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Political Upheaval Unfolding In California

You have to see this.

Regardless of one’s views of Caitlyn Jenner’s politics, biography or identity, the opening ad of her recently-announced gubernatorial foray is extremely well done, in my opinion. It’s upbeat and aspirational, while highlighting the myriad failures inflicted upon the state by one-party Democratic rule. Releasing slick videos is not the same as consistently performing as a strong candidate, but as an opening statement, this is pretty impressive. In case you missed it:

I particularly enjoyed the quick snippets of Gov. Newsom and Speaker Pelosi engaged in infamous arrogant, hypocritical behavior at The French Laundry and a hair salon, respectively. The recall election is almost officially on, by the way, as of late April: “The petition to recall California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom has collected 1.6 million verified signatures, meaning a recall election is all but inevitable,” a local news station reported. “The Recall Newsom campaign announced 1,626,042 of its signatures have been verified by the Secretary of State’s office, surpassing the 1,497,709 threshold necessary.” And more candidates are jumping into the race:

The election later this year would ask California voters two questions: First, should Newsom be recalled? If he survives with a simple majority of the vote, the second question is moot and he remains governor. If a simple majority of voters decide he’s out, then the follow-on question decides who replaces him – and the highest vote-getter becomes governor, no matter how fractured the field may be. California’s COVID numbers have been really good lately, so Newsom will obviously try to argue that all of this is a partisan game, and that his restrictive policies “worked.” Inconvenient to that claim is that trend lines are very strong in other states with far fewer restrictions – and California’s overall performance is roughly on par with Florida’s, where fewer mandates and more openness have allowed the economy to thrive, compared to California’s morass. I’ll leave you with this illustration of two horrible policy failures conspiring to harm businesses, workers and children in the state:

Sources: TownHall: Watch: Jenner’s Introductory Ad Laments California Decay, Assails Career Politicians like Newsom, Pelosi

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. There is a simpler more cost effective way to get rid of bad political players. It’s an old world way but still very affordable and effective . should it be reimplemented it would benefit the cereal bowl state and the whole country as a matter of fact BUT I’m sure it would get a lot of push back from the pinko COMMIEs in the nation BUT there are ways the American way to eliminate even the pinkos also. It’s called giving the power back to people. OF BY FOR THE PEOPLE OF. AMERICA not illegals. AMERICANS ONLY. Keep the government small it doesn’t need to rule EVERYTHING. That’s called socialism communism marxism and leftism you know them as DEMOCRAPS. Let’s keep America free , free of life time political hacks free of those who would bring down America. MAGA WWG1WGA is still real.

  2. I only use gmail for unconsequential crap that everybody can read.
    For my real conversations, I use a VPN.
    All the can do is to get mad at me. It is ok. There is a great thing in the US.
    It is called FREEDOM of EXPRESSION. You do not like what I say? Great, tell me your side, and let’s talk about it! You want me to opine to your side, and will not even consider my point of view? F….ff!
    And do not attack me with your black mask on, your black uniform of FASCIST idiot.
    It is evident that education has not reached many of those thugs.

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