Pelosi Mocks People of Faith

She placed the blame of her own parties failures on people of faith.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed on Monday that a number of people in Washington “don’t believe in science” because of their religion, stalling negotiations on another emergency aid package.

Pelosi made the remark on the House floor while discussing the coronavirus aid package that Congress passed on Tuesday. Pelosi also claimed that the aid package, which has been debated in Congress for months, could not get passed until this week because the Trump administration did not believe in a “scientific approach” to the virus.

“We didn’t do it, we couldn’t pass legislation until now because the administration simply did not believe in testing, tracing, treatment, wearing masks, sanitation, separation, and the rest – scientific approach,” Pelosi said. “It becomes clear to us now that they believed in herd immunity – quackery springing right from the Oval Office and not denied sufficiently by some of the CDC and the rest.”

“Now we have a vaccine, and that gives us hope. A vaccine that springs from science. People say around here sometimes, ‘I’m faith-oriented, so I don’t believe in science’ and I said ‘Well you can do both.’ Science is an answer to our prayers, and our prayers have been answered with a vaccine,” she continued. “In this legislation, we have provisions for it to be developed, purchased, and distributed in a way, again, that is fair and equitable and free.”

The day before, the Democratic House speaker said that “most” of the deaths from the coronavirus so far are because of Trump, expanding on a claim she made months earlier in a July interview on CNN.

“The denial, the delay, the distortion, the calling it a hoax has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, not all of them attributed to President Trump, but most of them that could have been avoided,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi has been at the center of talks over a new pandemic aid package for months but declined to negotiate on many of her pricey demands with Republicans until after the November 3 election. In remarks to the press earlier this month with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leading in the electoral college vote, Pelosi said that the way Biden plans to deal with the virus warrants her settling for a smaller aid package.

“Joe Biden committed to ending and crushing the virus and had a build better America initiative, build back better,” Pelosi said. “A vaccine, answer to our prayers. An answer to our prayers of 95% effectiveness in terms of Pfizer and Moderna and there may be others coming forward. That is a total game changer, a new president and a vaccine.”

“This has simplicity. It’s what we’ve had in our bills,” she added. “It’s for a shorter period of time, but that’s okay now, because we have a new president. A president who recognizes that we need to depend on science to stop the virus.”

Biden’s plan to combat the coronavirus is strikingly similar to actions Trump has already taken.

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The democrats will use Anti Semitism and Nazism to stay in power. Just like the Nazis did in the 1930s. When you don’t know your history you are forced to live through it again and again…! How many times do I have to tell you this.






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  2. Oh, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy…Whenever your mouth is moving, you’re lying. Could be you’re having the same difficulty as Joe Biden…loss of his faculties (dementia), loss of integrity, loss of reasoning, loss of humility, loss of all reality! I am sorry, Pelosi, but you know it’s finally time you gave up the ghost. Besides, haven’t you taken enough money to last you to the end? Would you be worried that when you step down, so does the money you’re on the take for? You & your family have lived off the “fat of the land” & that of “foreign countries” far too long

  3. Nancy, you have been in this job way too long~ You are just like that SOB Biden~ Worthless as well as dishonest ~ Retire and eat your ice cream ~ Dumb Ass Demorats ~


  5. when was the last tiem nancy you actually did something good for America and her people. You should be released of your duties as should Adam and a number of others, being a senator or house rep was not suppose to be a life time job, it had term limits which no one has followed, and you party has stolen, and committed many crimes against us and our nation with all your cover up corruption, you, and others should be released of your duties given 3 days to close our all you accounts, stock and bonds, sell you many vacation homes, as you won’t need it where your going. the money you get will be given back to America treasurer to help pay off the debt, finish building the wall, help our military, and help our space program, honest education for our children and grand children, programs for seniors more housing in villages, towns and cities, also many other things that are needed for all American’s not illegaels and that means for all races not just of color but whites, Spanish, Jews etc. for everyone. NOT a bunch of FREE things but given a helping hand, people need to realize their services are needed. Nancy enjoy that ice cream now because when God judges you there will be no water or ice cream where your headed. You are evil and hurt lots of people you are selfish, self centered, and out there to harm America and her people, WE ARE NOT NOR DO WE WANT TO BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY, want to be part of that kind of life then move to another country, but you leave everything you have stolen from teh American people right here. You might be free right now but you will be in bondage throughout eternity.

  6. Reminds me of China denying that Tiananmen Square never happened, although we in the USA watched it happen on live tv.

