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Pelosi Removing Republicans From Office

Her unchecked power is raising red flags with her latest move.

Democratic leaders from North Carolina’s western-most district are calling for the expulsion of freshman Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn, alleging his “seditious behavior” helped incite the “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol last week.

State Democrats from Cawthorn’s 11th District have written a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asking for an investigation into the Republican congressman. They claim there was an ethics violation for “violent language” on his Twitter feed leading up to the unrest last week at the Capitol.

“Mr. Cawthorn needs to be held accountable for his seditious behavior and for consequences resulting from said behavior,” reads the letter, which was obtained and published by The Mountaineer. “We will not tolerate misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies from our Representatives.”

The letter — signed by the 11th District Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sinclair, along with four other party officials — asked that if the two-thirds vote needed for his expulsion could not be met, that the Speaker censure Cawthorn instead.

“In a speech to the crowd at the rally immediately before the Capitol was attacked, Representative Cawthorn incited the crowd again using violent language and calling his colleagues ‘cowards’,” it adds.

Pelosi and Cawthorn could not be reached by Fox News for comment. However, his campaign office has issued a statement to WLOS in response to the Democrats’ letter.

“Unlike NC-11 Democrats, Madison Cawthorn condemns mob violence under any banner. NC-11 Democrats were silent when left-wing mobs attacked civilians, businesses and law enforcement in Asheville,” the office said. “They have no moral authority to speak up now when they were silent then.”

Cawthorn, in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot, also told House lawmakers that he was “bitterly disappointed by the protests that happened.”

“The actions of a violent few were cowardly and pathetic,” he added.

A petition for also has garnered over 27,000 signatures and has demanded Cawthorn’s resignation, pointing to a speech he gave in December advising pro-Trump supporters to “lightly threaten” congressmen who refused to condemn the Presidential Election as fraudulent.

“Call your congressman and feel free, you can lightly threaten them and say, you know what, if you don’t start supporting election integrity, I’m coming after you, Madison Cawthorn is coming after you, everybody’s coming after you,” Cawthorn said, first reported the Charlotte Observer.

Cawthorn is also not the only Republican facing threats of censure following the Capitol attacks.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., faced calls for censure earlier this week, after he became the first House Republican to openly claim the election was fraudulent.

It is unclear what Pelosi will do following the expulsion and censure demands, but freshmen Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., filed a resolution the day of the attack on Jan. 6, calling for the investigation and potential removal of all House members who incited violence by contesting state election results and purporting debunked claims of election fraud.

Fox News’ Greg Norman contributed to this report.

Sources: FoxNews: Democrats pressure Pelosi to expel Madison Cawthorn

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Dems have no conscience as long as it benefits them their allright with it good or BAD. The conservative groups are suppressed at every move they make and all legal moves against the left are seen as terrorist activity. But when the left moves it is only seen as peaceful riots.what a farce. America needs to take charge and support conservatism and bring America back to a Republic and leave democrats scrambling at fighting themselves instead of America.

  2. AOC needs to get married and have about 10 babies that’ll get her out of politics. And show her where life really is and maybe introduce her to God.

  3. In my opinion nancy Pelosi has said alot of thing about Republican party.i think Nancy Pelosi needs to resign for good of country.she has cost this country too much money on her wish list and her personal vendetta againist President Donald trump and Republicans party or anybody that get in her way.american people have endore this problem four years.

  4. Pelosi needs to be impeached for trying to unseat a duly elected president the first time, because she knew all about the plot to spy on him, and that there was no collusion with Russia. It was all made up to protect Hillary.

  5. Pelosi needs to be thrown out and replaced with someone who is truly for the American people. She is a power hunger over controlling person who only has her interest important to her. The way the government is run today is a disgrace. I was raised to have pride in my country, respect the American Frag and our President. This government today is a disgrace and the whole house should be cleaned out.

