Officers Are Walking Away At The Border

What is happening?

Kamala Harris has been completely missing in action when it comes to doing anything that might actually resolve the border crisis.

It’s gotten so bad, you even hear folks like MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asking “Where’s Kamala” in all this?

But now, with the fake Border Patrol ‘whipping’ Haitians story, Harris is suddenly speaking up about the border.

Harris is all-in on the apparent Democratic talking points on the issue, calling it “horrible.”

From Fox News:

“What I saw depicted about those individuals on horseback treating human beings the way they were, was horrible,” Harris told reporters. “And I fully support what is happening right now, which is a thorough investigation into exactly what is going on there. But human beings should never be treated that way. And I’m deeply troubled about it. And I’ll also be talking to Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas about it today.”

Treated what way? Told they couldn’t break the law and enter illegally? Interdicted from coming in by using a horse to block their way? Exactly what was “horrible” here about enforcing the law that she supposedly has sworn to uphold?

That’s the other thing here. This isn’t separate from her. This is her responsibility — remember the “Biden-Harris” responsibility and her responsibility directly as border ‘czarina.’ She’s concerned about the Haitians? Where has she been while they’ve been congregating and living under the International Bridge in squalor now for days? She’s only shown up now, thinking she has a story on which she can foist the blame on someone else — the CBP. But it’s all on her and Biden anyway.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (after he got the talking points) all signed aboard the horrible narrative, although Mayorkas first led with the truth — that no one whipped anyone.

Now, the CBP isn’t letting some of the Democrats and Biden officials throw them under the bus either. They’ve been busting their butts for months having to deal with all the ways that the Biden team has broken the system and thrown it into complete chaos. They’re doing the best they can — this isn’t on them. It’s on the Biden folks who seem to want to continue the chaos and open the doors to anyone.

Border Patrol agents who spoke to Fox News were angered by the pile-on from the administration, and accused it of trying to deflect from its inability to control the border.
“This whole situation is blowing up and even liberals are turning on this administration,” one agent told Fox News. “[Harris] is placing blame on agents to deflect because she and Biden are not going to change how they are handling this.”
Another source was more blunt, saying that the outrage “just proves what absolute idiots they are.”
“With basic knowledge and two brain cells, anyone knows those agents use split reins. They do use them as a whip, on their horses,” the agent said. “This helps get a quicker response from the horse to move out when needed, especially when the horse may be hesitant with groups of people or other animals.”
“Again it is clear that those ‘in charge,’ a term that is disgusting to use, have no clue about our operations and frankly operate by ignorance and unhinged emotions,” the agent said.

Exactly. This isn’t about reality or truth — it’s always about power and whatever narrative they’re trying to sell.

Sources: RedState: Kamala Suddenly Reappears to Talk About the Border, but CBP Officers Let Her Have It

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    Now examine the situation in the USA!
    It is time to FIRE THE DEMONS who took over the left!

  2. The entire disaster is the fault of an illegal potus an ex socialist obuma and the demorats. This country is going the way of Venezuela, time to stock your pantries

  3. My full support is with our dedicated border patrol. Been awhile since I’ve ridden a horse but l’m pretty sure the “whip” is actually reins. Why doesn’t Harris, Waters, etc (the usual agitators,) throw on some jeans and help instead of dumping on our guards who are doing their job! Dems are all for open boarders and by golly they are wide open!

  4. By the time the commies R voted out, (if they don’t usurp all authority by 22). we will have between 4 & 6 million more ILLEGALS in the country. According 2 OAN there R now between 36-37 million iILLEGALs in the country, If the GLOBALISTS truly believe in no borders, wheres the push in2 Russia/China/Iran/Saudi Arabia? None of those countries R 3rd world. At least 3 of them have plenty of land 2 divey up.. Russia is 2x larger than U.S. & has a smaller population. The “OPEN BORDERS” agenda is just a GLOBAL ELITIST plot 2 destroy the U.S.. The GLOBALSOCOMS just want 2 return 2 the days of ROYALTY & SERFS. If necessary I will give U the proverbial 3 guesses on which of the 2 U.R!!!!!!

  5. These are the replacement voters. Think about it, they are mostly covid positive and the covid spikes you are seeing are where the Biden administration are sending them, these illegals can refuse the vaccine too. The vaccine doesn’t work anyways, it wears off in five months, you can still catch covid and pass it on even if you are vaccinated. These illegals also carry diseases that we eradicated years ago, the recent outbreak of measels point that way.

  6. Only way this mess is going to be stopped is if the Governors bus and Fly all these people to these locations: 1. The Capital Building in Washington DC, 2. Beverly Hills (Hollywood area) in California and 3. Make sure they are dropped off in the Senate and House members neighborhoods. Once these elite have to live among these people will this be solved.

  7. Biden and this whole administration of his needs to be thrown out of the government immediately and permanently otherwise we won’t have a country anymore, get rid of them NOW!

  8. Harris and Biden will do anything to advance their agenda. United States be damned!! You Biden voters, including the dead and the electronic machines, caused. Whatever you might have lost, and we all (except for the super-rich) have lost a lot – it is your own fault.