    • We also watched the Democrat mayors allow rioting. looting, burglarizing, robbing, destruction, and murdering in their cities… which the lyingass DumAss Party claims never happened… but they want Federal/taxpayer/Govt./Working People’s money to fix certain parts of the damage…

  7. I don’t trust vaccines at all. Some have worse side affects. This new one … they don’t really know the short-term affects yet really and heaven knows the long-term ones would be…the cure could be so much worse than the disease. Look at prescription drugs and some have very serious side affects. Nope…not for me. I used to get allergy shots years ago and turns out I became allergic to them and broke out in hives all over and didn’t go away readily. You just don’t know. Plus…I don’t trust these drug companies that make any of these things…they’re in it for the money only. No thank you … I hope it works for some people who are really sick from the COVID and are lucky not getting bad side affects now or later on. God bless everyone and hope we get through this and move on.

    • Forgetting that vaccines cured polio and smallpox worldwide…
      But how do you know if a 95% Effective vaccine that makes you feel ill and gives some people brain damage even worked on a 99.999% nonLethal virus ???

  8. biden had nothing to do about the virous so he should stop saying he hasand he is not bthe presdent yet most of us dont beleive or listen to what you have to say your as crooked as your son why dont you admit to and pelosie make a good pair your both liars.

  9. Ms Pelosi we do believe in science. GOD has given humanity abilities to explore, invent, build, science to seek solutions, a mind to think on how we can honor our Creator. See everything is GOD given to us. We are but dirt. The clay cannot raise its fist to the Master as it can be squashed. Be mindful of what you say and do for regardless of what you think, you are accountable for your actions as we all are.

  10. PELOSI is a long way from knowing GOD! She can not tell the truth! She was the one who sit on her backside and refuse to help the people who need help! But she then LIES about the whole thing! It was all on her! And the HOUSE DEMOCRAT PARTY! Faith had nothing to do with it! And science doesn’t either! It all about POWER AND CONTROL to destroyed small business owner to help these BIG PHARMA OR TECH OR DONORS! Because small business owner support the CAPITALISM SYSTEM! Which she trying to DESTORY! The virus is being played by the MEDIA WHO GETTING MILLION OF DOLLARS FROM CHINA! IF I’M WRONG WHY IS IT ALWAYS A DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR OR MAYOR GETTING CAUGHT WITHOUT A MASK ON? EVEN PELOSI GOT CAUGHT!

  11. Nancy what kind of Catholic are you or are you a heretic! Everything out of your mouth is crazy. You & Biden need to retire & stop embarrassing yourselves!

  12. The idiot Nancy Pelosi chooses to blame most of the COVID-19 deaths on President Trump when in reality many of the deaths are due to the fact that many people have chosen not to abide by the health restrictions designed to halt the virus. As long as people refuse to wear masks, travel, gather in groups, and not take proper precautions, this pandemic will continue.

  13. OUR NATION IS HURTING because too many of us hold on to anger, hatred, name calling, unforgivness, lies, false accusations, and on and on and on with all the negative attitudes that pleases satan…all of us need spiritual cleansing. It is very disheartening to watch the hatred spewed from our leaders about Godly policies our current president makes in favor of all Americans. Matthew 12:34-37 You brood of vipers! How can you who are evil say anything good? From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man from his good treasury brings forth good, and the evil man from his evil treasury brings forth evil. But I tell you on the day of judgement, men will give account for every careless word they speak. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned…Please be challenged to honestly allow God to search your hearts for any evil and plead with Him to forgive you.

  14. I think we need to purge the house and senate of the democraps,Biden can’t open a pack of crackers, Pelosi needs to have all the money and gifts she’s been given through her seems like 100 years in office, take everything she’s got,Rob the democraps like they have robbed the simple folks of this great nation,kick China’s ass out of our business, clean out the democraps once and for all,lock up all the Biden clan,start seizing their assets and lock their sorry asses in Alcatraz,oh yeah don’t forget Obama and the Poster children of corruption The trashy Clinton clan! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the good people

  15. Pelosi in a word: liar.
    They shoot horses, don’t they?
    They shoot rabid dogs, don’t they?
    Traitors and domestic terrorists, shouldn’t they be all facing a during squad?
    It’s time to get America back from this scum!

  16. “Pelosi also claimed that the aid package which has been debated in Congress for months, could not get passed until this week because the Trump administration did not believe in a “scientific approach” to the virus.” Did Pelosi affect that in any way? Where would medicine be without Art? Instead of Pelosi opening her mouth and embarassing herself, she should thank the Trump Administration for at least two vaccines that are now available for treatment; but let us not exclude the available medicines that provided some relief to date, depending upon the individual who took them. (Just because one person can take a vaccine or drug, that does not translate to all persons can take the same vaccine or drug.)

  17. You are faith-oriented alright, Nancy, in MONEY! That is what you have TOTAL belief in & WORSHIP idly! You couldn’t LIVE without your present overpaid salary. I think YOU should participate in the Socialistic world you are going to have everyone else partake in and get NO salary. After all, you do nothing in Congress, nada, but complain! That is your one & only ability.

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