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Pelosi Making Headlines For The Worst Reasons

She never stops whining, but never starts working.

“Last night, the Supreme Court immorally ripped away that relief in a ruling that is arbitrary and cruel,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Putting people out of their homes and forcing them to crowd in with others is also a public health risk as the delta variant accelerates.”

“Congressional Democrats have not and will not ever accept a situation of mass evictions. We will continue our work to ensure families suffering hardship during the pandemic can have the safety of home,” she added without mentioning any legislative actions to back up her outrage.

Far-left Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), who camped outside the Capitol building to protest the moratorium, tweeted Friday that “Congress must act. Now,” and that America “can’t let 11 million households be evicted in the midst of a pandemic.”

After the ruling was delivered on Thursday, Bush also told the News York Times that “the Supreme Court failed to protect the 11 million households across our country from violent eviction in the middle of a deadly global pandemic.”

The Court struck down the Biden-Harris administration’s eviction moratorium in a ruling that was a win property owners. After being ruled against before on broader grounds, the administration renewed the moratorium in a narrower scope. “The CDC’s argument that it could unilaterally impose a nationwide moratorium in any place with high levels of covid infections was almost completely ungrounded in law,” Breitbart News reported.

Sources: Breitbart: Nancy Pelosi Whines About SCOTUS Eviction Moratorium Ruling, Offers No Legislative Solution

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Her husband made millions thanks to her “insider Trading” abilities Congress had for many years!
    She refused to have “illegals” in her district!
    So, it is:”””DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!” As usual!
    Everything she does is for the votes! The “””rich””””property owners have enought o not get money for their property when rented!
    There is NO CONCERN about the people who own. Only the renters!

  2. Peloski is Gutter TRASH and needs to be Dispose of. She’s a Danger to We The People , Country and the World. She’s a DRUNKERED , WEED SMOKEN , PILL dropping Old Butt Ugly FACED HAG.

  3. Stupid a$$ Pelosi does not know how to think. If there wasn’t new ruling and the rules left in place, landowners with rentals, whether it is an apartment building or in home apartment, eventually the landlords would then be out of business because the banks would take their buildings and/or homes and there would be more people out on the streets in the homeless society. All Nazi Pelosi wants is HER WAY on anything and everything. She is going to be in prison, soon. She won’t ever be able t commit another treason. Good riddance to stinky trash!

  4. Pelosi needs to GIVE up her Multimillion $$$$ Home in CESSPOOL CITY a Suburb of San Francisco, CA. to the HOMELESS PEOPLE that she Dispise. This Wicked WITCH of the West Coast needs to be pressured in to RESIGNING or face IMPEACHMENT and IMPRISONMENT.

  5. If Pelosi feels so strongly on these people not having to pay there land lords and it is cruel to expect them to pay Pelosi can dig into her millions and buy out there debt. If she feels that land lords can afford the loss’s she must be more than happy to show by example.

  6. Nasty Nasty Nasty Nancy, You have to pass a law to see it work,…. You cannot simply get Schizophrenic, dementia ridden Cho bai-din to pen some words and make it Law,…. even a California demonRAT should know THAT ! And the only law YOU ever worked to pass was O’blamercare, which is twice-Plus as costly as Blue cross-blue shield, and has five times the deductible even for a cancered up old man like me,…. nahhh, Nasty pelosi, you gotta go and you gotta take all of those communists with you,…. your lies are showing,…. your nuttiness is showing,…. hell even your coopers droop is showing,

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