  6. Hey Ya’ll, What happen to freedom of speech? Huh? This man has a right to speak as he pleases.. My goodness look at Maxine Waters.. Did they throw her out.. No, no, no, they patted her on the back and gave her another cowboy hat.. We are going through hell on earth now that we have lost the only one in Washington that gives a damned about us and America.. His name is DONALD J> TRUMP!!! God help us.. Pray people.. God will hear our cries and come to our rescue if we stick together and turn to him in earnest pleas and cries for mercy on America and all that love Him and America…This is serious.. God is the only One that can help us..
    If you’re a Republican or even an Independent.. These monsters are after “We The People”…

  7. Every Democrat who stood by and watched Cities burned, vandalized, and occupied, from the Midwest to the West Coast should think twice about removing or censuring ANYONE unless they want the SAME. This once again shows the HYPOCRISY OF THE LEFT.

  8. Nancy pelosi dried up old hag has committed treason numerous times his broken federal laws a number of times yet she isn’t in prison how may billions of dollars has she paid off so she can send you on stealing thank you you f****** Democrats

    • Nancy Antoinette Pelosi the guillotine is waiting. I can’t wait to see the crap that oozes out into the basket & the black fly sworn to feed. Chuck, Adam, and the long treason list needs to be completed. Let’s not forget to add a few rhino Republicans too. Finish draining the swamp.

  9. Biden never received 81 MILLION legitmate human votes. They were all computer generated votes. Based on the valid human votes taken, and according to the Washington Post stating there are 160 MILLION registered human beings in the U.S., Trump won over 100 MILLION of those vote, while Biden got less than 50 MILLION. Therefore, Biden is NOT our President. He is the President of a computer-generated fabrication in which 22 foreign countries were involved in.

  10. Apparently the Democrats think they can DELETE/CANCEL ALL CONSERVATIVES AND/OR REPUBLICANS IN THE HOUSE. This needs to be ove, lie upon lie and then retribution against those who (excuse the pun) have trumped up allegations and charges against them and being labeled terrorists. On the very face of it this is a massive double standard and do they really think any country in the world is going to respect them or take this administration seriously.

  11. If they are going to censure these people then they also need to censure Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer (Senate), Jerry Nadler, Talibe, Omar, AOC, Presley….this CANNOT be a one sided affair. These Dems have used language far worse than what these congressmen have said.

  12. Big Tech and the Democrats our lovers not just bed partners! If they can’t convert a republican to a Democrat they would just as soon murder them!

  13. O. Wilson– If Pelosi starts removing duly elected members of the Republican Party on trumped charges, (No pun intended) it may not matter if the useless GOP, or the partisan courts do anything to stop her. Because the people may find that they are the only ones that can stop these goofy demo-rats. Hopefully at the ballot box, or by other means if necessary.

  14. Democrat’s seem to want Communism now attempt to stop all descenting voices ,censorship inn social media now Pelosi feels she can do what ever her little people tell her to do Now its her way or the highway in Congress . Say or do anything she and the Democrat’s Your a Traitor . Congress is making more division than bring the country back together. This is pure COMMUNISM in a small from let thus happen then just forfit all your rights to them . They are causing a revolution with their ways. I suggest they QUIT now or face what they cause.

  15. Since when did Pelosi have the power to remove people from office? God is watching you Pelosi and he knows everything you are doing and thinking.

  16. What they couldn’t accomplish through the elections, they are going to try through intimidation. Democrats are used to Republicans like Mitt Romney who fold at the slightest hint of Democrat disapproval. That’s one thing that Trump has taught to the new class of Republican congressmen is to stand your ground and stay true to your beliefs.

  17. Maybe she needs to focus on her on Democratic Representatives who have spewed nothing but hate and violence since Trump was elected president. The idiots have allowed true insurrection all summer long in many Democratic run states and all they did was call it peaceful protesting. All of these governors and Nancy herself should be impeached for treason to our country.


  19. Time to quit talking to the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, there is only one answer to dealing with them.

