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Poll Results – Should Socialists Like AOC Be Allowed in Congress?

We asked our readers what they thought about socialists like AOC and “The Squad” being allowed in Congress. Here are the results of that poll.

In our latest poll question, we asked our readers what they thought about letting Socialists like “The Squad” and AOC into Congress.

Below are the results from our poll so far. The results are updated regularly but there is a clear and overwhelming majority of Americans who believe Socialists should not be allowed in Congress.

These results do not surprise us!

America has a deep and proud history as a Capitalist society. It is what catapulted us from 13 small colonies to the largest economic and military might in the world.

Socialism has destroyed every country it has ever infected. Venezuela is the latest example. Socialism breeds corruption and laziness from the population.

Nothing is free! We are proud our readers voted so strongly in favor of rejecting Socialism in favor of Capitalism!

What do you think?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Is tis some kind of joke or what? Really who in their right mind would ask such a foolish question; This worthless and brainless twit has done nothing but waste our time and tax dollars and is getting big bucks to basically flip the ‘bird to the American people. This is the perfect example of Forest Gump’s saying ” stupid is as stupid does”. There should be IQ tests before issuing ballots for voting as this is sadly the results of idiots who think AOC would be a great and effective leader. I just can’t stop laughing at the idiocy of this. . I rest my case.

  2. To be clear AOC is not a socialist. She’s a socialist democrat. To be further clear, you’re not a republican, you’re a fascist! Thank God we’re a free country so we can all be clear.

    • You’ve got the political scale all wrong. To the Left are ALL socialists, i.e: 100% government/ To the right are ALL forms of NO government; basically ANARCHY. All anarchists on the right, ALL maximum government o the LEFT. HOW did Nazism get on the right – is is FAR from NO government.

      • Nazis and Communists were/are two sides of the same coin. Nazis were collectivists de facto, and Communists were collectivists de jure.

        Both espoused the concept of the state as everything, and the individual as nothing. In Germany, former Communists made the switch easily to the Nazi party. The underlying principles of both were interchangable.

        The Nazis condemned you for your race of birth, and the Communists condemned you for the class of your birth.

        A willingness to self-immolate if necessary was de rigeur under both forms of government; which by the way, were differences only of form, not of substance.

      • socialism is socialism. This whole democratic socialism is bs and just word games. ANY kind of socialism/communism is not welcomed in America…PERIOD!!

        We have our Constitution for a reason and we plan on keeping it.

    • You are totally incorrect. Fascism has no relationship to the right or republicans but is very closely related to communism/socialism with only very minor differences between them. If a person believes in, upholds and defends the US Constitution, that person is politically “center” in agreement with the founding fathers and the US Constitution. And if you’re not in the center politically with the constitution and founders, you are either right or left of that constitutional centrist position. You too obviously have no clue what republican tenets are or what the former democrap party tenets and agenda are. You’re not alone making that mistake. People in America have been lied to and then brainwashed as to what centrist means. By the propaganda definition centrist is a place where communist democraps and republicans meet in the middle. Its a neat way to get idiots to compromise their values and give in to really bad politics negative against the constitution. If you’re on communist facebook you should be able to open this link and see how it really works. Bottom line, are you for or against America and the constitution?

  3. Call her what she is, a communist. Communists are nothing more than global socialist. That is what the “fundamental change” of the Obama administration was about.

  4. AOC and others Democrats are Democratic Fascists.They use their votes to enable govt to take your freedom.I don’t believe we should ban her from Congress.What we need is limited govt,so people such as her can’t do evil on others.

  5. Once we stopped following our Constitution and began to allow anyone , whether they were born
    in America or came from enemy territory to join and become candidates to become part of our
    government, we have been guilty of opening doors to people that want to destroy America.
    Our country has already been suffering because of the stupidity of those who have allowed and voted for people who hate America. Foreigners should not be allowed to become our leaders when they have not even lived in our country for any specific amount of time. These people that are now in our government came here the other day and now they are making decisions about what is best for us?
    Shame on those that have started this new trend of allowing aliens to join our government and become our leaders. Enemys are now in charge of America and we wonder what has gone wrong here ??? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what went wrong.

    • Friendly Josie, any red-blooded TRUE American should agree with you 100%!! There comes a time when we AMERICANS need to stop playing “Mr. Nice Guy” with these satanic, insane, destructive,
      nation-destroying monsters! The ONLY reason they want access to America is to completely change our American way of life to their totalitarianism garbage! “Not NO, but HELL NO”!!

    • Friendly Josie,
      You are spot on. I believe only natural born citizens should be allowed to hold office. Period.

    • I agree w/ Michael:
      What about Ilhan Omar? That Muslim immigrant woman has nothing good to say about her adopted country.
      SHE NEEDS TO BE DEPORTED OUT OF THIS COUNTRY, Along with alot of Democrates???

    • She needs to return to Somalia ASAP. One way ticket never o return. She is hell bent on destroying America. Don’t want it, don’t need it–goodbye.

