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Parents Outraged Over Teachers BLM Propaganda

Parents of a posh private school are outraged over a teachers list of “woke” demands.

Parents of children attending a posh, $55,000-per-year school in New York City are reportedly pulling their kids from classes after teachers, who are refusing to return to work even as other public and private NYC schools are now back to in-person learning, issued a laundry list of woke demands that could cost millions.

The Dalton School is still virtual, the Daily Mail reports, even though most other NYC schools have returned to in-person learning with restrictions, and despite parents’ demands that the school refund at least part of the hefty $50,000-per-year tuition, given that kids are still in virtual classrooms.

Before they return to work, however, Dalton School teachers reportedly want a laundry list of demands met — a list of “woke” changes that one parent revealed on his personal blog, The Naked Dollar, last week.

“Possibly relenting under the pressure, Dalton has announced plans to reopen, but this has ignited another firestorm, this time from the faculty,” the parent wrote. “Apparently, reopening is racist.”

“The charge has been leveled by black faculty and staffers,” he continued. “They suggest, among other things, that faculty of color are more at risk from having to come to work. The reasoning is that they have, on average, more distant commutes and therefore expose themselves longer to risky public transportation.”

Around a hundred faculty members signed on to the list, which the Naked Dollar printed in part:

  • The hiring of twelve (!) full time diversity officers
  • An additional full time employee whose “entire role is to support Black students who come forward with complaints.”
  • Hiring of multiple psychologists with “specialization on the psychological issues affecting ethnic minority populations.”
  • Pay off student debt of incoming black faculty
  • Re-route 50% of all donations to NYC public schools
  • Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white
  • Required courses on “Black liberation”
  • Reduced tuition for black students whose photographs appear in school promotional materials
  • Public “anti-racism” statements required from all employees
  • Mandatory “Community and Diversity Days” to be held “throughout the year”
  • Required anti-bias training to be conducted every year for all staff and parent volunteers
  • Mandatory minority representation in (otherwise elective) student leadership roles
  • Mandatory diversity plot lines in school plays
  • Overhaul of entire curriculum to reflect diversity narratives

The requirements could, no doubt, cost millions — a cost that will likely be passed on to parents through tuition hikes.

“The demands for additional staffers alone would add millions of dollars to Dalton’s annual budget,” The Naked Dollar notes. “Siphoning off 50% of donations would dry up funding. Eliminating AP classes (referred to as “leveled courses”) would destroy college admissions. It’s not an exaggeration to say these demands, if implemented, would destroy Dalton altogether. According to insiders, much damage has already been done.”

Ironically, as the parent points out, Dalton is one of the city’s most progressive schools, leaving progressives — not conservatives — ultimately responsible for the school’s pervasive climate of systemic racism.

The Daily Mail, citing the New York Post, reports that parents, who feel bullied, are pulling their children.

“The school is more focused on virtue-signaling this nonsense than it is in actually helping students of color,” one parent told the Post. “More parents are going to be pulling their kids out.”

At this point, the school is demanding that all teachers and faculty return after the holiday break, but that may change. The list of demands, the school’s administration claims, is just a list of “ideas” about how to make Dalton “anti-racist.”

“Dalton officials said the document is just ‘a set of thought-starters’ created last summer by a group of faculty and staff responding to Dalton’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution,” the Daily Mail notes.

‘The school does not support all the language or actions it contains,” Dalton said in a statement on the matter. “Dalton’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism is grounded in our deep appreciation for the dignity of all community members, an understanding of differing life backgrounds, empathy for one another, and the ability to engage and listen with respect across differences.”

The Daily WireParents At Posh NYC School May Pull Kids After Teachers Issue List Of ‘Woke’ Demands

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  2. These BLM members are only interested one thing…themselves!! All their complaining is disgusting, as if none of us haven’t had the same problems are them. Of course we have. I have been ostracized and bullied all my life! Talk about racism…do you really know what the word means? Quit feeling sorry for yourselves, there are a great many more people in society that have had it worse than BLM. This group of extremists will viciously attack you if you don’t accept what their agenda! Never invite them to a peaceful demonstration!! They don’t know what those are either! Suck it up Buttercup! Look around you! You are so lucky to live in America where life can be easier & happier…it all depends on your attitude! Your agenda to teach to the children will only destroy their self-worth. You better think about what you are doing to our youth!! God Forbid. May the power of God’s grace, mercy, love, strength & courage be with you today & all the days of your precious life!! So, please, quit complaining, OK?

  3. never did like b l m or antics, they are scum. also if any corporation backs them then we should boycott that place.

  4. 13.4% of the population DECIDES what to do?????????
    Most of the 13.4% of the population is dumber than a bag of hammers. Thanks to the teachers!!!!!
    Can we simply tell those IDIOTS to clam up, and GO TO WORK?????

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