  20. They won’t tolerate “misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories from our Representatives.”
    What??? What??? What a bunch of idiotic people!! Let’s go back in time for a moment and recall that Adam Schiff spewed conspiracy theories claiming he had “real evidence” in his possession about Trump and the Russians. Where is it Adam?? I’m waiting!! Oh, you don’t have any? What a shock! Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are rolling in Horse puckie! They all stink to high Heaven. No one in the Democratic Congress is free from troweling out misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories. In the dictionary, under the heading “hypocrisy,” there is a group picture of the Democrats in Congress. They all smile while hating the very America who put their sorry, smelly selves in office. WAKE UP AMERICA!! You who voted for these rotten-to-the-core so-called human beings are aiding and abetting these criminals and burying our country! STOP SUPPORTING THESE HIDEOUS, OBSCENE FOOLS!!!

  21. You a’holes wanna talk about being held accountable for seditious act, really??? No, I didnt think so!!!!

  22. I agree with all of the comments, these democrats have no soul, no conscious and no respect for our America and the freedoms we once had. One day they will indeed reap what they have sown and will find themselves on the other side of the line, so help them.

  23. With man this is impossible to defeat Satan, But With GOD, all Things are Possible.
    PUT Your Trust In GOD, by Fasting and Praying, and be Patient.
    If you keep praying unceasingly, you can destroy all the evils’ stronghold no matter how deep it is.
    This BATTLE is a Spiritual BATTLE.
    If you understand that Karl Max was a practicing Satanist, then you can only defeat him and his followers through righteousness FAST & PRAY. You can do it even in just Three Days starting Now. THREE Days fasting without eating and drinking, then just seconds HAMAN was HANGED. And it shall be Done in the US.

    All GLORY Be to The LORD JESUS CHRIST The LiVING GOD Forever and Ever. 🙏

  24. Queen Nancy her ilk in the U.S. House and those 10 house republicans have violated their oaths of office and the Constitution of the United States of America.The snap impeachment of president Trump in the House violated 6 of his constitutional rights.Therefore,it is THEY who must be removed from office for these violations,not those who spoke out against the presidents impeachment

  25. I guess the Democrats really want this country to split up. It’s not illegal to challenge the results of an election. Just because about 300 boneheaded people decided to riot despite there being several hundred thousand people at the protest it is not right to accuse all people of different political opinions as insurrectionists. Yet that is what’s going on, unfortunate splitting of United States slowly.

  26. This violence is all the Democrats fault when black lives matter and antifa love doing they’re terrible burning buildings and looting your stood by and said nothing now all of a sudden this stuff is terrible when it’s on the other side first of all that was a hand full of trump supporters and now I see it is antifa it done a lot of that at the Capitol and you want to blame it on Trump supporters well there’s no doubt you guys stole the election and that’s what started this and then you say you want Unity you never going to have Unity when you keep trying to destroy a wonderful president with 70 some million supporters leave the man alone and then maybe it will start to heal but then I think it’s too deep and too late you are the problem Pelosi

  27. Demonrats NEED to be investigated and held accountable. Especially Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. These two just seem to think that it’s their way or no way. Grow some balls Republicans and investigate these two. They are NOT n charge but seem to think they are.

  28. Only the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is allowed to Lie, Slander cause riots, murder, destroy property And pay ANTIFA & BLonlyM to do these activities to use against Republicans. What were these people thinking in providing truth and informing all Americans what is taking place. RIGHT, HONESTLY, TRUTH, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN has no place in the Global community and the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party.

  29. all the demagogues are taking ore constitution and bill of rights away, and at a fast pace even before Biden gets integrated , DC looks like Beging china with all the shut down of freedom in our own Capitol armed national guards in the streets to keep the people out so they have free rein to destroy are country aka treason and are oun military iare treasonist too, these unconstitutional lock downs are all part of their plan to take over the country and give it to China for Allah thee trillions of dollars they sending to give other countries and not the people,satin is strong in DC that why their closing freedom freedom of religion taaking our fights away at a very fast pace wake up people we need to get our country back, don’t be sheep to satin

  30. Let’s get them out! TERM LIMITS! Take away their “forever income payments after retiring.” Who does that? Why does the govt. do that? When you retire, or quit, or in Pelosi’s case–get fired for treason, you no longer get paid your salary. Go on Social Security like the rest of us…see how you like it. Oh, wait…most of you Demorats are millionaires…live off of that. Most of you need to get those state numbered orange suits.

