Pelosi Illegally Fines Republicans

She has lost all common sense.

A group of House Republicans protested the chamber’s mask mandate on the floor on Tuesday afternoon. Speaker Pelosi has not yet updated guidance on mask-wearing on the House floor, despite the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that says that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks. Not all House members have been vaccinated.

The lawmakers likened mask mandates to “oppression” and a “political tool” and refused to comply with the mandate, even in light of the $500 fine for violating the policy.

CNN’s survey found that all 219 House Democrats have been fully vaccinated, while 95 House Republicans are confirmed to be.

Sources: Townhall: Group of Republicans Refuse to Wear Masks on House Floor

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Keep messing with her brain , with what she has left, and give her a STROKE and send her home , to go room temp. And then investigate her and her hubby and family for CORRUPTION , BIG CORRUPTION.

  2. I would ask PEEELOUSI who died and made her HITTLER . I would not comply to a communist. I would believe CDC knows more about a virus that she does. And the reason they didn’t wait for her to ok boys you may remove your masks . I would have say can’t help it in slow older age you take to long . then ask her why she do take her mask off. But only is she wasn’t wareing one.

  3. This whole administration are all about power and money,it’s thier way or no way,they all need to go

  4. TYRANNY will be taken down, pelosi!
    You will be taken down, pelosi!
    You cannot decide unilaterally what can be done, pelosi!
    Your fall will be in flame, pelosi!
    The votes will destroy you, pelosi!
    HEY EVA BRAUN. get off of your little pony!

  5. Pelosi just wants EVERYONE to conform to her liberal ways and if not she’ll figure out something to do to them, legal or illegal. She’s a punk and a bully. You’d think at 82 she’d have some niceness in her but no way, she is going to her grave the ugly woman she has been all of her life. What a legacy of “kindness” she leaves her family. I’m sure she thinks she’ll be written about in future history books as a HEROE…. The power has really gone to her head and she is an old joke!!

  6. The clowns, like Greene ,Gohmert, Boebert, may not like it , but she enforced the House Rules. So, get vaccinated or be masked, you do not get to do whatever you want. ^Six clowns of 425 a performance and not much else.

  7. Pelosi is mad with power! Look at her, she’s almost frothing! This should be taken to SCOTUS! . . along with a case against her regarding all those still imprisoned and being tortured and deprived of humane conditions after the Jan.6th “riots”!!! She belongs in China where this is the norm!

  8. Who cares what Pelosi thinks, I wish she would disappear forever . I might wear a mask around her so her dead skin doesn’t fall off on me .

    Such a nasty being !!

    Fits right in with Biden and his pet cow VP

  9. You don’t have to remove all of them try the worst of them for treason and hang them and watch how fast the rest of them clean up there acts.

  10. FREEDOM OF SPEECH has NEVER been more abused than by our
    the current GROUP No, I am not in favor of rubber stamp issues,
    BUT, I am against the type of bias, hate that is spewed out by these
    RODENTS. Speaker has lost ALL control of her House to this
    GROUP of Anti-Israel, Anti-American., Anti_Jewish SCUM
    Pissloser is more concerned mask-wearing than she is of the DISEASED
    mouths of her radical House members.
    Where are the Pro_Israel members of the Housing, hiding under
    their desks, afraid to challenge the GROUP? Do your job
    or GET OUT!!!

  11. If all the Trump haters within our government were to disappear for ever, America and it people would be a hell of a lot better off . The Democrats are trying to Destroy America before the real truth comes out about the corrupt Democrats and their cheating ways.

  12. Everyday the evil Democrats are showing the American people just how corrupt they really are. And everyday more and more Americans are wishing that they would all die before they destroy Our country.

  13. Pelosi is a constipated old hag. She is a blatant hypocrite. She makes doggy-do look and smell GREAT. Pelosi is a waste of a (human?) female.

  14. Prlosi AOC Ohmar Schiff Nader Walters feinstien Warren and a list of others are nothing more than over the hill Rino’s
    That should have been gone bye bye a long time ago to the old folks home wearing a straight jacket 24/7 round the clock all year long into onfinity.

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