXTREME happiness!! Whenever that glorious day occurs it should be made a holiday, the sooner the better. And that *amn sure applies to George soros too.

  12. Sad times for all Americans, can we recover? Not as long as we are lied to, censored, attacked we have lost our way, look in the mirror

  13. God help America! It is truly sad when we tried to go to our court systems for a hearing on the rigged election, like they all banned together to deny Americans that right! Even SCOTUS failed the American people. They turned against us! Now, they will hear 8 cases after the inauguration! Why not cancel the inauguration til after all the 8 hearings. Judge Roberts states he was scared of what Antifa would do! I say gets some “balls” to Roberts! Months ago on Facebook there was a picture of a page Epstein’s log of passengers with the name of Roberts appeared. I was concerned and I have always thought someone held something over his head because the last few times he has voted with the liberals. About two weeks ago 3 different people put a picture of Roberts with Ms Maxwell on Facebook. Even the attorney Lin Wood had stated that on Facebook
    is that our Judge Roberts on Epstein’s passenger list? Another person put on Facebook a picture of Bill Clinton looking at you in waist deep calm water with 3 guys on the right and a picture of a guy near a boat
    on the left and circled with the name Judge Roberts! Is Judge Roberts mixed in with this group and denied to hear any cases concerning our fraud election and giving our freedom away for communism because someone has the goods on him? When our highest court turned their back on Americans, our freedom was taken away. The inauguration should not take place until our rigged election is settled in court. Judge Roberts is totally wrong to hear the 8 cases after the fact!

  14. So here is the facts in a simple quote: The Democrats are to open the borders to everyone all illegals come on in and take our jobs and resources and medical attention from Americans that made this country. Democrats send our jobs back to China so we are without jobs. Over taxing everyone by Democrats has Americans leaving the states in Democrats control just to survive. This is a horrible time and made by the Democrats and the Media. You think it was bad the last 4 years? Just watch what happens in 1 year. You will beg to have Trump back.

  15. True! They refused to hear or see evidence BEFORE refusing. Not servants of the people or supporters of the Constitution they swore to protect.

  16. Well, we all know the real reason President Trump had everyone against him is that he would never be bought by the very same special Intrest Groups that everyone else in The Government like the Democrat Politicians are financially connected to, and from that, they lost Billions of dirty money in the 4 years under President Trump because they could not control him or tell him what to do that would make everyone big money.

  17. Balkanization of the United States of America started with the Beer Summit held in the WHITEHOUSE by Barack Hussein Obama, egged on by Bernie Sanders and the Squad, and in spite of pressure on the brakes by President Trump, the imbecile and demented JOE “the sniffer” Biden will reinvigorate the process of fracturing (not fracking) to be completed by the second half baked future President of the United States of America in the form of a cackling lady.

    East or West, the twain shall never meet.

  18. Obama is definitely an Anti-christ but my inspiration and information comes from God the Creator’s revealed word, the Bible.

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