  31. “Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., filed a resolution the day of the attack on Jan. 6, calling for the investigation and potential removal of all House members who incited violence by contesting state election results and purporting debunked claims of election fraud.”
    Debunked? Debunked by whom bush? No one in an official capacity will even entertain the evidence that has been desperately placed before them. You are just another DirtyRat LIAR! Both 2020 elections were stolen and you’re are complicit in the fraud….

  32. The election WAS fraudulent… was a conspiracy on the part of the left … when the impeachment failed, the left resorted to whatever it would take, and they were caught!. Too bad for America, that Obama’s judges refused to act. U.S. citizens will look back on this, and regret not stopping it, as we slide into one world order, and communism.

  33. So wouldn’t that be just like commie pelosi to start blaming republicans for the antifa and BLM terrorists who her D.C. police brought in to lead the charge into the capital. The democrats set up the whole attack for their lying corporate press to film and then blame the patriots. It was just another demoncrat set up and the patriots fell for it. Then the demoncrats and their privately owned lying corporate press blamed everything on President Trump. The demoncrats must have worked pretty hard to SET UP this attack so that they could then blame our president.

    • Yeah and when the Chinese come in them along with Biden will be the FIRST ONES they Execute because they will no longer have a need for them. They’re to STUPID to understand that. But you can believe that when Chinese Troops set foot on American Soil it will be On like Donkey Kong

  34. We allowed this insanity to happen. If you have a little common sense and halfway intelligent. You can see and should be concerned with what’s happening to our country. Our kids are scared and confused. My mom and her friends are heartbroken. Never thought they see our great country fall because of greed and power. Very few people are responsible for this. But these same people are brain washing and feeding off the ignorance and anger of our youth and older Americans. Neither one of these groups can think for themselves. We have more white people in the streets fighting for African Americans. I don’t deny that some blacks experience some form of racism in their life. Being white I have experienced racist blacks and Latinos from time to time. Time to stop these lies. Not to be cliche but I have many friends both black and Latino. Except for a few that continue to be victims. The others all agree they just want to get along and live their lives in peace. Our government is causing tgis divide. Our kids education is on brink of collapse. TV I believe the cause of all this racial tension. Social media is a cancer of all countries. I love my country. I am sure all Americans say that. If we don’t unite and come up with a plan sooner than later. The America we know and love is gone forever. God bless Trump for being a great POTUS. I wish he would of done more on second amendment like he promised. Wish he would of prepared more for the fraud that obviously occurred and has been used to secure wins for the Anti American candidates to hold offices all across our country. They give our tax dollars away to foreign countries. Then in our faces you can see illegal immigrants living better than Americans in their own country. Again we need to unite and save our home. Its not theirs to give away. God bless us all.

  35. It is a shame that Speaker Pelosi is such a hateful, self centered and jealous person. We do not need someone like Speaker Pelosi representing the American people. She MUST be recalled as being unfit or made to leave Congress to never hold an Office of the people.

  36. Republicans have ben called ‘deplorables’
    Harris: Protestors should not let up ( referring to rioting and anarchy from leftwing thugs.
    Maxine Watters:If you see anybody from that Cabinet,you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”
    Pressley:There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as theres unrest in our lives’
    Dr. Riza Aslan ( leftwing activists doctor)If they even TRY to replace Ruth Bader GinsbergWe burn the entire F;;King thing down
    Tald Rashid: minutes after being elected ” We’re going to impeach this mother F;;Ker” referring to the president of the united states
    Pelsoi : I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Ad maybe there will be…”( inciting leftwing groups to continue their reign of terror.
    The leftwing democrat gas-lighting,lies,calls for violence and blatant propaganda has been exposed and must be stopped. They, the Democrats are dragging this country into Stalinism . THEY are danger to America and whats left of our freedom

  37. Speaking of “seditious behavior.”
    I had a violent “expulsion” on the commode this morning after my coffee.
    I had difficulty removing a Nancy pelosi….
    And then I had to flush her like 3 or 4 times to make sure she got back to Washington DC