  9. Seems like they want to punish anyone thats enforcing the law.Just like our civil servants. When in fact Biden and Harris need arrested for treason. These folks are trying to control the situation.That the administration let happen. I watched that video over and over.Knowbody was whipped. I wouldnt except anyone being whipped. These folks are doing their jobs in desert heat,outnumbered,for crap pay. Doing it with dedication to their state and country. Keep messing with our law enforcement. Americans will be forced to take it in their own hands. Story telling is exactly why Biden outlawed personal and media drones.

  10. The money Biden and the Democrats have spent on these illegals should be an impeachable offense. Our treasury would be much better off at this moment if those wasted funds had been spent of erecting a border wall rather than transporting illegals hither, thither, and yon; housing and feeding them; and providing medical care and other benefits that we, the working Americans, are having to pay for. I think the vast majority of Americans knew before the 2020 election that Biden was incompetent. But, the democrat voters were assured that Kamala Harris could step in and immediately take the reins of power. Now it appears that the only reason Kamala Harris was chosen and a running mate with Biden is because she is probably the only person in politics who can make Biden appear that he knows what he is doing. So, if Biden should be unable to continue as President we would only be swapping incompetent or grossly incompetent.

    How the hell did our country end up in this situation.

  11. The migrants committed a crime when they entered our country illegally. They’re getting what they deserve. Cackling Kamala should be thankful the Border Patrol agents are doing what they’re supposed to do. No country can absorb this many migrants. If nothing is done, all of Haiti and South America will empty out and America will become just like Venezuela. But maybe that’s exactly what dopey Joe wants to do – destroy America.

  12. May I RESPECTFULLY suggest ALL the BIg MOUTHS who are CRITIZEING the BORDER PATROL go to the BORDER get out in front of the BORDER PATROL and Show them Just HOW TO STOP THESE CRIMMINALS FROM ENTERING ILLEAGALLY our COUNTRY. TALK is CHEAP SHOW ME you KNOW what you are PREACHING. JUST a BUNCH of HOLLOW IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  13. Harris, it was your job to watch the border, not throw the first pitch at a game no one was watching, or go to asia. You are the one that was responsible for this invasion, don’t throw your ‘boss’ under the bus.

  14. The idiot and ho are responsible for the crisis at the southern border and it has gotten so out of hand they don’t know or care what to do about it. What is needed is a bunch of .50 cal machine guns with pallets of ammo for each one. Don’t use whips use bullets. It would be better for America if the demonRATS were standing in front of the barrels. Its time the frauds get out of office and let patriots take their places.

  15. So every conceivable liberal idea is being tried.

    Fail fail fail fail.

    Now can we stop with the stupid liberal thinking? Or are you too stupid to see they all failed?

  16. The closest these demoncreep anti American Biteme biden administration people like Mayorkas, the lying bitches Mad Maxine and PISSaki and Biteme himself have ever come to a horse is when they look in the mirror and see a HORSE’S ASS looking back at them, What a miserable bunch of lying asshole these people are…

  17. It’s Nobody Fault but Beijing Joseph Russell O’Biden and his Deranged and Deplorable Administration. If Beijing Joe Hadn’t STOLEN the 2020 Election from its rightful Owner POTUS Donald J. Trump the Country and the World wouldn’t be in the hands of a Pure Dementia Ridden FRAUD , CON and One of the BIGGEST Thugs that America has seen.

  18. This power hungry son of a bitch has over stepped his powers and violates the United States Constitution with almost everything he does. IMPEACH, ARREST, PROSECUTE, THEN GO AFTER THE REST OF THE SWAMP.

    They do not care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS SUPER POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES. If this crooked President was PINOCCHIO, his nose would be so far ahead of him it would be in CHINA with his friends.

  19. Look Harris and Biden family own Slaves in fact didn’t Kamal Grandaddy have a slave farm about 200.She must be use to a whip since her grandaddy probably use it. So don’t blame something on someone when it could come back and bites you on your a-s.

  20. The SOCIALISTIC, COMMUNISTIC, LIBTURD, DEMONRAT PARTY MEMBERS are TOO STUPID TO REALIZE that these ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS ‘ are going to get this COUNTRY destroyed because they of the DISEASES they are bringing in will kill them also

  21. If Harris had done her job right when Biden opened the borders and put her in charge, there would not have been a problem at all. They keep blaming someone else for their own stupidity.

  22. The REASON for this train wreck: ; Satanist BILL GATES!!! i do not “accuse”. That is
    what the Devil is called: “The Great Accuser”. There is documented evidence that the
    richest man in the world is a godless worshippor of of stuff unworthy of print. Do not
    proceed until you complete thorough research!! There are some who are so victimized by
    lies that they love the chains which imprison them. These persons are immovable. As
    more and more people are waking up to the lies being told to them and the lies about lies , they will awaken and discover that it is FREEDOM that everyone on earth favors. Despots
    in Australia will not only be taken down the hard way, regardless of BillGat3es’s bribes, but other nations, who had their prime ministers slrain becfause they did not go along
    with George Soros/Bill Gates/Rockefeller family’s quest for world domination, will
    receive their answer from God. “God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that
    will he also reap!”
    Christianity has been bloodied by evil again, but the Word of God will rise and

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