Pete Buttigieg is Focused on…’Racist’ Bridges


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made his way to the White House press briefing on Monday to tout President Joe Biden’s $1.2 infrastructure bill.

During questioning from activist April Ryan, Buttigieg explained how the legislation is designed to combat racism in freeway and bridge design.

“We’re buying clean buses, right, how do we make sure, in terms of where those buses go, but also looking at the business opportunity,” Buttigieg said. “That too is I think is a very important element of equity here.”

“Sometimes it really is the case that an overpass went in a cetacean way that is so harmful that it’s gotta come down and be put under ground,” he continued.

No word yet on exactly when Biden will sign the bill, which administration officials claim is “urgent.”

Meanwhile, supply chains are still completely backed up and Biden’s vaccine mandates are making things much worse.

Sources: TownHall: Pete Buttigieg is Focused on…’Racist’ Bridges

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Little petey is just one mentally ill member of the biden group of thugs. He is only there because he is a gay liberal who couldn’t run a small city in IND.

  2. What a total moron. Next he will be telling us that the air is racist. Fix the supply chain you babbling bafoon. But I know why you don’t, you have like the rest of bidens cabinet don’t know how to DO YOUR JOBS.

  3. Sexy Man Pete Buttigieg like retard Joe Biden is only creating a divisive mess pitting black against white with his retard inspired ideas and policies.

  4. Hey PeeWee, Better get your supply chain issue fixed before screwing up more things. You’ve already got a track record of not managing your district and taking care of streets and other matters, so what makes you think you can manage the entire country. Your boss is grossly incompetant and also put another individual to manage logistics and you are completely inappropriate for this role.

  5. Racist, racist, racist. Could someone tell me how a structure is racist? To tear bridges and highways down to be rebuilt is racist. They are still going to built by any races employed there. That’s not even the worst. It is super expensive to tear them down and rebuild. With the vaccinations, there aren’t going to be that many people left in three years to even use those bridges and highways. Petey needs to be put in a mental institution for the rest of his short life!

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