Pelosi/Waters Team Up To Promote Rioting

This is the new Democrat playbook.

“No she doesn’t,” Pelosi told CNN reporter Annie Grayer when asked if Waters should apologize. Asked if Waters’ remarks will incite violence, the speaker replied, “Absolutely not.”

Sources: Breitbart: Pelosi: Maxine Waters Shouldn’t Apologize for Comments to MN Protesters

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Ok you want to do this You will regret the day I think there are many people that are ready to jump right now and this inciting riots will only make things worse I think they need to be charged with inciting riots If a normal citizen made these statements they would be locked up So I say wtf Why are they getting a pass Then I will say it here if I get onto trouble you are all my witnesses that I am only doing what Nancy and Maxie did I don’t want to be discriminated against

  2. Remember this is getting ready to be Republican system don’t write checks your ass can’t cash DemoRats.

  3. what we need is a set of gallows for all of these sick un-Americans who are bent on destroying AMERICA.

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