  38. What Pelosee is doing is much like the German Gestapo (the German secret police under Nazi rule. It ruthlessly suppressed opposition to the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe, and sent Jews and others to concentration camps. From 1936 it was headed by Heinrich Himmler.) she is removing those who oppose what the DemocRATS rigged the election to get biden elected. This is just the beginning it will get worse. The longer we set on our hands and do nothing our civil liberties will be removed, we oppose them you will be sent away just like the Jews. George SOROS started this Madness He was a Nazi Brown Shirt and he wants One World Order. We can fight them by not paying taxes. We also cannot allow them to remove the constitution. We can also fiht Hi Tech by boycotting their products. They depend on our buying their products. Same with big Drug companies. They want to take your guns away so that you haven’t any way to fight back nor to use for self protection. This is the reason we are losing only because our enemies they could never beat us if we own guns. It is why they are beating us from within our own system. Like China’s support of biden. Why else was Hunter there? Now again his investigation has stalled or has ended altogether. All of this STINKS to high heaven something is terribly wrong within our government. We can resist they can’t arrest us all.

  39. maxine water first. Pelosi second for her statement of dragging Trump out of the white house by grabbing his hair. then you can look at the new guy but people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  40. Pelosi doesn’t have the right to unseat any person that was duly elected by the American people. If she does, then, we the People, should be able to unseat her!!!!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful! We pay their salary!

  41. Republicans who do not support the fair election need to be disciplined. It is sickening to see this Mo Brooks incite the riot with Trump and Guiliani and see thugs like Jim Jordan who committed crimes as a wrestling coach and the new Senator, already disgraced Tuberville and criminal Devin Nunes get away with their lies about the election, and dozens of other Republicans at the federal, states and local levels. Meanwhile we are still waiting for those criminals to have a trial to kidnap Michigan’s governor. You don’t think your side is out of control?. If you don’t the you are part of the problem.

  42. It’s just amazing how the Democrats and Rinos are able to spew their self-righteous hatred and hypocrisy. Must be why they never look in the mirror, maybe they would be ashamed by what they see, which is the evil that the mirror can’t hide

  43. The House dems have a lot of gall. They are the biggest bunch of self righteous idiots ever born. They should be ashamed of themselves. Someday they will get theirs. God will take care of it. Just pray. They can’t keep picking on everyone that disagrees with them. What goes around comes around.

  44. Democrats/Communists like this hag has to be removed before she destroys the Democrat party and all people in USA

  45. We need to expel all those politicians in Washington as none of them are fit to serve and we the people are tired of all their lies if they think we believe them they are only fooling themselves

  46. What do you expect from Nut Job Nancy. If he had aD by his name – hey no problem. And they are calling for unity?? Really?? Fat chance!




  50. You’re investigation aa republican for using inpatriate language, but you are keeping swalwell who slept with a Chinese spy. This is a very interesting scenario to say the least!! My ONLY QUESTION IS WHY??????

  51. You are witnessing the Communist take over of our Government. What are we going to do about it before it’s to late ? We need to go for the throat on this one.

  52. No more free speech in this country! Just wait! The democrats have their power back, which is what they wanted all along! That was the main reason they tried to remove President Trump from office the moment he won the election by creating false crimes and lying.
    What a bunch of Blatant Hypocrites!
    Our freedom is in danger!

  53. They can re-create reality and a fantasy wod as much as they want in their little capitol bubble world. They mat and even think that the people actually believe it as they only read Twitter and try to kick the ones out that do not play along. But in reality most people do NOT believe them and the number is growing! Sorry you can’t fire us all or re-program us. God gave us all an internal lie detector!

  54. Is this what our Congress has now become. If someone says something at the moment, whether there is proof or not, they face expulsion….but those who lie and spew hate are deemed heroes… ..we are truly a nation without laws and due process, run by a tyrant..God help our once great country..

    • Then Let’s Just Remove and oust Nancy Pelosi from her job in office of speaker of the house, instead as she has absolutely and positively NO place, business or right being speaker of the house and she has absolutely and positively NO place, business or right to be leading, running or governing the American People under any circumstances whatsoever.

  55. Oh, and by the way, let’s also remove Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, AOC, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Jerrold Nadler, Maizie Hirono, Amy Klobuchar, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney, from office, as well.

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