  6. The talk is about following the Constitutionality. Our country was founded on the concept of all having the right to participate in the life of the USA. “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for the right for me to say it”

  7. The talk is about following the Constitutionality. Our country was founded on the concept of all having the right to participate in the life of the USA. “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for the right for you to say it.”

    • It’s not any white supremacists who are destroying this country. The Klan is hardly even in existence anymore. It’s racists who hate white people like the BLM and Antifa goons who need to be eradicated.

  8. although I hate everything this woman stands for, The people in her area voted her into office. If we
    started to censor who could run for an office because of their beliefs, where do we stop? We must,
    if we truly believe in Democracy, let everybody no matter their beliefs, or race, or whatever run for
    office. It is then, up to the people to elect them, based on your own beliefs, and standards.
    Sometimes you get what you ask for! Then maybe you will see clearly that you made a mistake.
    People need to look in the mirror, and see exactly who it was that put her in office, and try to change
    the education our students are getting today, that would allow this type of thinking to gain a foothold.
    American History, and a sense of Pride in this Country, has all but faded away, and its our fault!

    • I am British and a massive fan of the Constitution of the USA , with loads of close relations that are American ,I totally agree with your sentiments , however the system will only ever work if it is Honest ,One vote for One person, written on paper and counted by human hand . . . with very few registered exceptions . . . If it was my decision the UK would be just another State of the US.

  9. You guys are inciting violence. That is criminal and traitorous. Let democracy and the will of people prevail. Capitalism has seen its day. Our society needs to look after the poor, hungry and homeless. That is what social democracy is: compassion and aid to our neighbors for the good of society and not for the benefit of the few. You failed. Let others take the lead.

    • Yes let’s ALL become poor, hungry, and homeless. This is where we’ll end up if the socialists take over. Why do you think they want control? It’s because only the elite would have any money. The rest of us would be given a pittance on which to survive. It’s all about control. How naive can you be?

  10. God had His Mighty Hand in our greatness. Hopefully He will continue to be long suffering and merciful to us. We need to stop the shedding of innocent blood!

  11. Funny how we can vote here and the votes are counted and the results are obvious hmm 🤔wtf happened with the election? Hmm

  12. I am convinced that this so called socialist movement
    Is our sad prelude to an outright communist takeover of the U.S. It is my opinion that our top level officials in the CIA and FBI have failed our Republic and should be punished. It appears sedition and treason has replaced oathes of office of many of our liberal leaders. I think we can dispense with this nonsense of referring to a Democrat party and call it what it truly is, a communist party..God help us.

  13. I think the Democrats are communist I think it is AOC should be put in prison deported along with all the other ones I believe that the Democrats found a weakness in the system using covid push those ballots mailing balance I believe they stole the selection I’m leaving biting he’s not a president the man can’t chew gum and walk at the same time he can’t remember five minutes ago if people aren’t going to stand up do something about it I’m tired of hearing him cry about it I didn’t do it I didn’t vote for The creep I’m tired of this and yes I’m mad goodbye

  14. I agree with friendly Josie about letting these people eve visit come into this country knowing how they feel about us. Everyone knows these other countries are jealous of the U.S. yet our politicians are still dumb enough to let them in then leave them run for political seats. Just think these politicians were attorneys at one time people wounded why I never hired a Lawyer in my 38 years of business. Proved what I have always said (They do not know S—t ) all they have is a piece of paper that they can wipe their Butts with.

  15. Freedom must accept unacceptable thoughts, but it also exposes the folly of their theories. Hey, we accept democrats don’t we. Only they try to outlaw opposition.

  16. aoc and the rest of the spineless squad have NO BUSINESS in our senate or congress ……they don’t think AMERICAN or show patriotic love for our country.

  17. Uncle Joe is gonna create more jobs for Americans where everyone can start working on building a bridge from California to Bring.

  18. Whatever you may think of AOC’s politics, it is frightening that people think that someone who is democratically elected should not be able to serve in Congress because you disagree with her political views.

  19. News flash! You have to be a citizen to hold public office in this country. I find most of your comments to be misleading and, in some cases frightening. In terms of I.Q. tests, I would suspect that any unbiased I.Q. test would show that a lot of these people you vilify are just as smart as you. Your comments show a lack of respect for those who are different than you. Muslims get painted as being evil people, when the vast majority of Muslims living in this country are peaceful law abiding individuals. There are even Muslims serving honorably in the military and public office. We need to stop stereotyping people, and vilifying those who disagree with us. In terms of “America First” we should all fight for making our country a better place, but we should also cooperate with the rest of the world in fighting common enemies, such as the Corona Virus.

  20. Socialism is alive and growing in this country. They have been teaching socialism to our children in public schools since the 1980s. It stated in college ,now they are teaching socialism in grade schools.
    Instead of comparing socialism with Democracy . They are just teaching Socialism to our children …
    I know this because my Grand children have told me this..I wonder what is going to happen next seeing how the Vice President is a known Socialist. What happens if Biden has to relinquish his role to his Vice


  21. She should never have been able to get on a ballot . There used to be screening for people that would try and subvert our form of government.

