Pelosi Chooses Her Own Laws

Pelosi has gone too far with this decision.

The Rules Package for the 117th Congress includes a proposal to replace gendered language referring to a representative’s family members with gender-neutral terms, House leaders announced Friday.

Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Massachusetts Rep. James McGovern, chairman of the Rules Committee, announced changes to the House rules that will “honor all gender identities” by modifying the pronouns and familial relations references in the rules, the Committee on Rules announced.

The resolution would change “pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral or removes references to gender, as appropriate, to ensure we are inclusive of all Members, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and their families – including those who are nonbinary,” McGovern’s announcement said.

The new rules also change “seamen” to “seafarers”, “chairman” to “chair” and “submit his or her resignation” to “resigns,” according to the resolution.

References to fathers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and in-laws would be changed to “parent, child, sibling, spouse, or parent-in-law,” according to the resolution. Extended family members would be referred to as “child’s parent” instead of aunt or uncle, stepparents, and siblings-in-law.

“Thanks to the leadership of Chairman McGovern and our Members, Democrats have crafted a package of unprecedented, bold reforms, which will make the House more accountable, transparent and effective in our work to meet the needs of the American people,” Pelosi said in a statement.

The rules package will be voted on when the new Congress assembles and includes reforms to ethics, accountability and inclusion, according to the Committee on Rules.

Sources: BPR: Pelosi announces new House rules, brags about the ‘unprecedented, bold reforms’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. We Republicans will always call are relatives and family by proper names. exp. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Man, Woman.

  2. I don’t understand how people vote these representatives in. I thought our leaders were suppose to be the brightest of the country. Instead many of them should be sitting in a corner with a dunce hat atop their head.

  3. And The Brainwashed Moronic Pelosi Worshipers and Adorers voted Pelosi back in once again!! Every one of you dunces should be publicly taken out and horse whipped live on TV!!!

  4. Leftist communists suck the life and liberties from the remaining MAJORITY of AMERICAN patriots!! I prefer death to living in the United States they envision!

  5. So, she is a ..nt. Masculine though only feminine.
    Her man/hubby with the millions she made has no power over that thing she/he is!
    Man this is getting more than senile. I could say she is becoming BIDENISED!
    And the peripateticienne harris is becoming more putrid by the minute.
    What a party this is!

  6. This ( I’m not sure what she is supposed to be addressed as , maybe “It”) has lost it’s mind ! Next She will Command the”Weather” and the “Change of Seasons” and be crowned the “Queen of Ice Cream”
    This Person (if the term is permissibile) is Daft and has Delusions of Power ! She/It thinks with a wave of her wand/spoon that she can magically command a change of the English Language by “Creating a Law” What a Confused person ,possibly mentally deranged the Dems have elected to speak for them

  7. Pelosi uses blackmail to get er vote. Vote her way or you are cut off from DNC campaign money. All those who donate to the demoscum campaigns are fools if they think for one minute that any candidate except Pelosi’s choice will get one thin dime.

  8. She is making all Americans begin to feel uncomfortable right here in America. She needs the focus on real f****** issues. wtf is she talking about? I do not like the fact that I was born and raised right here in America and someone is going to tell me that I can’t use certain words in my language in they’re gonna try to make it a law she needs to go live in her own cloud where she can lead her own helium headed group of control Freaks.

  9. Who the hell does she think she is? She should bear in mind that the dum votes were faked, so she doesn’t have the public support she thinks she does. Just how far does she think can push the American people before the defication hits the rotary oscillator.

  10. By the way, Biden said that if both the dumbs won in Georgia there would be 2000 dollar checks. That could easily be seen as election tampering.

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