Pelosi Is Power Hungry As She Takes Down Republicans

Her scandal in Iowa is just the latest example.

During Senate Republicans’ weekly press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) foreshadowed one legislative danger that would become reality if Democrats’ massive electoral power grab, HR 1, were to be signed into law.

Ernst joined fellow Republicans in warning against the federal takeover of elections that is present within HR 1, a move that Democrats hope to pass. Arguing against the election overhaul that would ultimately erase state and local jurisdiction over elections, Ernst cited the current situation with Iowa’s second congressional district.

Democratic candidate Rita Hart lost to Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA), by a slim margin that was recounted multiple times and certified by a bipartisan panel of state elected officials. In spite of this, Hart sidestepped the judicial system and instead asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to overturn Miller-Meeks’ victory.

“Taking away the rights of the voters and the people within those states– that’s exactly what we are experiencing in Iowa today. We have a congresswoman, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who was seated. She was duly elected and seated in Iowa’s second congressional district,” Ernst said. “Rita Hart…chose not to do what Iowa code calls for, and go through the Iowa courts to appeal the decision of the bipartisan board…Instead, went straight to Nancy Pelosi and appealed to Democrats in a political process.”

The Iowa Republican added that the current attempt by Democrats to unseat Miller-Meeks affirms the importance of keeping elections under an individual state’s jurisdiction.

“We need to keep this process where it belongs: at the state level. It needs to be at the local level. We do not need to federalize our election system,” Ernst concluded.

The House Administration Committee is currently reviewing the already-certified results for Miller-Meeks’ victory, and HR 1 is unlikely to move forward in the upper chamber.

Sources: TownHall: Joni Ernst: Pelosi’s ‘Power Grab’ in Iowa Congressional Election Foreshadows Dangers of HR1

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Peelostitosey has been a democraps gold digger all her pathetic life – power and money that’s it. Doesn’t matter who gets burned and thrown to the sidelines or under the bus or swept under the carpets. She needs to be termed out of office and put into one of coumo’s old folks homes.

  2. These are people that we can never give into They will not stop until they control everything It is just as communism They think they can get us down and keep us down We will not go down like the demwits think we will They judge everything the way they would do it however the rest of us know the right way to do things and we will not follow these morons into hell These people spew hate they try to justify the killing of babies and selling their body parts This is a sick bunch of idiots These people will not be happy until they control every move of our lives This is not the USSR we will fight to stop this insanity that the demwits are trying to pull

  3. Power hungry for what ? Another’s voting frauds in places occur to the unfairness Republicans else’s not a Chance Pelosi you’ll stepping down by the fake rules and laws we won’t let you Witch Ma Ma !

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