  22. Theres an investigation on going into hunter biden and could be disastrous if drug deep enough to expose the truth. China has made a remark it has inside people all over the world including the United states inside the government .

  23. Absolutely the craziest question. Particularly with the illegal voting that we all witnessed. The one team who might possibly keep us free was cheated out. The vote was so fraudulent but we the people are to believe it was all above board! My eye it was not! I’m going to be just as they were in 2016. That scum is NOT my president, Donald Trump is and will be!

  24. The AOC does not represent American values therefore we do not even need to talk about them. I would like to say all these people in government who are elected take.a oath to the Constitution and once they are elected they want to change the Constitution this is hypocrisy and bigotry at its worst. We the people need to make every elected official adhere to the Constitution not change it to what they see fit. That and term limits is the two things we can do to remove some of the corruption in our Federal and local government. They are wanting to remove In God We Trust from our money and anywhere else they can. that’s their America not our America . America was founded on God We Trust if we lose that we lose our country as well.

  25. I thought we were a republic and a democracy, with voters choosing their representatives.
    Who are you to determine who can be on the ballot? Sounds like Nazi Germany, except in this country a socialist or a Nazi both have the right to be on the ballot. I guess you do not trust voters.

  26. what is her function
    why are we paying her
    who voted her in
    she is useless and has no clue and needs to go and shut her pie hole
    why are we even paying the SQUAD or SQUAT for what, opinions, we have too many in the congress now who aren’t doing a dam thing for the citizens-which that’s who put them there

  27. The oath of office states that every congressman and senator must uphold the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those seeking to change the republic into a socialist state (though it is partially there already), can only lie while taking that oath, which should exclude them from even taking the oath of office or even being allowed to run for any office in the land.

  28. The 18% who said yes need to get a COMMON SENSE BRAIN CHECK! It’s unbelievable there are so many ignorant JACKASSES in our country now.

  29. Democrats hate 1 man in our history another man was hated just as bad. Leaders was scared of HIM. Leaders today is scared of 1 man. One never did no wrong ever. The other man fought for his country and the countries people. TO get jobs back from A country called CHINA because when democrats was in control they put so much on our companies they were forced to sell out or lose their business and money from high taxes and regulations put on by the leaders of this country. plus these leaders took pay offs for this also they lined their pockets why Americans lost their jobs, homes, families and the will to live. Then came a man to change it all stop the illegals stop paying the crooks that came in to the country illegally. built a wall to stop that. It also stopped the money for pay offs to congressman and women and president and vice president. WE put up with this for 8 long hard years. Then this man said what d you have to lose vote for me and see. our jobs, businesses, homes, and families began to see day light the first year. The second year was better yet then the 3 and 4th was great till a man made virus sent from China to the USA and around the world. everything stopped but one man and his team worked day and night to stop this man made virus. They got a vaccine for it was putting it out to the leaders and first responders first then the elderly then the others. Democrats fought this man for 5 years never given him peace not one day peace. The man was going to court or having his helpers in court on fake papers and lies of all kinds democrats spent millions of dollars to get these fake papers and dragged our country down in doing so. Just like other people did in another country. They lied to said he told lies about the king and the religionist leaders was lying to the king and the people just like the democrats and republicans lied about the leader of the United States that leader is Donald John Trump. Was lied about still is lied about. I want to know why all the congress democrats are so scared of this 1 man why are the republican’s so scared of the democrats as to stand by and let a honest man take blame for what he never did. You see He proved he was honest in the 5 years of lies that the democrats made up out of what they did wrong, JESUS WAS THE OTHER MAN THAT CROOKS CONVICTED WITH OUT A CRIME COMMITED. NOW DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONES CONVICTING A MAN WITH OUT A CRIME. GOD SEE ALL THIS AND I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE IN THESE CROOKS SHOES WHEN THEY STAND BEFORE GOD AND HAVE TO ANSWER WHY THEY CONVICTED A HONEST MAN FOR WHAT THEY DID WRONG AND BLAMING HIM FOR THEIR CRIMES. DEMOCRATS ARE THE SWAMP PLUS OTHERS. IS IT WRONG FOR THE PEOPLE TO SAY ENOUGH WITH THE CRIMES THAT COME OUT OF DC IN ALL OFFICES. ARE THE PEOPLE VOTING FOR NOTHING NOW LIKE RUSSIA AND CHINA . I SURE PRAY NOT. I PRAY GOD WILL COME DOWN HARD ON THESE CROOKS IN CONGRESS AND WASHINGTON DC , ALL THE ONE THAT DID WRONG WITH PAY OFFS SELL OUTS CHEATING AND LYING ABOUT IT. ITS GOD’S REVENAGE NOT MINE, GOD WILL RULE OVER YOU JUST LIKE YOU RULED OVER THE PEOPLE. REMEMBER YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. CONGRESS I DON’T SEE WHERE YOU SOWED ANY GOOD THINGS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT YOU TAX TO GET YOUR MILLION DOLLAR WAGES PLUS. REMEMBER GOD IS ON THE THRONE AND GOD RULES EVERYONE . YOU DON’T RULE NO BODY.

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