PA State Senator Proposes ‘Moral’ Minimum Wage Hike To $20 An Hour So Working Class Can Afford Netflix Subscriptions and Avocado Toast


A Pennsylvania state senator has proposed a significant increase in the state’s minimum wage, aiming to set it at $20 per hour, which would be the highest state minimum wage in the United States.

State Sen. Christine Tartaglione (D) introduced Senate Bill 1186 (SB 1186), which seeks to elevate the minimum wage in Pennsylvania from the current federal minimum of $7.25 20. Tartaglione has criticized the current rate as “inadequate” in light of rising inflation.

A $12.75 raise? That’s impressive, and it’s one that low-skilled workers are likely crossing their fingers and toes over in hopes that it gets passed.

Tartaglione pointed out that individuals employed full-time in sectors such as childcare, home health, retail, and hospitality, and earning only the minimum wage, bring home just $15,080 annually. “These are some of the most fundamental jobs in our Commonwealth, yet the compensation for the hard work done by minimum and near-minimum wage earners is not sufficient to afford basic necessities such as rent, transportation, food, and prescriptions,” she said. “Many are forced to rely on public assistance to get by.”

21.95 to survive in Pennsylvania. For two adults with one working, the required living wage is $30.67.

In an April memo, Tartaglione remarked that after “two decades of inaction,” even a $15 minimum wage is now “no longer adequate.”

Of course, it’s not like the state has tried to help those without jobs or even worked with various groups to educate those who are in need of a higher wage. Those with no skills shouldn’t suddenly get a bump to $20 per hour. It seems that Pennsylvania may have to learn the hard way like California is doing.